August 28, 2006

This week, the incredible Emeraldax takes her first spin on the GH/OLTL spoiler commentary dance floor!

Tuesday September 5 

Something’s wrong with the following spoiler.  Need to do some editing.

Heading into surgery, Alexis pleads with Sam the surgeon to cut Jason the spot out of her life lung;  

There, fixed it. 

Sonny asks Carly to help him raise Kristina if Alexis dies;  

“What, are you nuts?  She’s a Cassadine.  I’m a Spencer.” 

Alexis and Ric are reunited after her surgery;  

To amuse her, Ric does his impression of William Shatner as Lady MacBeth:  “Out…damn….SPOT!” 

Lucky manipulates Maxie; 

I guess he had to return the favor. 

Patrick and Robin grow closer.  

This should make Anna happy.  Robert doesn’t care, just as long as his daughter is having plenty of sex. 

Wednesday September 6

Jason and Sam declare their love;  

…for I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter! 

Alexis learns that her cancer has spread;  

…but not like I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter! 

Sam does not tell Alexis that she and Jason are back together;  

It’ll be convenient if Alexis dies, so she won’t have to do any more of that pesky lying. 

Luke learns that Lulu is pregnant;  

“A pregnant teenager?  Where were her parents?  Oh.” 

Edward pressures Lulu to sign custody of the baby over to Dillon. 

So that he can pressure Dillon to sign custody over to him.

Thursday September 7

Lainey questions Alexis' motives for throwing Sam and Ric together;  

“Alexis, haven’t you noticed that Sam’s been showering five times a day even though she doesn’t have OCD?” 

Elizabeth learns she is pregnant but does not know who the father is;  

Because we don’t have enough baby drama on this show. 

Carly tells Jax how he can win her back;  

By beating Michael in a game of Monopoly.  Not as easy as it looks! 

Maxie thinks she has a future with Lucky; 

They’ll live happily ever after like Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown. 

 Alcazar wants to deal with Anna. 

Who wouldn’t!

Friday September 8

Alexis continues to test Sam and Ric;  

If two trains were running on parallel tracks and one was going 60 mph and the other 80…. 

Lainey warns Alexis about forcing Sam and Ric together;  

“Seriously Alexis, I think it’s up to twelve times a day, now.” 

Luke vows to support Lulu's decision about her pregnancy;  

“Great, Daddy!  How about you and I raise the baby together?” 

Colleen tries to gain ground with Nikolas 

“I have a pixie haircut, a pert nose and my name is adorable!  What’s not to like?”  


Tuesday September 5

Jessica's personality remains dominant after the integration;  

Antonio is worried when she goes shopping for a leather bustier and a whip. 

Nash realizes Tess is gone forever;  

Yeah, like Nikki was gone forever after Viki’s integration. 

Bruce contacts Dorian with ransom demands;  

You lie down with dogs... 

Blair becomes jealous when she sees Todd and Evangeline embrace having hot, passionate, wall-bangin, furniture breakin, screams make the neighbor’s dog howlin, ain’t enough cigarettes in the world, sweaty, nekkid sex. 

There, fixed it.

Wednesday September 6

Adriana fears what Bruce may do to her;  

Eeek, don’t we all! 

Rex and Dorian try to rescue Adriana;  

No. Try not. Do... or do not. There is no try. 

Cristian and Evangeline argue about Todd;  

He was wondering about the look of complete and total satisfaction on her face. 

Starr urges Todd to forgive Blair;  

I feel so sorry for this kid. 

Antonio and Jessica feel secure;  

They found matching blankies. 

Jessica reaches out to Nash. 

And now we begin the endless mixed signals portion of this triangle.

Thursday September 7

John makes an interesting discovery when he and Bo search Spencer's office;  

Leather bustier and whip? 

David warns Spencer to drop his vendetta against the Buchanans;  

Which is about what, again? 

Dorian and Adriana must save Rex;  

I can see Dorian saying, “Well, if I must!” 

Kelly gets good news about the baby;  

It’s actually David’s baby.  She forgot all about the drunken sex she had with him after Duke died.  Don’t worry, there’ll be flashbacks. 

Natalie and Clint talk. 

Aww, I really like seeing Natalie bond with the Buchanans.

Friday September 8

Adriana wants Dorian to pay for what she has done;  

She huffs and folds her arms and crinkles her nose and everything. 

Bo's relationship with Rex affects Paige;  

“Dammit, this guy has chemistry with everyone except me!” 

John prevents Todd from making a mistake;  

“You’re trying to choose between Evangeline and Blair?  Dude, come on!” 

Paige has shocking news for Hugh;  

“When we’re not around, nobody really notices.” 

Michael and Marcie look forward to being a family with Tommy. 



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