March 12, 2006

The relationship between Krystal and Adam has often toggled from the sublime to the ridiculous and many places in between.  This week they were like a nice refreshing ice cold glass of Coke over ice.  Maybe it would have been even better with a little rum in it, but for once it wasn’t flat and lukewarm.  It was interesting to watch Adam falling in love.  When I started watching AMC almost 5 years ago, Adam had just remarried Liza, and the first blush of romance was over.  It sort of figures that Adam would go ga ga over a woman who is just as scheming, stubborn, twisted, and maniacal about her offspring as he is.  

JR being forced to come to terms with the reality that Janet , not Babe, stole his son was reminiscent of the Mirabess reveal.  Back then he held on tight to Miranda, refusing to believe that she wasn’t his daughter, because the alternative was just too awful.  This time he remained obsessively focused on the infuriating, yet relatively safe theory that Babe took his son.  The alternative was just too awful. 

Tuesday we got an early mother’s day episode.  Endless speeches by Krystal, Dixie, Janet and Babe extolling the virtues of motherhood.  I’m a mother, and while I feel just as fierce about protecting my little girl, I certainly don’t feel as noble as these ladies make motherhood out to be.  No glamour, just lots of work. 

When Babe realized that sweet talk wasn’t going to work, and she finally went bonkers on Janet, it was every bit as delicious as I anticipated.  Freakazoid mama!  Too bad she completely blew it with the oldest mistake in the book – Babe turned her back on Janet.  Lame, lame, LAME! 

The final showdown between Janet and everyone outside was also very delicious.  Janet in the cabin, cunning, yet completely delusional, walking around with Little A.  Tad trying to reason with her.  Aidan around the side of the house putting his snake in the hole.  JR and David having synchronized psychoses.  And the Di/JR scene – oh!  I loves me some Di/JR!  More things to love:  Amanda convincing her mother she still loved her, and being completely sincere about it.  Janet unable to resist going to her sweet angel.  Everyone frantically looking around for Babe, and JR’s dread as he realizes the freezer is a possibility.  Then Tad and Derek, of all people, being the ones to discover their old friend Trevor.  Lots and lots of soapy drama – I just loved it! 

Really cool visual with the shards of mirror on the floor, and Janet’s alter ego reflecting in each jagged piece.  

I heart Doctor David and his potions.  So many times he has caused problems and earned the town’s hate for his concoctions, yet he keeps on brewing them.   I loved it when Jamie asked him what the second vial was for, and he didn’t answer.  Later, after Babe was found, he was not invited to the reunion in Babe’s hospital room, so he went off to go do what he does best – threats and intimidation.  I love that he was the only one to take Janet seriously.  Di already knew Dixie is alive, so she knew Janet was telling the truth,  but David didn’t.  He was awesome as he stood at the jail cell and stared Janet down, making her crawl right out of her skin just by looking at her.   

I always like odd pairings, whether it is romantic or friendship or just expediency of the moment.  It’s fun to see a little mixing up.  Zach and Dixie seemed to fall into an easy camaraderie.  It should have seemed forced, since they just met, but it didn’t.  He insisted on helping her with Janet, and she reminded him that he wouldn’t interfere.  They hold hands as they tromp through the woods, she calls him bigfoot.  I was laughing when Tad was headed their way and she was saying that she didn’t want him finding her there.  She didn’t need to move off behind a bush – when she was crouching behind Zach, you couldn’t see her at all.  Anyway, I love it when Zach is being protective, no matter who he is protecting. 

When Kendall dreamt that Zach was kissing her, it made me realize that even though they’ve been broken up only a few weeks, it has seemed like an eternity.  I miss the cuddling.  We only got it for such a short amount of time.  I was glad to see she is so connected to him that she dreamt about him dying and rushed right over, sensing danger.  It was very Jane Eyre-ish. 

Josh’s need to be in the spotlight is starting to get pretty funny.  What makes it sweeter is Erica being forced to witness her son behave just the way she did.   

Every so often we get scenes that poke a bit of fun at the soap genre, whether intentional or not.  Di gave her depressing speech about how just when things are starting to go good, something always happens to cause devastation.  Tad laughed involuntarily and quipped, “Gosh, you’re an upbeat girl.”  Then he reassured her, telling her that it didn’t have to be that way and she could get everything she wants.  Tad, Tad, Tad.  This is a soap!  Of course something bad is going to happen just when things are starting to look rosy.  Anyway, that scene really cracked me up. 

Line of the week goes to Janet:  “How many wives are going to let a trashy blonde mount their husband, let alone help them do the mounting?” 

Okay, I decided to watch some GH when I had the time, which wasn’t much.  I simply fast-forwarded through any scenes that would give me heartburn – such as Sam going off on Alexis.  I’ve decided that if for no other reason, Sam and Alexis must surely be related because they both cry so much.  A friend of mine has remarked that Sam cries too much.  Personally, I think Kelly Monaco is a great crier, and frankly so is Nancy Lee Grahn.  They are infectious criers – when their tears start rolling, so do mine. 

I don’t usually get into baby storylines.  I love Skye, but always thought it odd that she wanted a baby.  She just didn’t seem the type.  A couple of years ago, I started to enjoy her bonding scenes with Kristina, but as the story progressed, I was way, way, way too pissed off at the Quartermaine clan for keeping her away from Alexis to have any warm fuzzies at all.  Anyway, when I read that Skye was pregnant, it didn’t really do anything for me.  But then I saw that scene this week at Kelly’s, where she was talking to Lorenzo about her fears and he was being so sweet and supportive of her.  Gawd, that was awesome.  Usually that sort of thing doesn’t get to me, but they played it so well – more wry than shmoopy.  Perfect. 

Has Max been getting more and more exposure, or was this something new?  I was initially startled that he was in the scene with Jason and Sam for more than 30 seconds, but I was laughing – he was clearly deeply troubled by the idea of looking out for Carly.  Then the Metro Court restaurant scene was completely hysterical.  Robin having conniptions because Carly was out on a date with Jax.  The Carly/Robin bitchfest.  Jax coolly amused and Patrick exasperated.  Max as a deer in the headlights.  And then the piece de resistance – Max cutting a rug with a very surprised Carly.   

I think I officially like Patrick now.  When I first caught glimpses of him here and there, he did nothing for me (especially when I saw him in scenes with Carly – snore).  But when Robert came on and I started watching the show more, I found myself intrigued.  I like the dynamic between him and Robin – they are adorable.  He’s one of those guys that plays at being an ass, but he’s really very protective and noble – I tend to be drawn to those types of characters.   

Okay, bonus treat this week – I saw an episode of OLTL and I loved it!  I happened to have some time on Wednesday, and I watched it live.  What immediately drew me in was Todd and Evangeline.  I’ve always thought they had great friend chemistry, but the maybe-something-more chemistry was off the charts this week.  Hello!  Yeah, I know – Blair is the love of his life, and there was a time when I was totally on board with that.  But it really got old after awhile.  How many times can I hear Blair whine “Tooodd!”  And when I heard she slept with slimy Spencer – that made me want to projectile vomit. 

I adored the scenes with Dorian, Viki and nuClint.  I think nuClint is doing a fantastic, seamless job.  Dorian and Viki were hysterical.  They bring snark to a whole new level.   

I’ve always thought Christian was cute – a nice clean cut boy.   Now that he has that long, unruly hair and the scruffy face, he isn’t cute anymore.  He is hawt.  I have no idea why it appeals to me so much – I’m usually so not into that look.  It’s the same with John – be still my heart.  I hate triangles with a flaming passion, and I’m sure, given time, I will hate this one.  But it occurred to me that there is something unique to this triangle, at least for me.  I loved the Natalie and Cris romance.  When he bit the dust, I loved the Natalie and Jon romance (initially, anyway).  She has such chemistry with the both of them.  So now we are at a point where she is in love with both of them, I’m in love with both of them – it’s truly frustrating for the both of us.  I feel for Nattie.  I wish I was Nattie.   

Rex and Adriana are so sweet and so sizzling – it’s like eating fajitas with a chocolate milkshake chaser. 

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