March 7, 2007

Here I am with some One Life to Live Commentary.   

One thing that I wish would touch me, oops I mean that emotionally touched me has been Nash.  I have really found a lot of enjoyment watching this character come to terms with both his feeling for Jessica and his new found but very real friendship with Antonio.  Soap Operas are not exactly known for exploring friendships, but friendship is something that OLTL does well.  I was impressed when after yet another disaster and another sexual close call between Jessica and Nash, Nash turned to Jessica (in the hospital) and asked “how can we do this to Antonio?”  Granted he than later admitted a noble man would walk away and nobility was certainly not within his character traits he still acknowledged that “hey, this really sucks!” (To be Antonio)  In a way in which only OLTL seems capable, in between all the tensions and all the convoluted feelings Antonio and Nash really did become friends.  Sadly, this friendship is doomed, but heck, it was cool for a little while. 

I have to touch it (no, not Nash’s it – you dirty fiends) it.  I wasn’t going to but it is too big to be ignored.  May I curse?  I must.  What the fuck is wrong with Nelly Furtado?  This chick is one strange bird indeed.  Besides the robotic dance movements and very strange ways in which her arms air caressed her body what the hell was this chick wearing?  I watched, I shook my head and than, thankfully, I moved on.  (Oh how I wish I could find a photo)! 

What do we think of Cris and his “latin temper”?  At this moment if they were offering a contest for character you would most like to bitch slap Cris would win hands down.  It goes like this, either stop threatening Jessica or just rat her out.  One way or the other, shit or get off the pot, bro.  Next on the list, either forgive Evangeline or move on, but stop verbally berating her and acting like your ex-convict ass is better than hers.  Sure, I personally think she should have kept her little kiss a secret, but now I just think she is better off with Todd. 

As always OLTL stays true to its roots.  How touching was it to see and hear Cole Thornhart reciting poetry to little Tommy?  Scenes like that are why I can’t leave this show. 

Who does John see entering the hospital?  Was it really Dorian Lord or is she yet another red herring in the who killed Spencer Truman murder mystery?  I’m going with red herring and truth be told I haven’t that faintest idea who they will pin this one on.  One things for sure…Bo won’t have a clue! 

Speaking of mysteries, someone likes to play with fire and on the 3/2/07 episode the ex baseball player Tate sent chills up my spine.  I think I am supposed to catch on that he wants to steal Adriana from Rex, but I was sensing some other vibes.  Is this young man more troubled than he seems? 

What to do with Marty Saybrook?  I have a few suggestions, like perhaps Claudia Reston could use some off screen therapy.  I have yet to see this woman have any sort of chemistry with any single character on screen.   

I love seeing a little of Nora reminiscent of the past.  You had to love her plopping her cell phone in Asa’s good liquor.  Yay Nora!   

The writers have quickly tied Miles to the most prominent family in Llanview.  His ties to the Buchanan’s further explain why Spencer befriended him in the first place.  Had Spencer lived I am sure he would have cashed this chip in.  Perhaps I fell for Miles when at the Diner he gently reminded Blair that Spencer may have screwed a lot of people, she fully intended to screw him right back.  Careful of those glass houses, Blair. 

Anyhow, I have a feeling Miles might be around to stay for a bit and there is just something about him that draws me in…so tell the story, I say! 

That all I got.  Have a great week! 


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