Oct 2, 2006

I see here in my notebook that I have less than a page of notes for this weekís AMC.  I found myself wondering if maybe Iím burning out on this whole column thing.  Then I did a quick check to see how long Iíve been at this.  Itís been over a year since I wrote my first muse column for Eye On Soaps.  WOW!  I hadnít realized it had been that long.  No, this isnít burnout, this is boredom.  This is being angry.  This is being fed up.  Having said that - the show may be a steaming pile lately, but I would be remiss not to point out the excellent moments and shout for more.  Positive reinforcement!  

I enjoyed the scene with Kendall and Josh at the beginning of the week, where he insisted to her that just because they share DNA, they arenít really siblings.  So when he started to fix himself some tea, Kendall snarked, ďHelp yourself, mere acquaintance.Ē  Love it!  Keep up the Kane interaction!! 

Another delicious scene was when Palmer was threatening Tad with his pocketed plastic gun in the witness room.  His calm, almost laid back demeanor as he threatened Tadís life and told him exactly what he thought of him was sublime.  Kudos also to Myrtle for giving Kendall a much-needed reality check.  The vets bring so much panache to whatever scene theyíre in.  Fabulous.  Also, it was the first real Kendall/Myrtle moment in years.  More!! 

We finally had an authentic Josh and Dani scene where they talked to each other about their past connection.  Iíd like to think itís because TPTB read my rant and decided to remedy their error, but my ego would burst if I attempted to inflate it.  Iíll just go with them feeling the disgusted vibes emanating from the internet.  Yeah, that works. 

Speaking of the Fusion gals, does someone want to explain to me why Simone and Erin were suddenly so bitchy towards each other?  It was only two weeks ago that they were sharing símores and having warm fuzzies about being family. 

I think JR has some sort of subconscious radar to detect when Babe cheats on him.  The radar pings, and he undergoes a personality change where he begins acting like the sweetest, most attentive husband in the world Ė all for the purpose of heaping coals over her guilt-ridden head.  The last time it pinged like that was when she first came to town and slept with Jamie.  The concept is about as thrilling now as it was then Ė by which I mean not thrilling at all.  How much of a repeat is this going to be?  If she gets pregnant again so that she and her mama can wear matching ďWho da daddy?Ē glitter t-shirts, I may go completely postal. 

At one point during the week, my DVR made an error and recorded the local public access channelís after school special about teenage sex.  Oh, that was really Colby giving a soliloquy about her first time?  Never mind.  Let me make it clear that Iím not dissing the concept of the scene.  Iím dissing the way it played out.  Iíve seen middle school productions that looked more realistic. 

Ryan definitely needs to go into politics Ė perhaps run for mayor of Pine Valley.  Iím serious, he would be a shoo-in.  Heís established himself as a prominent businessman and a pillar of the community.  He has lots of money to spend on his campaign.  There are plenty of people who would volunteer to sing his praises to the constituents -  including talk show hostess Erica Kane.  Heís had lots of practice kissing babies.  But the most necessary political characteristic he possesses is the ability to employ doublespeak with a smile.  On Friday, Kendall was upset because Tad might be lying after all.  As a concerned friend, Ryan gently pointed out to her that she would be a complete idiot to trust her husband at this point, I mean look at the mountain of evidence against him [please ignore the fact that there was solid evidence making her look guilty in the Michael Cambias trial].  Ryan hastened to assure her that she should certainly have hope, never give up hope [that her husband will fry and sheíll come running into his waiting arms].  Wow, Ryan is so good at that stuff I think we should skip mayor and shoot for governor of Pennsylvania. 

Fridayís episode was reminiscent of key scenes in the movie A Few Good Men.  This is a good thing.  I was very impressed as Livia went into shark mode and started picking away at Tad until he finally flipped out.  And boy did he flip out.  Beautifully written, beautifully acted, beautifully directed.   

Iím not going to have a column next week because Iíll be at a book signing in New Jersey (three guesses as to the author).  With any luck Iíll also get to attend a taping of Regis and Kelly (Monday the 9th).  Woo Hoo!

Thanks for reading.  Cheers! 


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