November 27, 2006

On the one hand I understand JR’s anger and resentment about Babe.  His wife cheated on him for the second time, he called his sister a liar when she tried to tell him about it, and he also remembers the fact that he was there that night.  He saw her clothes strewn around the office floor and saw her naked in the kiddy pool.  It’s pretty damn harsh.  But then he starts blah-ing about her being a faithless whore and demanding that she not go anywhere near their son.  It is a bit difficult to feel sorry for someone who liberally uses the word “whore” and doesn’t care about what it would do to his son to be parted from his mother.  Let’s also not forget that she gave him a “get out of jail free” card.  Literally.  It’s okay for him to beg forgiveness from her for trying to take her life, but she doesn’t deserve forgiveness herself?  To be quite honest, I don’t care if he forgives her.  I just want him to be real about it.  Just as he can’t trust her not to cheat on him, she can’t trust him not to drink and cause major damage.  They have no business being together (or with anyone for that matter), and they share equal responsibility for their toxicity. 

I definitely didn’t feel sorry for JR when Erica came to visit him, driving his heart-rate up with her taunts and threats.  Although I am confused, because she told Jeff later that JR just told her that he wants Josh dead.  JR was only managing a few words here and there, and he didn’t mention Josh at all.  Either that was a scene that hit the cutting room floor, or she was lying to Jeff to make herself look better.  She certainly seems to live in her own little fantasy world.  She told Jeff that she didn’t think Jack wanted to share a drumstick or anything else with her.  Why, because he was begging her to come back home and she wouldn’t?  Of course, she’s not the only one acting like a brat – Jack sent all of her clothes over to the Valley Inn.  It was certainly amusing to watch, but hardly the sort of thing I would have expected of him. 

Later JR got another visitor in the form of David.  I was delighted when he tore the sensors off JR and put them on himself so the nurses wouldn’t catch on to any problems.  It’s so funny how I can love it when David is preying on other people, while at the same time loving it when Tad is beating the tar out of him.   

I was most pleased to see some Zach this week, in most of the forms that I love to see him.  Flirting Zach, Baby-charming Zach, Fighting-for-his-woman Zach.  Snarky Zach.  I think my favorite part was when he was telling Kendall what he thinks Spike would want for Thanksgiving, and Spike hiccupped like he was prompting Zach to continue.  That baby is so adorable - I just love the Kendall-like hair.  Line of the week:  “I'm going to make sure he has a perfect Thanksgiving dinner - even if I have to use a gun.” 

Note to Erica:  If you have to keep shrugging on your shrug, it may not be the wisest fashion accessory. 

I didn’t watch OLTL during the Patrick and Marty years, but as a fan of Thorsten Kaye, I’ve learned a bit about their story.  Also, I was around when Marty returned to testify at Todd’s trial when Blair charged him with rape.  There are a few things keeping me from being able to get into the new Marty/Cole storyline.  The bit about having a son the same age as Starr is somewhat of an absurdity, but we’ve all had to deal with SORASing, so that’s really the least of the nitpicks.  What I don’t get is that the son of a literature professor would say this:  “I should've paid a lot more attention in English class because I know there are words for how I feel. I just don't know what they are or how to say them.”  From what I know of Patrick, his love of literature oozed from his pores.  I’m not saying his kid would have been a carbon copy of him, but give me a break.  I also don’t get Cole’s being obsessed with football.  I’m not saying it would be unusual for him to be an athlete, but the whole bit about wanting to make his mother happy by being the big football hero - huh?  None of it rings true at all.  I also can’t get into this woman playing Marty.  I’m not saying they should have hired someone to look like Susan Haskell.  Trevor St. John is an excellent example of a recast who looks nothing like the former portrayer, but has done a wonderful job of conveying the essence of Todd.  This woman doesn’t seem very Marty-like at all.  And the fact that she seems to be trying to use some of the same mannerisms and voice inflections is just annoying.  There’s only one redeeming part of this hackneyed concept and that is the effect it has on the relationship between Todd and Starr – there’s some very meaty material there.  To be honest, I think that was supposed to be the whole point of the storyline, and I have to shake my head in dismay that the writers felt they needed to twist logic into a pretzel and send a big F U to Patrick and Marty fans in order to arrive at that goal. 

Sight Gag of the week:  I loved that David Vickers brought popcorn to his brother’s trial. 

Double Take of the week:  It took a while to register, but I was quite surprised to see Ned at the Quartermaine family gathering.  

We saw the last of Laura this week on GH.  It was, of course, very bittersweet.  It was also kinda freaky.  Similar to watching someone preparing to die – just very sad and horrific at the same time.   

I was struck by how alike Laura and Lulu looked as they were crying on each other’s shoulders.  I also loved how she just blurted out everything that happened with Dillon and the pregnancy.  The expressions on Laura’s face during the confession were of horror – not because of what Lulu did, but because of what her daughter went through.  Later, when Laura wanted to check back into Shady Brook, Lulu lashed out at her for not fighting her decline.  Laura’s response was perfect.  “Lulu, I'm very sorry. There is no plane to jump out of this time. This is the only way that I can be courageous -- is to face what's happening to me with a certain amount of dignity.”  Cry! 

Then there are Laura’s last words to Lulu about her belief that she wasn’t the one to kill Rick.  A bit bewildering, since she supposedly remembered what happened, but I’ll go with it.  The big question is whodunit?  Scotty?  That doesn’t seem to have any meat to it.  If they make Luke the killer and he suppressed it or something, that would just piss me off.  Same with Lucky or Nikolas.  Stefan is a good red herring – but with Stephen Nichols ensconced at DOOL, it is doubtful.  My vote goes for Stavros.  He disappeared down a bottomless pit, but we have no proof he died.  Plus, I just want to see Robert Kelker-Kelly again.  Rowl.  It will probably turn out to be Lesley that did it – based on the expendability factor. 

Song parody that won’t be written, I promise:  With Ric, Jason, and Lucky all sniffing around Elizabeth recently, who else keeps thinking her song should be “All my ex’s live in Port Charles”?  No one?  It’s just me?  Okay, good – I’d hate to think anyone else out there is as silly as me.

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