November 6, 2006

I always love meta humor.  Remember the winks and nudges when Jesse McCartney was a guest star on AMC a couple of months ago?  This past week we got this little nugget from Del:  “Come on, Kendall, my little co-author. We've had some experience with this before, haven't we? Or was that a different, bitter Erica Kane daughter that was helping me trash her monster mother?”  Hee!  Okay, so I’m easily amused. 

For so long, people have been derisive of David and his nefarious ways that one almost forgets his power to manipulate people.  He did an excellent job this week on Josh and Dixie.  It’s probably a good thing he went into cardiology and not psychology.  That’s all he needs - a PhD in mind games to unleash on the world. 

Well, I actually felt for Colby for a nanosecond this week as her family sneered at her for her supposed lie about Josh and Babe.  “It wasn't even a rumor until your evil little mind puked it out.”  Nice.  Will the little girl who cried wolf learn her lesson this time?  Watching as Colby puts another doodad into Sydney’s backpack and goes upstairs with it uhgain while Sydney flounders for a clue.  Nope, guess not. 

I kept forgetting to hate JR this week because he was so funny as he played cat and mouse with Josh.  It almost made me forget he was being cuckolded.  His devotion and trust in Babe would have been heartwarming if he hadn’t tried to kill her.  Her determination to be happy with JR and shun Josh would have been heartwarming if she hadn’t already given it up for Josh.  JR’s utter scorn for Josh after Josh told him about the affair was delicious.  Also…bittersweet.  I used to root for JR and Babe as a couple, and hoped they could get past all their problems.  I found myself imagining for a moment that the stupid murder attempt hadn’t been written into canon, as well as the one-night stand.  Wouldn’t JR’s refusal to believe Colby, David and Josh have been beautiful?  Instead, it’s just more toxic crap.  I like irony as much as the next person, but I think I would have enjoyed the poignancy of growth in a couple much more. 

Actually, Babe is experiencing some growth, you  might say.  She’s always had the guilt thing keeping her from being completely cold.  Now she’s getting worse at the lying thing.  I loved how she was tripping over her words on Friday.  Stuff would slip out without her realizing what she was saying.  It was very well done.  I also liked when JR went to the bar and poured a drink.  In the split second before he handed it to his father, the look on her face was very apropos. 

I think it’s time for Erica to just cut Jackson loose.  He buys her lots of bling and all she can do is half-heartedly let him kiss her neck?  You know when you see fish lying in a pail gasping their last breath?  Nobody wants to see that.  Pull the plug, Erica.  Turn off life support.  Note the time and fill out the death certificate.  The marriage is over. 

Kendall was adorable as she channeled her mom when fantasizing about her dream home.  “Landscaping -- pretty, pretty flowers, and maybe some horses.  Horses!”  As was Zach’s response.  “So you ride now?”  I’m going to enjoy adorable Zen while I have the chance.  “She's spunky.  Don't tell her I said that, either, because she'd kill me, but it's true.”  I also thought it was funny that Kendall wanted the house just to spite Babe, although it was nice to know that she did actually like it.  I’m a little confused by her heading to the casino and grabbing bags of cash to count.  The casino’s take for the night was going to be the last little bit needed to put them in the running for buying the house?  I’m eagerly anticipating what nugget of truth we’ll learn about Zach after his visceral reaction to the walk-through.  

Speaking of adorable, where the heck were Jamie and Julia this week?  And Di and Aidan?  I need more warm fuzzies, people, and the Chandler crew just ain’t cuttin it.   

It always cracks me up when soaps put a spin on a consumer product.  I guess Kellogg wasn’t interested in pimping Froot Loops like Carnation did with Good Start, so with a little abracadabra, we instead get Frooty Hoops.   

Emma didn’t need to be eating Frooty Hoops anyway.  She’s so incredibly sweet already.  Seriously, this child is frickin adorable.  Okay, I’ve used up my adorable quotient for one column.  Need to break out the thesaurus now. 

I don’t really remember if Annie actually did call the police and had them searching for Emma.  I’m guessing not because they would have issued an Amber alert and Dixie would have been caught at the airport.  But even if she didn’t, Tad had Aidan and his cohorts out looking – surely they would have checked the airport.   

 “Go ahead, say it. I'm wrong.”  You’re wrong, Annie!  Wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong!  Oh damn, she agreed to the test.  And here I was working myself into yet another long rant.  Ah well, I’m glad she finally went through with it.  It made the sleepover with Ryan (what was the reason for that?) that much more enjoyable.  I had been missing the scenes where they twinkled at each other and let fly the sexual innuendos.  They’re so ador…um…*flipping through thesaurus*…endearing!  “Come on, big talker, get me into bed.”  Just one nit pick – they didn’t really expect Emma to fall asleep when mommy is sitting right there, awake and talking?  Oh, I forgot, this is a soap child.   

I don’t have a great deal of investment in Tad, Dixie, or Annie as characters.  I do ache for their circumstances, though.  I have a four year old daughter, so it’s more of a gut reaction.  Anyway, there were several times during the week when I was crying during these scenes – when Dixie brought Emma back to Annie and later when she gave the little knit cap to Tad.  How does one even begin to untangle such a mess? 

Earlier in the week Sean was annoying me with his eyeballs popping out and landing in Amanda’s cleavage.  I was beginning to wonder why I ever thought for a nanosecond that he was charming.  Then later in the week he was hanging out with Lily and I remembered why.  Their interaction is actually pretty funny.  Now, if only he would stop acting like an insensitive pig, I might start to like him more consistently.     

I was never a big fan of Bianca and Maggie as a couple.  I thought they were wonderful friends – the way they supported each other and went through so much together was great.  I didn’t have a problem with them being a couple.  Lena, whom I loved to bitty bits, was long gone.  When Bianca and Maggie went off together, I figured they would finally be solid.  I hoped for Bianca’s sake that Maggie was over her flakiness.  Apparently not.  I feel bad for Bianca.  Hindsight is 20/20 - they should  never have taken it beyond friendship.  Now if they end the romance, the friendship will be gone too.  I don’t suppose there’s any chance of Olga Sosnovska coming back?  

On GH, I mostly watched just the Laura stuff this week.  I absolutely loved the scenes where the kids were giving carefully worded updates on their lives.  Laura’s reaction to Lucky being a cop was priceless.  Lulu heaping coals on herself as she imagined her mother’s reaction to her abortion was heartbreaking.  “Even Cassadine is sugarcoating his stupid life.” 

I loved Laura’s reunion with her mother, and Lesley’s quick discernment to keep the bad news to herself.  “I really love my daughter. I'd like her to have a couple of hours of peace before she finds out that we all went to hell in a hand basket while she was gone.”  I thought it was great that she ripped Luke a new one for not telling her about Laura’s recovery. 

I loved Tracy’s private reaction when she left Laura and went around the corner.  She quickly recovered from her bitter disappointment that the love of Luke’s life is back, so that she was able to taunt him with her powerful nugget of information. 

Oddly enough, the reunion in the little rented room with Luke and Laura didn’t do much for me.  Well, not so odd.  I’ve always liked the idea of Luke and Laura more than the reality.  They are really very sweet, but I’m just not a very mushy person.   

A couple of other tidbits during moments that I didn’t fast-forward:  Skye is radiant as always, and sharp as a tack.  When Lorenzo waxed poetic about his daughter changing him in ways he could never imagine, she quipped, “What ways?”  Although I do really hope she doesn’t insist on calling her daughter by her full name forever after.  I like the sentiment behind her name, but the name itself leaves much to be desired. 

I felt a guilty pleasure in Alexis pouring out her insecurities about her hair to Sonny.  I know I should be experiencing sour grapes, but you have to understand that once upon a time I really, really liked their friendship. 

The look on Viola’s face when she entered the Corinthos lair was priceless.  No comment on Kristina wielding a machine gun with barely-suppressed glee.

Thanks for reading.  Cheers! 


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