March 27, 2006

Greg Madden really has no discernment at all, does he?  I guess megalomania and God complexes don’t lend themselves to social skills.  He has no idea that Erica is Up To Something, which is amazing considering that 90% of the time she spews venom at him, and on the occasions when she was nice, it was only because she was…well…Up To Something.  He either needs to buy a clue or someone needs to set up Charitable Clue Foundation for him – the  man needs help. 

As far as his error in judgement concerning the Rivingtons, I’m not so sure that was his lack of social skills coming to the fore.  Ryan may be right about that situation.  I find it really hard to believe that a man who has that much experience in dealing with pregnant women, adoptive parents, blah blah blah, would be so presumptuous and make such a mistake of that magnitude.  This time he is the one who is Up To Something.  Speaking of the Rivingtons, why is it when I think of their name, my nose elevates slightly, my upper lip develops a curl, and I start to speak in an unintelligible British accent?  Oh, it’s because I’m completely nuts?  Okay, just checking. 

Much like Kendall’s moods, her maternity wardrobe seems to swing widely from “cute” to “meh” to “my eyes, make it go away, mommy!”  When Zach and Kendall had their discussion about whether she loves her baby, at first I was just as confused as she was by his little quiz.  The more I thought about it, the more I realized what (I think) he was getting at.  I think Zach understood that Kendall loves the baby enough to want what's best for him, and those feelings are all that matters at this point.   She can love him enough to think that keeping him is the best option.  She can also love him enough to think that someone else would be a better parent for him.  The most important thing she can do right now is decide what is best for the baby, and love him enough to give him that.  

David, in his own words, is completely without shame.  That is why I lurve him so much.  Sure, he has his hypocritical moments, but most of the time he is well aware that he is the piggiest pig in the pig pen, and he revels in it.  He not only got what he wanted – his old job back – but he made sure to rub everyone’s face in it at the same time.  He scored a job as escort down the aisle for his daughter, and even managed to not only figure out that Janet was telling the truth about Dixie, but also ferret her out.  It’s been a busy week for Doctor David!  Woo hoo! 

As extremely impressed and aroused as I was that Zach performed the Vulcan Neck Pinch on David (I’m a trekkie, and have always wanted to have Spock’s little pointy-eared babies), I’m bummed, for his sake, that he missed his daughter’s wedding.  His daughter finally deigns to make him a part of her life, and he misses out.  I wanted to reach into the TV screen and slap Babe upside her head for getting pissy about her father’s no-show.  If she had bothered to give her full attention to him for more than five minutes over the past couple of years, she would have known that David is ga ga over her (quite a masochistic streak he has going).  If David didn’t show up, it isn’t because he is a jerk (even though he is), it is because something is wrong.   

Dixie told David she could never forgive him after what he did.  Cut to commercial, and I’m thinking she’s going to rant to him about helping Babe keep Little Adam away from JR.  Back to scene – she is referring to the Di/Dixie hoax.  When it comes to David, you have to get specific about what he did to piss you off, because, really, it could be any number of things. 

Okay, I must be hormonal or something, because usually I’m not into the shmoopy.  Even with favorite couples like Zach and Kendall, I don’t like it to be shmoopy (which works out well with Zach and Kendall because they do sexy, not shmoopy).  Anyway, my point is that all the Chandler/Carey shmoopiness should have had my gag reflex working overtime.  But I have to say I…I….for the most part….enjoyed it.  *clapping hands over mouth*  Okay, I wasn’t exactly crying buckets of tears or had a stupid grin on my face and I didn’t go “awwww” every five minutes.  But I felt gratified.  Many moons ago, when it looked as if Babe and JR were going to get together, I cheered.  They had such great chemistry, and their story was rich with possibilities.  A great deal of those riches were squandered in the subsequent months, but they had some really great moments, and for the most part it stayed true to their characters, and didn’t insult our intelligence.  These are two very flawed, toxic people, and their “romance” reflected that.   

Going back to when JR first came back to town with Babe, they were very shmoopy with each other.  Considering that Babe’s first scenes on the show involved her spreading her legs for Jamie, I guess you can say I couldn’t join in the lovefest.  I enjoyed Alexa’s performance, and I was pleasantly surprised to see that I liked Jacob as JR much better than as Lucky.  Babe and JR as a couple did nothing for me, so all the gushing left me cold.  This time around, they have fought hard to get to the place where they are now, and while I wouldn’t exactly use the word “mature” to describe either of these two or their love, it is certainly at a higher level than it was a couple of years ago. 

In a similar vein, when it looked as if Krystal and Adam were going to be paired, I found that quite intriguing.  They’ve had a wild ride too, some of it laugh out loud hilarious and some of it quite unbearable.  But these are two talented actors, and they have made the best of it they could.  Watching them this week, I kept thinking, “The higher they fly, the harder they fall.”  For two people like Krystal and Adam, that’ll be pretty darn scary.  *donning crash helmet*.  I can easily see them as being like Alan and Monica on GH.  I am reminded of a hilarious line from Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy.  Marvin the Paranoid Android makes his usual pessimistic prediction about a situation:  “This will all end in tears.” 

The other saccharine sweet scene was with Dixie and Little Adam.  I liked those scenes if for no other reason than for once the little boy who plays her grandson was putting on the charm.  He clearly liked her.  I also thought it was adorable when he gave JR a high five.   

The pillows in Babe’s VIP hospital suite had scalloped edges.  It’s the little things. 

Speaking of the little things…  Show of hands: Anyone else creeped out that the birthday cake had the name Adam written all over it?  “Happy Birthday, Adam!”  Perfectly normal.  “Adam Adam Adam Adam Adam Adam Adam Adam”  Not so much. 

Mmm, I love Mama Bear Brooke!  I think it is so sweet that she is going to be surrogate mom to Amanda.  On a similar note, I thought the scenes between Amanda and Babe were sweet.  Almost.  A part of me couldn’t help but think that Babe now views Amanda in the same vein that Alicia Silverstone in Clueless viewed  Britanny Murphy’s character  - as a Project. 

We got a Myrtle scene!  Poor Myrtle – she always knows when people are hiding a big secret, and no one ever lets her in on it.  Instead she has to wait for the inevitable fallout when the secret comes to light anyway. 

Whoever did the directing for the Janet in jail scenes was terrific.  And of course, Kate Collins really knew how to work the room.  The camera angles, the lighting.  It was just all perfect.  Her scenes with Amanda and Brooke were fantastic.  I got goosebumps when Brooke left, and Janet was watching her leave, crouching in her cage like an animal.  Make that a defeated animal.  “I’ll take the plea.”  Then later, when Zach showed up, I officially entered a state of nirvana.  He came to try and understand why she did what she did.  I felt bad for him, trying to make her understand just what she did.  But amazingly enough, he did.  He got through to her.  They played that scene so perfectly, my neck hairs are still standing at attention. 

Erin needs a valium, she is just too high strung.  She’s like the female version of Hugh Grant, or something, just going on and on in a nerves-induced stream of unconsciousness.  On the other hand, she seemed to take in stride the fact that Tad got to see her completely in the buff all tangled with an equally buffy Aidan.  If it were me, I might have had to call it a day at that point.  Note to Aidan:  buy a lock for your door. 

Jonboy now has a bouffant?   

I always love when Tad visits the Chandler mansion.  It is always guaranteed to make me laugh (sparring with Adam) or get choked up (poignant with JR).  I also think it is pretty cool that he always  manages to have such good rapport with his exes (psycho chick in the wedding dress, notwithstanding). 

I had to laugh when Di asked Dixie if she was going to push Babe out of the way and march down the aisle herself.  No, Di, that is more like something Greenlee or Ryan would do. 

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