December 25, 2006

Without a doubt, the scene that made me stand up and cheer, one of the best scenes I’ve seen all year, was when Kendall snatched up Colby and kicked her the hell out of her brother’s hotel room.  That certainly made my holidays happier.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m actually starting to like Colby (her rolling around on the bed notwithstanding).  But there’s just something about watching Kendall take out the trash that warms the cockles of my heart. 

Having said that, I felt for Josh as he attempted to understand the workings of her mind when she tried to explain her feelings about David’s bomblet concerning Ryan and Emma.  I was and continue to be confused by her aversion to both Annie and the idea of Ryan having another child.  Well, confused isn’t really the word.  Annoyed.  Her psyche isn’t that hard to understand.  She once loved Ryan and was rejected by him twice.  For him to recently be so devoted to her and her child, despite the fact that she was with Zach, must have been a balm to an old wound.  Then there is the fact that she bought wholeheartedly into the idea of Ryan and Greenlee as soulmates, and participated in several desperate measures to give Greenlee her greatest wish – to have Ryan’s child.  Not only did that not happen, but Greenlee left town blaming Kendall for destroying her dreams.  Fast-forward to a year later, and this woman comes on the scene who looks a lot like Greenlee, and seem ready to hand Ryan a family on a silver platter.  Then there’s her fears about Spike.  She grew up in a home with loving parents, but still felt deeply hurt when she realized her biological mother did not want her.  She is projecting her old fears onto her child, probably imagining Spike growing up wondering why his father spends more time with his other child.   

So, given that Kendall is a bag of insecurities on a good day, I can see why she’s losing her mind over this.  I’m glad that she at least is taking the step to find out if David’s assertion is true.  I’m just afraid that she will find out that Ryan is the father, and continue to sit on the information.  While all her feelings and fears are certainly understandable, they don’t justify keeping such a secret.  Look at how much it blew her life apart to learn that the truth of her paternity was kept from her.  Not to mention the recent debacle with Josh and Erica.  How about the fact that she has personally witnessed two people that she loves deeply – Bianca and Zach –devastated by the news that their children were kept from them.  It’s the reason she hates Babe’s guts so much.  How chilling it was when Josh commented to Kendall, “You really are your mother.”  

Truest line of the week:  “You know, if someone in this town bought stock in the local DNA lab, they'd be loaded.” 

Saddest line of the week:  When Father Clarence said that Kate was where God wanted her to be, Dixie replied, “I'm sorry, I can't do the ‘God’s will’ stuff right now. I know that there is a reason for everything. It's just this doesn't make sense. My child should be with me. She should be with Tad.” 

Smackdown of the week:  When Jonathan was feeling guilty for taking advantage of Amanda’s generosity, she popped back with, “You said we were friends.  Ok?  This whole concept may still be kind of new to me. But, man, you suck at it way worse than I do.” 

Other moments that warmed the cockles of my heart this week:  Emma and Ryan bonding.  Di convincing Aidan that she wants to be bait for the psycho running loose.  “Crazy, sick little bastard elves.”  Sean and Colby plotting to bring Jack and Erica back together.  Jingles saves Christmas.  “Doc Martin”  Krystal having a great hair day.  A Wildwind Christmas.  “Chugga chugga choo choo.”  Adam playing Scrooge instead of Santa.  Any scene with Zarf and Bianca together.  Colby’s disdain of the Trucker Christmas tradition.  Livia reaching out to Tad. 

Best Memorial Service Anecdote Evar!:  So after about an hour of sitting there, feeling like a fool, I called her up on -- on her cell phone. I was going to give Simone a piece of my mind for standing me up. And to my amazement, she started screaming at me and said, "Where have you been? I've been here for an over an hour." I said, "No, you're not. I'm here." She said, "No. I am standing in front of the topless bar where you told me to meet you, you freak." And I said, "No, Simone. I told you to meet me at the Tapas Bar." 

Thanks for reading.  Happy Holidays!


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