January 22, 2007

I think I am being smacked by the MUSE.  Not sure what exactly that is going to entail but all energies need to be focused into something.

It feels like years, but it has only been months, which of course can be broken into weeks, days or even minutes.   

As a soap fan (am I still?) I suppose I should look at it in episodes.  I have potentially missed 55 episodes of General Hospital. 

That sounds like a lot, doesn’t it? 

Funny thing happened though…my TiVo likes to help me out in the event I’m not sure what I want to watch and it just auto records a bunch of shows.  One of these shows was GH.  I have in the last 2 weeks watched 3 episodes of General Hospital and here is what I learned. 

I still despise Sam.  I fast forwarded every scene she was in.  Why would Edward Quartermaine hire HER to work for ELQ?  The writers appear to me to be desperately trying to give this character a story and, I’m sorry, but no one seems to be pulling it off. 

The thought of yet another Carly/Sonny union, the pain of watching yet another sit down with Michael to “explain” to him this dysfunctional union is downright painful.  Is there not a single other story they can do?  Is there not anyway to make Sonny’s life any less repetitive?  What does he do?  He has mob fights, gets in shoot outs, sleeps with his lawyers, sires kids and marries Carly.  That’s all there is folks.  Oh.  Yeah.  The occasional breakdown and bi annual glassware toss.  Almost forgot those. 

Maxie needs to be committed.  PERIOD. 

Liz needs to stop walking around looking like a deer caught in the headlights.  Just tell the damn truth.  I hate baby stories. 

The whole Skye and Lorenzo thing just weirded me out.  She ran from him and now that he appears to have more dangerous ties than even before, she is fighting to stay by his side?  Huh? 

Dillon and LuLu are still watchable.   

Spinelli scared me. 

Nikolas and Emily are being stalked by a crazy nanny.  Who woulda thunk it?  La La Boring! 

I’m definitely going to tune in to see some Kin Shriner as Scotty.  I love him.  I love that character.  Please let them do him justice.  Scotty and Alexis would be sooo good together.


The professor turns me on in an odd and twisted sort of way.


As an avid fan of Robert Lasardo I was psyched to hear he was back, but alas he was not in any of the episodes I caught.  I hope that the girls who are still attending the Fan Club Weekend this year remember me and if Robert is there snag a nice picture of him that we can then photoshop me into! 

For next week, I am going to catch a few episode of One Life to Live and let you know how I feel about Llanview. 

Hope everyone has had a smashing 2007 so far.  


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