August 7, 2006

Once again it becomes all about fragile JR and the cruel blows that fate keeps dealing him.  Oh the irony of it all!  JR tried to murder his wife, and was later glad that he didn’t succeed.  But, lo!  Now his wife is missing and may be dead.  All because he played the CD for everyone to hear, when his wife had told him not to.  But he did it for his family, of course.  He simply had to play it in public at the opening of his wife’s club as opposed to what normal humans would do, which is turn it over to the police.  But, lo!  Fate razzed him again by getting his mother arrested for the murder.  So much for all his good intentions.  As Julia said, “Karma’s a bitch!”  If Karma’s responsible for all of JR’s woes, then I’m throwing that bitch a party. 

I don’t know if any greater meaning can be derived from the fact that JR is better than Dixie at engaging in catfights with Erica, but it sure was enjoyable to watch. 

Less enjoyable to watch was the throw down between Jamie and Joe Martin.  Jamie said everything that I had been thinking about Joe for months now, but he sure went about it very harshly.  Justified?  Meh, those the kind of calls I hate to make. 

Speaking of tough calls and how they should be made – Jackson was really hard to watch this week.  I also believe, like Livia, that he is very wrong in his plans to declare Lily incompetent.  He sees a train wreck about to happen, so he is going to blow up the train instead.  No doubt it was awful for him to see what seems like irrefutable proof that Jonathan is still a sociopathic schemer.  He believes that Jonathan will ultimately hurt Lily.  So, he thinks that it is better for her to be hurt by her father? If or when Jonathan hurts her, she would still have her father to lean on.  If Jackson is the one to make the bottom fall out of her world, who will she turn to then?  

This week Erin attempted to be the Rachel Green of Pine Valley by raking Aidan over the coals for his fling with Di.  Setting aside the argument of whether or not Rachel was justified in her anger against Ross, I can certainly say that Erin wasn’t justified.  They weren’t on a break.  Erin kicked his butt to the curb, then rubbed salt in the wound by making out with Jamal in front of him.  Probably a few other cliches I can’t think of right now.  Her righteous indignation towards Jackson over his demand for the truth made me angry.  Her righteous indignation towards Aidan that he dared find comfort in someone’s arms after she trashed him made me laugh.   

Anyone else think the new girl, Sydney, looks a little like Mischa Barton?  


In the first couple of scenes between Sydney and Colby, I thought I was going to have to slit my wrists over the banality of it all.  Fortunately we eventually found out that she is kin to the maid.  I hope she puts Miss Thing Colby firmly in her place. 

Okay, I have to believe that Tad is up to something.  Because if he isn’t up to something, then he’s just being an ASS, and I really want to like him a little bit longer before I start hating him again.  There’s gotta be some balance in this dysfunctional relationship of ours, or else I’ll begin to think it isn’t worth it.  It certainly seemed like a couple of times this week he had a light bulb spring to life over his head.  When he was whining at Dixie down at the police station over her friendship with Zach, she shot back that she doesn’t go to Tad for help because he’s always judging her and attacking her.  Supposed light bulb.  Then he was chatting with Krystal, and Krystal was saying that whoever killed Madden shouldn’t have to pay and should be thrown a ticker tape parade, etc (shades of Michael’s murder).  This time he practically said “Eureka!”  Anyway, it was made very obvious that a seed had been planted.  So the next scene we see him he’s coldly telling Kendall that he’s not going to help Kendall because Dixie and Zach are the murderers.  And judging from spoilers, he’s going to be even more verbally incontinent next week.   I’m used to seeing ThadeASS in action, but is he really this bad?  I say no!  I’m going to don my Babe Chandler Cloak of Denial and declare that Tad is not really this bad.  I believe he is Up To Something. 

Line of the week goes to Del, whose response to Colby’s attempts to degrade him was, “How about we dress you up in some little devil horns and a pitchfork, and we go for a no-way-in-hell theme?” 

I love one liners like I love bon bons, and David Vickers’ are always filled with the nutty goodness I love.  “I was shooting blanks like Kevin Buchanan.”  

The Ironic Line of the Week goes to Evangeline, who said to Todd, of all people, “What a Pollyanna you are!”  Yep, those words were actually uttered in reference to Todd Manning

The “homeless guy” on the beach that Rex was talking to reminded me of the killer in Scream.  I finally figured out that John Paul Lavoisier reminds me of Davy Jones of the Monkees.  Similar eyebrows.  (I looked and looked for matching pics of John and Davy, but couldn’t find any.  Maybe next week)  The jury is still out on Rex being the stalker.  Adrianna certainly seemed sold on the idea, to the tune of causing multiple head wounds. 

I did feel sorry for Lucky for one brief moment this week.  He had the misfortune to stumble upon Ric in full rant mode and had to suffer through Ric’s diatribe on Jason, which included a few jabs in his direction.  Okay, I didn’t feel sorry for Lucky.  More like I was amused by the deer-in-the-headlights expression on his face as Ric went on and on.  I bet in the future when he sees Ric coming, he’ll run like the wind in the other direction. 

I don’t know what to say about Alexis.  Am I missing something here?  Is the position of DA somehow cursed so that everyone who inhabits it suddenly becomes a self-absorbed, power-abusing asshole?  It’s like The Mask - you put it on and experience a complete personality shift.   I RUE the day I ever wanted Alexis to sleep with Sonny.  Ever since that fateful day it’s been a downward spiral. 

Just when I think I can’t hate GH more, the clouds lift and the holy light of Scorpio-Devane shines through.  Aaahhh….  At the beginning of the week we had some Robert/Skye scenes (Randall’s Butte, Iowa!).  Then later we had some lovely Anna/Lorenzo scenes, even more lovely Anna/Robert scenes, sublime Anna/Robin scenes and finally some adorable Robert/Patrick scenes.  Blessed relief from all the darkness. 

Thanks for reading.  Cheers! 


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