February 8, 2006 

Can I even put words together and make a column about all the ways the last week of General Hospital totally rocked my world?  I am astounded, excited, enthralled and completely riveted.   

Where do I even start?  I can’t start at the beginning because I am not sure where exactly the beginning was so forgive me if my thoughts come out a tad jumbled and out of order. 

I’m just going to jump in and say, has it really been 15 years that Robert Scorpio has been gone?


While Robert and Robin were talking and I am hearing these dates like 1991 I’m doing quick math in my head and thinking, no way!  Time really does have wings and yet when a beloved character steps back on the screen it is almost like it stopped.  What an amazing return of an amazing actor and what an amazing integration into the fold.  Now the real question for me is still, why do we need Holly? 

Anyway, Julie Berman has played sick marvelously well, as she has played every other one of her scenes. 


I love that she was excited to get a chimp (and I even love that Mr. Stoic Ni Cassadine himself could not resist commenting “…your father brings you a chimp…which is really cool…”) and I am just wooed by this girl as her Dad so obviously is as well.  Thank you writers for finally making Luke say the words Lulu needed to hear when he told her “I want you to stay.” 

Skye and Lorenzo should be the next super couple.  There lovemaking scenes were marvelous (although GH viewers have been starved for some romance) and the scenes with him by her side were even better.  In typical Skye fashion she let her vulnerabilities show and Lorenzo let her know it was OK and that he wasn’t leaving.  It may not be the most normal way to cement a relationship but it is definitely something real to build upon unlike some of the other forced romances in Port Charles.  Except for one thorn that is poking me.  I must be watching GH for too long because I am sold that the bad guys all have some good.  Somewhere along the line I was snowed and forgot Lorenzo is really bad.  The idea that he would for all intents and purposed seal Lesley Lu’s fate in order to save Skye, pretty much disgusted me.  Oddly, it would have been more OK for me had he picked an adult who was second worst instead of the young girl who was the sickest.  Especially after his feeling and opinions on the way his niece was taken from this world.  (And she was annoying). 

I really enjoyed Carly and Jason sneaking out of the hospital.  I have to try a little harder to accept Laura right as Carly so I don’t lose the significance of this story arc.  I believe this is how it is supposed to be.  Carly and Jason against the world just as it was.  Sam, in my opinion has become little more than a pretty prop for Jason and if there is any hope for this character she needs to be developed away from Jason.  Sam has been wandering around Port Charles uttering the same lines over and over to the point that I could repeat them for her.  Sam does not add to Jason the way Carly does.  Carly forces Jason to take chances in a different realm, one where he usually has to risk more than just his life. 

Carly has always been all emotion that is what drives her and her bond with Jason has been cemented for a very long time.  I think Jason and Carly are the one true set of soul mates.  Now I am anxious to see what unfolds as Jason and Carly are out on their own, chasing down a chimp. 

I was glad to see Mac pop Robert one.  I forgot just how much right he has to be furious at his brother and the life he chose.  I also forgot about the Robert and Frisco and WSB connection.  Mac owes his entire family to the WSB.  How ironic.  Thanks for reminding me of that GH. 

Was Robin always such a sanctimonious pan in the ass?  I must say though that I do like her scenes with Patrick.  Or maybe I just like looking at Patrick?  Hmmm… that is a thought to ponder. 

Luke and Tracy sitting in a tree, k-i-s-s-i-n-g … I think Luke and Tracy might be finding themselves in like.  Really this could be a well matched marriage because it is definitely a well matched pair.  Since Edward has been MIA and rumors are abound that he may succumb to the deadly virus who better to claim the Q reins than Luke and Tracy? 

Here’s something I want to know, where did Super Sam get the strength to walking around the hospital and then throw a tantrum??? 

That’s all for now.  But it’s a good start….


*****This is a little side note I want to mention…my tivo has been recording old episodes of “Who’s the Boss” and in 1990 (I think it was) there was an appearance of Steve Burton playing a guy who tries to pick up Sam (Alyssa Milano) with the worst haircut and hair color I have ever seen in my life.  I was killing myself laughing.  It had to be right before he got his part on GH.


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