August 28, 2006

Okay, I’ll admit it.  The Josh and Babe dynamic is starting to grow on me.  Any love I had for JR and Babe died right around the time he tried to kill her.  Premeditated murder tends to dampen one’s ardor.  Josh and Babe have chemistry, and the way they have been written just works.  I also like the way it is affecting those around them.  The Kane women losing their minds over one of their own once again getting sucked in by Babe’s wiles.  I also enjoyed the blowup between Erica and Krystal. 

I am a bit surprised by Krystal’s behavior.  The fact that she keeps listening to JR is just completely bewildering.  On the other hand, when she was talking with Babe this week, I could see that it wasn’t on behalf of JR so much as it was motherly concern for her daughter’s willful delusion.  Babe freely admitted to Krystal that her relationship with Josh fills a particular need that is lacking in her marriage.  She refused to see anything wrong with that.  What will be interesting is when Krystal realizes that Josh might be a better fit for her daughter than a homicidal maniac…er…her current husband. 

The teen story, so far, is completely unlikable.  I don’t tend to like those sorts of storylines as a matter of course – where two girls act silly for the purpose of getting some guy’s attention.  I’ve seen some versions that were tolerable.  This is not one of them.  This whole thing makes me so angry, simply because I can see the potential both in the storyline and in these two lovely girls.  Wasted.  All of it wasted.   

I think we need to see more of Zarf.  There were a few times when he was a bit over the top, but for the most part he was pretty amusing.  I think he could be a little something more than a day player whose only function is to get Babe drunk so she can shower with Josh.  There could be some ongoing hijinks where he causes problems for the Fusion staff as they try and incorporate him into their ad campaign.  He could bring out Erin’s naughty side.  He could take Dani out and make her dad lose her mind that she’s on a date with a musician.  He and Simone could flirt madly with each other.  He could clash with Kendall.  Lots of comedic opportunities there, I think. 

Much as I dislike JR these days, I did get a little reminder of why I used to like him when he was needling David about Dixie’s supposed hook up with Zach.  JR doesn’t like Zach at all and probably really hates that his mother is hung up on him.  But pass up an opportunity to make smoke come out of David’s ears?  Never! 

I stared in wonder at David’s surly reaction to Emma’s ball hitting his coffee.  She is so adorable!!!  Kudos to Vincent for pulling that off.  I don’t know how anyone on the set can get anything done with that little girl around, she is such a doll.  I wonder if there’ll be an opportunity for Zach to have a scene with her – I might keel over dead.  Okay, I’m getting off track.  It was pretty funny when David pointed out Ryan’s past behavior concerning Greenlee.  I can always rely on David to call people on their shit even as he’s shoveling some of his own.  It’s one of the things I love most about him.  

I think David and Brooke need to be paired together.  Based on his reaction to Emma, he needs to lighten up.  So does Brooke.  I’m assuming that the only objection she has to Julia is that she’s older than Jamie.  Otherwise, with the exception of murdering a crime boss, Julia is generally considered an upstanding member of the community.  I was able to understand Brooke’s objections to Babe and Amanda, but Julia doesn’t seem that big a deal.  What they should do is have Brooke trying to follow the trail of Kate and keep bumping into David.  They keep thwarting each other.  Sparks fly.  Blah blah, it isn’t really that hard to write a decent story for David and Brooke.  These two talented soap vets would totally run with whatever they’re given.  

I’m still convinced everything Tad is doing and saying is all one big elaborate act.  Zach put a kink in his plans to make the killer complacent by producing an “alibi,” so Tad needs to ratchet the suspicion up even more by claiming to have seen Zach and Dixie that night.  I doubt he wouldn’t have suspected that the cops had his house bugged, so he put on a show for them.  If the true culprit hears that he was hanging around the airport and the park, then he or she may fear that Tad saw something that he shouldn’t have seen.  Meh, all that could be complete horse crap.  I’m not sure why I’m trying to make sense of this storyline.   

Well, I haven’t watched OLTL at all the past two weeks, except the Todd and Evangeline scenes.  Ever since I saw the spoilers that Todd and Blair would sleep together and ditto Christian and Evangeline, I felt completely deflated.  It’s not fair to the other perfectly decent storylines.  I’ll get over myself soon and start watching again. 

The dynamic between Alexis and Sam has hit an interesting phase.  Sam was being maternal towards Alexis.  She was also feeling guilty over the secret she’s keeping from Alexis.  Meanwhile Alexis already knows the secret.  I wonder what it will do to Sam’s self esteem when she realizes that her mother knows about her betrayal and loves her anyway.  None of this is playing out like I feared it would, and I am pleased.   

I continue to be surprised and riveted by the interactions between people this week.  Alexis was so awkward with Ric after telling him the news about her cancer.  You could see that on the one hand she desperately needed comfort and reassurance from her husband, the man she loves.  On the other hand she didn’t want him touching her, unable to get his betrayal out of her head.  The interactions between Lucky and Liz were similarly tense.  Liz is in an extremely hard position, and suffers as she tries to work things out.  I find myself hoping that Maxie will derail Lucky’s progress just so Liz can be done with him for good. 

I loved loved loved the scene where Alexis pours out her troubles to Lainie.  There have been many times in my life where, unable to know how to handle a certain crisis, I laughed instead of cried.  It’s like a weird failsafe mechanism that some people have who don’t know how to process emotions in a situation that is too absurd or out of left field. 

Okay, I can’t believe this is happening.  Why couldn’t Sonny and Alexis continue to be mean and nasty to each other?  That way I could forget that there was a time that I liked them together, enjoyed their rapport.  This week tread into dangerous, dangerous territory.  “I didn’t like the sound of your cough, so I had someone hack into your medical files.”  “You couldn’t buy me a cough drop?”  Damn you GH!  *shakes fist in the air* 

The above is tied for Quote of the Week with the following Patrick/Robin exchange:  “Do batteries come with that?”  “Hopefully I won’t need it anymore.” 

Once again Lucky is like a deer caught in the headlights.  Instead of Ric, the force of nature this week was Edward Quartermaine.  And poor Nikolas scored the hat trick of tragedies.  Finding out his brother is a cheating drug addict, his teenage sister is pregnant, and his aunt has lung cancer.  Alexis and Nikolas made me cry!   

A continuity slap on the wrist goes to GH for when Kristina was at the hospital, and Patrick supposedly had to make her feel more comfortable in such a strange environment.  I guess the writers forgot that she was a preemie that spent a great deal of time there as an infant, that she was very sick as a toddler and was in the hospital a lot, and then recently her mother was the victim of a virus that had her hospitalized for weeks.  Kristina should know GH like the back of her hand.   

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