OLTL Spoiler Commentary
For the week of Oct 2nd

Monday October 2

Cristian comforts NatalieEvangeline witnesses it, and runs to Todd for comfort. 

Or is that wishful thinking?  Nah, it sounds too flighty anyway.  I want her to run to him because she wants her some Todd

Michael and Marcie tell Eve that Natalie was upset to learn John had planned to propose;  

They also mention that when people touch a hot stove, it burns them. 

Jessica is concerned about her unusual behavior;  

Chicka, chicka, chickabee. / T'ee an me an t'ee an me. / Ressa, ressa, ressa me, / Chicka, chicka, chickabee.  

Nash shares his fears for Jessica with Antonio;  

Dude, Im thinking she might not be into the menage scene. 

Claudia takes a drink. 

Pour one for me, Claudia.


Tuesday October 3

Rex and Roxy comfort Natalie;  

Rex:  Im here for you, Natty, like you were there for me when Jen died.

Roxy:  Wow Rexy, I wish I was as good at that entropy thing. 

Natalie tries to cope as she packs up John's things; 

*sob* I remember when I ripped open this shirt.  It was a bitch getting all those buttons back on. 

Blair and Jack run into Spencer;  

Then she backs the car up and runs into him again. 

Cristian learns that the boxing commission voted against him;  

We thought you looked more menacing with the longer hair.  Grow it out or get another job. 

Shaun is suspicious;  

*crickets chirping as I try to figure out who Shaun is* 

Blair arranges for Kevin to go to Kelly's appointment. 

Blair:  She booked it months ago, but now she cant do it.  It would be such a shame to give up the spot. 

Kevin:  But I dont want highlights in my hair!

Wednesday October 4

Natalie's family tries to be supportive as she comes to terms with John's death;

More entropy! 

Cristian is angry about the ruling;  

But I cut my hair so Id look more like Todd! 

Evangeline promises to help Cristian rebuild his life;  

Ugh, Im trying to eat here! 

Todd knows that Vincent rigged Cristian's fight;  

He aint the owner of The Sun for nothing. 

Rex helps Layla and Adriana move. 

Okay, seriously, with the names and all  - doesnt this sound like a porno?

Thursday October 5

Natalie helps Michael, Marcie and Eve arrange for John's funeral;

Thats a nice shirt, dear, but why are the buttons sewn on so crooked? 

(I know, theres no body work with me people!) 

Vincent is sympathetic toward Natalie;  

He has a soft spot for gals with nicely rounded soft spots. 

Vincent's attitude surprises Cristian;  

I thought you were one-dimensional, too. 

Blair sees Todd with Evangeline;  

Im not falling for this again.  I expected her to walk in on wall-bangin sex last time, and they didnt deliver! 

Bo and Evangeline find a special photo of John. 

Bo:  We have to promise never, ever to show this to anyone.  Ever

Evangeline:  So this is why wool was such a turn-on for him.

Friday October 6

John's friends and family gather to say farewell;

So long, farewell, auf wiedersehn, good night! 

Natalie still has hope that John is alive;  

Christian wonders where she would get such a crazy idea. 

Nash agrees to be friends with Claudia;  

With benefits, baby! 

Vincent decides to invest in the vineyard;  

Visions of drunken boxers dance in his head. 

Dorian agrees to attend the funeral with David;  

Who could resist that arm candy rowl! 

Asa becomes agitated. 

In other news, Old Faithful still continues to blow at regular intervals. 


Thanks for reading.  Cheers! 


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