GH Spoiler Commentary for the week of Oct 16-20, 2006

Monday, October 16th:

After realizing Carly's home is under surveillance, Sonny confronts Ric;  

Damn straight he should!  Ric is the evil center of the universe.  Nothing evil happens without his evilness being involved.  He’s EVIL!!!!! 

Ric learns that Elizabeth might be carrying Jason's child;  

And his head flies off his body and into the nearest volcano. 

Sam wants to be with Jason, even if he is Elizabeth's baby's father;  

Do you know how deliciously fitting it would be if she snapped and locked Elizabeth in a panic room so she could take her baby from her?  I mean seriously, think of all the implications. 

Carly is honest with Jax;  

“You look like a surfer dude, even when you’re wearing suits.” 

Jax proposes again. 

This time Sonny says yes. 

Tuesday, October 17th:

Ric determines to protect Elizabeth;  

No, that can’t be right.  Ric is EVIL!  Wait, I get it.  It’s more proof that he’s sick and twisted.  I mean, who in their right mind would consider a mob enforcer to be dangerous?  Bad, EVIL Ric!!! 

Ric visits Lucky; 

Probably intends to force pills down his throat, because Ric is EV…you know, I think I’ve played that one out. 

Jason wants to work things out with Sam;  

Hasn’t he been wanting to for weeks?  At this point I just want him to pull a Sonny and tell her she’s dead to him.   

Sonny orders Jason to stop Carly from marrying Jax;  

In my wildest dreams, Jason responds, “Sonny, you really need to just get a life of your own.” 

Mac is devastated about Maxie's pregnancy; 

I think I would be more upset about the pill-pushin and home-wreckin. 

Lulu suggests that Maxie terminate her pregnancy.  

“Everybody’s doing it.  It’s, like, the new thing!” 

Wednesday, October 18th

Sam and Jason do not want to stop trying to be together;  

For crying out loud, will you two just fish or cut bait?  I’m getting a migraine, here. 

Carly warns Sam that she could lose Jason to Elizabeth; 

Sam asks her if she took all day to come up with that bit of logic. 

Lucky makes amends with Jason;  

I can’t decide which one I like better: 

“Just because we don’t know which of us is the father of my wife’s baby doesn’t mean we can’t be friends.” 


“Could we become the new ambiguously gay duo?  Nik’s been too preoccupied with his kid.” 

Dillon defends Lulu; 

Against the advancing hordes? 

Maxie manipulates Lucky into comforting her; 

I can’t even be disgusted with her anymore, she’s just too pathetic. 

Lulu finds Maxie in Lucky's arms 

Fortunately it’s at Kelly’s, so she’s able to go right downstairs and stab her eyes out with a fork. 

Thursday, October 19th:

Jason and Elizabeth wonder how Ric will use their secret against them;  

Do they also envision him twirling his mustache and cackling maniacally? 

Sonny convinces Jason to leave the country;  

“How could you have a baby with someone else?  You’re dead to me!” 

Nikolas questions Sonny about Ric; 

“So do you think he’d ever notice me?  I mean, I’ve been told I’m cute.” 

Sonny admits that Ric cannot be trusted;  

I’m sure Nik really had to force it out of him. 

Noah accuses Patrick of taking unnecessary risks. 

Patrick is taking unnecessary risks?  That’s just not like him! 

Friday, October 20th:

Sonny tells Elizabeth that Jason had to leave town after nearly beating Ric to death;  

Really not going to tell you what popped into my head with that one. 

Sonny threatens to expose Ric's truth;  

Or this one. 

Elizabeth has her paternity test results;  

In a surprise twist, Sonny’s super sperm strikes again!  

Mac confronts Lucky;  

“It’s all your fault I make really, really bad parenting choices!” 

Emily learns disturbing information about Colleen. 

“Okay, so that psychotic look in her eyes is really due to allergies?”


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