Oct 30, 2006 - OLTL Spoiler Commentary


Spencer implies that he is the only person who can save Kelly's life;  

Well, he does have a pretty good track record to back up his God complex. 

Kevin tells Spencer he is not getting near Kelly or her baby;  

“I’m the only one around here allowed to work my way through the Cramer women.” 

Kelly's baby is born;  

And he lives happily ever after with mommy and grandpa/stepdaddy. 

Natalie tells Cristian about Vincent's machinations;  

These two are so sweet.  He really should dump Evangeline and get back together with her.  *cough* 

Cole and Starr have an awkward moment. 

Later, they indulge in some mood swings and act like they know everything.


Kevin, Kelly, Clint, Viki and Dorian fear that Kelly's premature baby boy may not survive;  

Nobody’s told them yet that all premature babies in Soapland miraculously beat the odds. 

Natalie finds Vincent in Hugh's hospital room;  

She lets them know that she won’t judge them – the love shared between two people is nobody else’s business. 

Hugh becomes agitated;  

It’s from having too heavy a load.  Get it?  Overloaded washing machines agita…never mind. 

Starr interrupts Todd and Blair;  

Hopefully before he does something insane like reconcile with her. 

Cole feels pressure to perform on the football field. 

Because his controlling, football-obsessed father would be severely disappointed otherwise?  Oh wait…


 David lets Spencer know how he feels about him;  

This hasn’t already been made abundantly clear? 

Bo takes Spencer to Asa's to read the results of the DNA test;  

Asa takes one look at Spencer’s jutting chin and track record for making trouble, and declares that he doesn’t need a damn test to know the truth. 

Vincent confesses to Antonio;  

“I work with Christian because it’s the next best thing to being with you.” 

Claudia accuses Nash of trying to force Tess to emerge;  

What a shocking declaration.  Why would Nash want to ever see the love of his life again?  Absurd! 

Zane's condition takes a turn for the worse. 

His twin brother Shane is devastated by the news.  Yeah, I have no idea who Zane is. 


Asa and Spencer peruse the results of the DNA test;  

Spencer, pointing to the numbers:  And you see where this genetic marker matches that one?  Medically speaking…

Asa, chuckling:  Never mind that, boy.  Tell me again how you framed Todd for murder. 

David comes to Viki's rescue;  

That’s not going to bother Dorian one bit. 

Marcie agrees to be the substitute teacher for Starr's English class;  

End. In. Tears. 

Todd and Blair overhear Britney humiliating Starr;  

Rest in peace, Britney. 

Vincent thinks Layla is better off without him. 

When he serenaded her with the Eric Clapton song, it was pretty much over at that point. 


Jessica is moved by Nash's revelation about Tess;  

Jess:  There needs to be complete honesty between us.

Nash:  On the one hand, I wish you would disappear so I could have Tess back.  On the other hand, I might forget all about her if you slept with me.

Jess:  See, now don’t you feel better? 

Kelly and Kevin are encouraged by the baby's progress;  

What did I tell you about Soapland odds? 

Antonio offers to loan Nash money;  

Because he’s amassed so much money working as a cop?  Oh, I forgot – his wife’s loaded. 

Evangeline warns Todd and Blair about attacking Spencer in the Sun;  

Blair leaves in a huff.  Evangeline sits on the edge of the desk and whispers, “I thought she’d never leave.”  Todd laughs wickedly and steps between her… 

Whoops!  I’m supposed to be writing spoiler commentary, not fanfic.  Moving right along… 

Rex has bad news;  

Rex is bad news.  Rawr! 

Spencer vows revenge. 

Asa couldn’t be more proud.


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