July 31, 2006

JR told Krystal that once upon a time he might have played the CD for everyone “just for kicks.”  If that were the case, I might have loathed him a tiny bit less.  Because he claims to be doing it for noble reasons, which is obviously complete bull caca, I just want him to get out of my sight.  I can deal with, and sometimes even enjoy, malicious little weasels.  Someone who keeps blowing people’s lives apart and claiming that his crap doesn’t stink (and getting others to buy into it) frankly makes me sick.  It’s the difference between AJ and Sonny on GH.   

Becoming a mother hasn’t taken Kendall’s edge off.  I loved watching her stand triumphantly over JR’s carcass.   

When Derek was questioning a very freaked out Lily, I found myself yelling, “Where the hell is Jack?”  I also found myself wondering if Derek has a home life at all, since he always seems to handle every single police matter personally. 

So Josh admitted that he deliberately lied about the chart entry.  Oh, that wacky Kane boy!  Juxtapose that with later in the week when Babe tells Josh that he used to be such a jerk, and now he actually cares about people.  I guess attempting to ruin Julia’s career was the equivalent of yanking her pigtails? 

When Jonathan told Lily that she would be safe in the office, I thought for sure it was an anvil that Terry was going to find her in there and attack her, with the music outside being too loud for anyone to hear her screams.  I’m really glad that didn’t happen, but it was still a stupid thing to do.  It didn’t seem like security was all that good, and she was pretty well isolated.   

It was pretty funny that Colby spent so much time trying to appear old enough to get into the club opening, and when she finally gained entry she gamboled down the carpet like the teen she is. 

Di proclaimed to Aidan that she sucks at cards and parties.  No mention of the irony that she’s a hostess at Zach’s casino.  I liked the chemistry between Di and Aidan, but I’m withholding glee until I see where they go with this.  I’ve been burned before getting too excited over potential pairings (Julia and David). 

There was quite a bit of sexy repartee going on between Ryan and Annie this week.  Ryan makes a comment that Spike must be missing his mother’s soft places.  Later, when Annie holds Spike and he calms down, she purrs that maybe it’s her soft places.  My favorite, though, was when she said that they had to look in each other’s eyes as they drank their martinis or no sex for seven years.  He quipped back “That's what happened. It all makes sense now.  This is the kind of Ryan I like to see – being funny and charming with someone with which he doesn’t share an endless amount of awful baggage. 

I was a bit disappointed in the scenes between Zach/Dixie and Jack/Erica.  The set-up was pretty good, but there wasn’t nearly enough bitchiness.  I think the problem is that Dixie is a passive bitch, which doesn’t spark well with an active bitch like Erica.   

Well, hallelujah, JR managed to avoid the temptation to drown his sorrows.  The scene between he an Erin might have been enjoyable if either of them had been at all sympathetic.  Instead all they did was prop each other up.   

The scenes between Tad, Aidan and Di were well played.  Tad’s life is in the toilet, and his initial reaction was a good reflection of that.  Fortunately, instead of getting on his high horse, he cracked a joke, “I’ll just stand here looking awkward.”  The parting of ways between him and Di was very mature. 

Is Colby putting Adam on with her questions about lesbians and stuff?  Either way, her behavior makes my skin crawl most of the time.  I think it’s because I have a little girl, and the idea of her in ten or so years being out in the world with too much curiosity and cleverness, and not enough understanding of cold, hard reality makes me want to pull my hair out. 

Kudos to Zach and Kendall for the very endearing and sexy scene on Monday where they were making out on the couch like the newlyweds they are, only to have the baby spoil their plans.  They were very adorable as they resigned themselves to holding off on the nooky.  It was fun and refreshing to see some honest-to-goodness love in the afternoon instead of angst, angst, and more angst. 

I had to laugh at Todd this week, who told Evangeline in that Toddian way of his that he knows she is probably pissed off at him for ignoring her wishes, and he’s fine with it. 

Paul Satterfield, who plays Spencer, has a flair for the comedic that doesn’t come out often enough with his ultra-creepy character on OLTL.  I’m not talking about his ability to smirk (which makes me want to punch his face) or crack a joke, but stuff like on Friday when he answered Bo’s cell with an exaggerated “Yeaaaaah?” Because I FF through most of his nasty scenes, I wouldn’t really know this.  A few weeks ago I saw the movie Bruce Almighty for the first time.  He has a very small part as the weatherman in it.  In the deleted scenes on the DVD, there were two moments that had me laughing hysterically.  They both involved his reaction when Steve Carell’s hair catches on fire.  He takes off his jacket and flicks it at Carell while screaming shrilly.  I love that sort of humor. 

I think it is deliciously appropriate that Blair’s punishment fits the crime.  Sleeping with Spencer, the man who set her husband up for murder was the crime.  Being forced to sleep with him again and again is her continuing punishment.  Even more delicious is that I get to FF through all of those scenes.  Come on, Blair!  I promise I won’t FF through your scenes if you get away from that skeeve and move on with your life. 

The line of the week, hell the frickin YEAR, goes to John McBain:  “Leave the gun.  Take the cannolis.”  Can I have that made into a t-shirt?  Even now, almost a week later, I have this lovely little warm glow inside imagining John and David and that perfectly delivered, beautiful line.  Le sigh.  

I also couldn’t help but giggle a little while later when David was standing there with the box and the cop in the background was eyeing the cannolis with fervor. 

Please don’t tell me that Rex is paying some guy to stalk Adrianna.  I’m still pissed off that they had AJ do that to Courtney on GH. 

I had to laugh when Nikolas put his hand on Robin’s ass as they were leaving the room, but she was walking too fast so he had to trot to keep his hand in place. 

The scene where the nanny pretends like she found John on his stomach might have been more effective if we hadn’t previously seen that Nikolas was watching as Emily placed the baby in the pack n play and even leaned into it to do something before they left.  Couldn’t they have had Nik over at his desk shuffling papers or whatever?  Instead it just looks incredibly stupid. 

I notice that when Carly was talking about Adele’s questionable choices as a mother, she didn’t point out the fact that Adele gave up Ric to his father without a backward glance. 

I see the groundwork being laid for Ric and Sam to hook up, and it seems reminiscent of the Carly/Bobbie/Tony thing.  Will this also be like that incident in the sense that Carly fell in love with Tony (however briefly)?  Yet another skeevy storyline in and endless number of skeevy storylines on this show.  I was lamenting the dearth of Robert and Anna scenes this week.

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