April 17, 2006

Jack has really taken a beating this week from the women in his family.  Lily, Erica, Kendall - they all demand tolerance from him, as they merrily go about wrecking their lives.  With the Kane women, he probably figures that they are going to do what they want, no matter what he says, so he just wants a heads up before the world tilts off it’s axis.  With Lily, the poor guy was hoping that he had at least a little bit of control left.  Unfortunately, that is not to be.  Lily is a teenager and Lily is in lov… uh…. lus… uh… whatever Lily is in, so break out the Romeo and Juliet background music, the parents must be thwarted at all costs!! 

I like how Jonboy declared that if there isn’t a solution to their problem, that means there isn’t a problem.  It sounds like a nice sentiment, but it is completely not based in reality.  Also, there is a solution to their problem – not see Lily until she is older – but that is not what he wants to hear. 

Poor Aidan – being with Erin means putting up with Jonboy.  He looked like he wanted to hurl on Jonboy’s shoes when the reformed psycho began talking about how it was preordained that he would have a tumor and have it cut out so that he could have the same unique perspective on the world that Lily has.  Because, apparently, there is no one else on the earth who could understand Lily’s perspective.   

My mouth dropped open when Erin told Lily that sometimes love isn’t a good idea if it makes other people uncomfortable.  That statement wasn’t a can of worms, it was a can of angry hornets.  Am I overreacting? 

Did Kendall actually say to her mother that she propped Greg up in front of a live studio audience?  *looking around*  Uh…. 

The whole scene with Kendall and Josh was completely bewildering.  It is entirely possible that Kendall doesn’t know that Josh was the one that provided Greenlee with The File that blew their friendship apart.  She does know that Josh “allegedly” drugged Erica (the episode which resulted in Zach getting stabbed).  Does she not know that it is indeed true?  Or is she dismissing it so she can share a warm fuzzy with the son of the man who is quickly becoming a deity in her eyes?  Maybe this one of those situations where characters are being propped by other characters in an attempt to help them reform and hopefully make us forget all the bad stuff they’ve done.  Neither rationale for that scene works at all, and in this case I’m afraid it might be both. 

What is really funny about the two of them is that they are both being extremely obnoxious.  Aww, brother and sister have that in common – they both know how to win enemies and drive away people.  Except in Kendall’s case, it is part of her charm.  Josh is just an overbearing pig.   

Whether or not Kendall is paranoid about Erin wanting to spy on her, the fact that she clearly did not want Erin working at Fusion would create an even more hostile environment than what already exists.  Why couldn’t the others let it go?  Who cares how great Erin’s resume is – there are other fish in the sea, ones that aren’t going to make Kendall’s head fly off her body.  She’s already under a huge amount of stress, and the others, for no apparent reason, seem to want to add to that.  True, Kendall’s general attitude doesn’t tend to inspire loyalty, but it still makes no sense that Simone would want to curry Ryan’s good favor rather than Kendall’s. 

I agree with Kendall that the idea of Ryan dictating her lifestyle while she is still carrying the child is icky.  But I can’t help but find it ironic, since she was perfectly willing to let Greenlee dictate to her when she was still a surrogate for her. 

Why is it that all the women that Greg encounters seem to easily fall under the power of his suggestion at one time or another, but the men seem to have their BS meters working fairly well?  Even Jamie got the “sniffing BS” look when talking to Amanda.  To be fair, when these women fall prey to him, it is when they are at their most vulnerable.  But still, it is a little annoying that they’ve all been fooled. 

I think Adam in a good mood and high on life is a scary Adam.  As I noted during their wedding, the higher they fly, the harder they fall.  In JR’s case, he keeps plummeting towards earth and swooping back up at the last minute, over and over.  If he keeps it up, the motion sickness will make me vomit.  Also, I always hate it when characters say stuff like, “No one can touch us.”  That is classic Soapese for “Someone is about to slam us with a two by four.” 

Adam has always been ga ga about children.  He just loves to spawn, whether the women like it or not.  I’m placing bets on how long it will take before Adam decides to doctor Krystal’s birth control.   

I’m all for conference table zex…I mean, sex, but I’m beginning to think that JR has a fantasy about having people look in on him and Babe as they are going at it.  First, on his wedding night, he never closed the bedroom door.  Then when he closed the boardroom doors, you could clearly see that the frosted squares on the glass weren’t going to provide nearly enough coverage if someone wanted to peer through.   

Maybe it would seem more realistic that Tad would be wandering around Madden’s offices, coming thisclose to discovering Dixie, if it weren’t for the fact that the lights were off.  If the lights are off, wouldn’t even a private detective be able to figure out that nobody is there?  Oh silly me, Hazel was there after all.  She just likes the soothing darkness, I guess.   

I noticed that Tad suspects that David provided Erica with the drugs she used to try and kill Madden.  I, too, have been wondering where she got them.  Is it true?  It’s possible this is a known fact, and I was just spacing when that scene took place.  When Josh showed David the tox screens, he didn’t act particularly cagey.  And he was nowhere near as control freakish about Greg’s care as Josh.  No, David’s behavior isn’t suspicious enough for him to have provided Erica with the drug. 

Wow, Greg and David were running neck and neck on Friday for best impression of a psycho stalker.  I guess Greg should take the lead since Erica has clearly conveyed that he makes her want to puke.  Dixie on the other hand, was obviously caving near the end.   The other major difference is that David does care somewhat whether Dixie returns his feelings – he’s just delusional about it.  Greg seems to care not a bit whether Erica wants him – he seemed to be weaving his little fantasy for the express purpose of making Erica supremely uncomfortable.   

I think I’ve probably mentioned before that Ryan and Erica would be an intriguing couple.  They certainly have one of the oddest relationships I’ve seen.  Their scene early in the week was filled with tension.  Even if they just did a one-night-stand, the ripple effects of that would be huge. 

Gotta laugh at Ryan.  He was saying to Zach that he must not love Kendall, because he knows something about Madden and is not telling her about it.  Funny, I didn’t hear the same lecture come out of his mouth when Erica told him her big secret about Madden.  Interesting, how that works. 

I loved the scenes between Zach and Greg.  Greg making every attempt to get under Zach’s skin; Zach calmly discussing what lengths he’s willing to go to get what he wants; neither making any progress.  Forget throwing punches, I always love a well-crafted threat. 

Funny Lines of the week: Josh telling his dad, “You’re a genius at milking suspense.”  What soap villain worth his salt wouldn’t have that trait?  Then there was poor Zach saying “Just passing through!” as Kendall  yanked him back into her free-for-all with Ryan. 

Ouch Line of the week goes to Kendall, who tells Zach, “Are you angry because Dr. Madden gave me this baby, and you didn't?”  Ouch! 

Brief GH tidbit:  Robert is back!  Yay!  He’s back to prop an odd renewing of vows thing with Luke and Tracy.  Booo!  But it was funny.  Yay!  The yays win.

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