March 6, 2006

I was looking forward to Monday's episode - based on Cady McClain's blog and the Soapnet preview - and it didn't disappoint.  Zach looked like he came straight out of a Bronte novel.  Zach and Dixie have a lot in common.  Zach was typical Zach - brooding, snarky, but always willing to lend an ear and a helping hand.  Dixie was typical Dixie - never quite sure of who she is compared to who she wants to be or who others expect her to be, which leads her to be sad, defiant, and coy.   

I thought they did very well together.  But then, it's my opinion that Thorsten does well with everyone - men, women, potted plants (no comment on what actors or actresses I think might resemble a potted plant).  If I could see him in a scene with animals, I think my soapy little heart would be full. 

No, I'm not on board the Zixie luuv train.  I'm still a Zen fan down to my core.  I have no idea what TIIC have in store, and it makes me sad.  I remember thinking that there was no way they were going to put Ryan and Greenlee together, because the Rendall fanbase was so much bigger.  I was wrong.  So utterly devastatingly wrong.  The way that triangle played out shredded me.  In researching late 2003 transcripts for my fanfic, I am reliving the horror all over again.  I loved Rendall so much, but the outcome of that horrific triangle decimated any desire to ever see Rendall again.  I can see myself not minding, and maybe even liking Ryan again, but only if he starts fresh with someone new where there isn't any baggage.  My deepest hope, with this Zach/Kendall/Ryan triangle, is that Kendall will realize once and for all that she is over Ryan.  Even if she doesn't end up with Zach, she needs to be over Ryan.  I just can't deal with any more of their toxicity. 

Poor Kendall - according to her, JR is the safest person in her life.  That is a very scary thought. 

It's hard to comment on the Josh as aborted fetus storyline.  The concept is just too bizarre for one thing.  The whole thing is medically ridiculous.  For another, it seems really pointless.  If the object was for Erica to have another heretofore unknown son, there were other ways to do it.  I have seen a lot of pissed off fans on the message boards that are upset over Erica's storyline being rewritten in a way that probably makes no one happy and, as I said, is unnecessary.  Sometimes the point of drama is to piss you off, but only if it makes you think.  What the heck is this supposed to make us think?  Frankly, I can see that it would be offensive to people on both sides of the abortion debate. 

On a side note, an anvil or two was dropped this week regarding the fate of Dr. Madden.  It won't be too much longer before the threats start piling up, and we see people sharpening their knives, loading guns, and looking shifty-eyed outside of Madden's clinic. 

Speaking of loaded guns - Zach and his gun on Friday.  Dear lord! 

On the one hand, seeing angry JR is a bit tired, but on the other hand, it is a perfect example of how certain actions have such far-reaching consequences.  When it came to day to day interaction, JR found himself thawing towards Tad and Babe and Jamie.  Still snarky and angry, but clearly letting his warmer feelings gradually take over.  Then we get a situation where his son is missing, and JR is taken back to that place all over again - unable to trust Babe or Tad or Jamie, and frankly why should he?  Not that I think his behavior is justified, but the feelings behind it are certainly valid. 

Babe and Janet have done a pretty good job of playing off each other.  Both are manipulative and scheming, and each have had their turn at getting the upper hand.  Both are great actresses and have really demonstrated their skills.  The problem is that it is going on way too long.  It is starting to get repetitive.  I guess part of the problem is that I don't find kidnapping storylines all that compelling.  We all have our favorite dramatic situations, and kidnapping is usually not on my list. 

Janet has a junk food fixation - she kept using snacks as nicknames for Little A.  Corn nut, potato chip.  And her references to Trevor could only be truly enjoyed if one was reading spoilers and knew about the body in the freezer.  He was frigid and gave her the cold shoulder.  Hahaha. 

Line of the week for AMC - a tie!  David declares that he isn't fluent in Ding-a-Ling.  Zach hopes that “Dixie” is short for something. 

Line of the week for GH - Tracy warning her son that she has been crushing marriages since before he was born. 

This week we saw the last (at least for now) of Robert Scorpio.  I was truly verklempt.  Despite the fact that the writers tried to make him out to be a jerk in favor of Sonny and Jason, his character (to me) remained largely intact.  I’m really, really sad.  As I’ve said before, Robert was my first soap love.  I always loved how he was written, and still is today – as a flawed hero.  That’s why I love Zach Slater.  Luke Spencer is an anti-hero, and that is why he and Robert played so well off each other.  I never got to see them together the first time around – Luke was off the show when I started watching.  It was a distinct pleasure watching them in action.  Luke was darker, Robert  But they recognized the ultimate purpose in the other, and other than good-natured ribbing, they could work together - unlike Jason, who ws dripping with contempt.  I hope that Robert will be back, and I hope that he and Robin can reconcile.  An Anna appearance wouldn’t hurt either. 

Part of me wants to keep tuning in to see the Alexis/Sam storyline unfold.  I love Alexis, and I like Sam.  Unfortunately, as I got to see during sweeps, Alexis continues to be trashed on a regular basis, and so I would probably have to take blood pressure medication just to watch it.  I’ll try to tune in when I have the time, but I won’t make a special effort until/unless Robert comes back.  I truly just don’t have as much time as I used to to watch these shows. 

I won a contest on TK’s message board.  We were challenged to do a video/slideshow using the song of our choice for the theme: “The Men of Pine Valley.”  Right click and Save Target As, please. 

The Men of Pine Valley  

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