January 5, 2006 

What I am about to say may be akin to Internet suicide but I am a brave soul and I am prepared to take the heat.  In everything I tend to be outside the box.  I have never been a follower and have always held strong convictions and opinions.  There is nothing I love more than a good debate if I can do it intelligently.  Now I plan to offer my opinions on what seems to be becoming one of the most controversial and most hated potential coupling I have seen on a soap since I cannot remember when.  If you guessed Sonny and Emily, you’re right! 

I have read and heard many opinions on the blossoming affair between Sonny and Emily and one of the major things I keep hearing is “ick!”  It seems many viewers feel the age difference between Sonny and Emily is just too great a span.  I find this amusing with Tom and Katie being the stuff of national headlines with a 15 year age difference, but whatever.  What it really made me start to wonder is just how old are these characters supposed to be? 

Let me first say that to me my soap opera character once they pass teen-dom are pretty ageless.  They all kind of melt together after awhile and they all look so good it is often hard to tell just how old they are supposed to be. 

First I am going to start by linking the connections.  In 1992 Brenda Barrett came to Port Charles approximately 16-17 years old.  She had run away from Boarding School.  This would make her about 30 years old at this current time. 

Brenda and Robin were always good friends and if I am not mistaken Robin was purported to only be a year or two behind Brenda in school.  Robin was involved with Stone Cates between 1993 and 1995 and Robin was supposedly 15 when her and Stone were arrested for joyriding.  If my math is correct Robin would be about 26 years old today and I am not sure you can complete medical school and be a full fledged doctor by 26. 

Sonny came to PC in August of 1993.  One of the first things he did was get Karen Wexler (the classmate of his soon to be soul mate) hooked on drugs and dancing in a strip club.  My question is how old was Sonny in 1993?  Realistically he could have been as young as 23 and as old as 35 (which would have made that whole story and all his subsequent romances completely icky) and in turn would now make him anywhere between 35 and 47.  (This is getting scary.) 

Now Emily, Elizabeth and Lucky should all be around the same age.  Elizabeth was apparently born in 1982, which makes her 25 (now doesn’t this make her and Ric really icky?) I could not find a date of birth on Lucky but he came to PC in 1993 and if I had to guess based on looks and actions he was about 12 years old so that would make him 25 as well.  Emily was reportedly born in 1984.  In 1997 she was said to be 14.  This would make Emily 23 years old. 

It is a soap opera so I am more than willing to add a few years to Emily and take a few years from Sonny if I have to but my conclusion is that Sonny may be anywhere from 12 to 24 years older than Emily.   

After doing this I and seeing it in print I am so glad I have never before actually thought about the ages of our characters.  It makes me feel old.  What does spring to mind though is I don’t remember such an outcry over the age difference of Luke and Summer or Nicholas and Catherine Bell or even Monica and Ned.  That was just soapy. 

The next obstacle I see for this potential couple is that viewers just are not sold on Emily.  No one seems to be particularly passionate about that character.  She seems to be missing something, a vital spark that she has been lacking for quite some time and it is my opinion she gets some of that in her scenes with Sonny.  Do I foresee rip-roaring sex on the table passion between these two?  No.  I do see tenderness and a deep caring that grew over time and under emotional circumstances.   

There is a quiet support between these two characters that I feel shows on screen between these two characters.  Yes, Sonny can turn those soulful eyes on almost anyone and make a viewer a believer but it is more than that. 


In Emily I see a need to just rest and with Sonny I think she believes she could. 


He is not safe in the traditional sense.  His life is violent and turbulent but Emily sees a man who puts his family first and whom she believes is a good father and a good man.  I think Emily would actually enjoy escaping the Quartermaines and for everyone to stop looking at her like she is some kind of Lila incarnate. 

I don’t feel sorry for her but I can understand how she may have gotten here.  Her mother died when she was young, than she was thrust into the life of the Q’s (and money and privilege aside they can be a tough bunch on the sanity).  Emily was drugged and kidnapped, however poorly written she is a cancer survivor and than she was raped by a man who looked just like her husband.  The girl has had no therapy, her husband left her and she is finding out she is not as great as everyone has been telling her.  Can you really blame her for falling for Sonny? 

Obviously I am for this pairing.  I think it has potential and like Carly was quick to point out the fall out when it explodes will affect many. 

I also like anything that pisses NuCarly off.  That might be my next task to tackle, my review. 

On a semi random note and speaking of ages, how old is LuLu supposed to be now?  Talk about ewww – 2 months ago she was 8, now she is going to potentially date her stepbrother? 

Have a happy week! 

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