January 26, 2006 

Here are just a few quick words on my opinions of the goings on over in Llanview. 

I really enjoyed the scenes last week with Cristian, Natalie and Nash all working together without the arguing and barbed threats in an effort to find Tessica.   Everything seems to be more logical when Antonio is not around.  Although I am not really invested in Cristian in anyway right now I can respect a person who understands that he doesn’t have to hate someone just because his brother does.   

Speaking of Nash I don’t think there is a scene I DON’T like him in.  Eye candy aside he just seems to click wherever he goes.  When he grinned and called Asa “Sir” I couldn’t wait for more scenes between these two.  That one grin told the audience “yeah, I’ll humor the old man.” 

It is strange to me that Vicky is so reluctant to welcome Nash and that Clint is the one saying give the boy a shot.  It is really hitting home for me that Clint really understands what Nash is going through in a way that no one else can. 

Funniest line goes to David Vickers of course, talking to Spencer. 

“It’s ironic that a guy who looks so much like Superman can act so much like Lex Luthor.” 

Kudos to the writers of that one. 

I do want to see the romance between David and Dorian get back on track but to be honest at the same time I am enjoying seeing David on his own for awhile just doing his thing. 

Blair gives new meaning to the words zero to sixty.  She left Todd’s side so fast my head spun.  Actually it wasn’t so much the speed she stopped believing in him it was the speed in which she went from declarations of innocence to positive ness of guilt.  Never fear Blair, Spencer is here and he has you exactly where he wants you. 

Anyone visit Nora lately? 

Poof!  Just like that Marcie and Michael are back together and Hugh didn’t even bat an eye.   

I have to admit Adriana looked very pretty during her modeling shoot.  I really do like Adriana and Rex together and even their stumbling blocks and misunderstandings have been fun.  It’s a nice build up and nice not to see two people just screw for screwing sake like they do on another ABC soap I won’t mention. 

I know John has been a tad, what’s the word…unconventional?  But isn’t it even more unprofessional for a department shrink to call the ex-girlfriend to his office in an effort to pick her brain on John McBain (yes I had to make that bad rhyme-couldn’t stop myself)?   

Does anyone still care why Spencer wants to bring down Buchanan’s?  Yeah, me either so maybe he can just don a red cape or do something more interesting.  I like him and all but it is time for some movement in this story, something more than strange viruses and druggings.  Maybe some Buchanan related flashbacks instead of Spencer and Margaret flashbacks.  Besides once it comes out that he is the baby killer he is going to have to go anyway.

This week started a new regime for me so I am still adjusting.  I hate going to the gym after work so that left before work which entails a 5:40 AM wake up.  It’s been a rough week but is working out so far, but not leaving me much time to get in my soap watching and column writing.  So keep checking in and I promise to keep doing my best! 

That’s all for me.


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