February 8, 2007

General Hospital’s most recent cataclysmic event (CE) almost had me hooked, almost had me believing that the show just may different and that just maybe it was worth the 40 minute a day investment. 

Than I found out they had me fooled.  The current CE is so wrought with inconsistency and pointlessness that it made me want to weep.  Parts were so over the top they made me long for the day when the biggest soap opera dilemma was figuring out just which hot doctor to sleep with. 

The on goings within the hotel are far more horrifying than one could imagine and sadly that is not a compliment. 

Here is my first beef.  Make pretend musical doctors.  It has gone on way too long.  It is no longer interesting; it has been taken too far.  The only thing I can think right now is please oh silly writers in the room do not make us wait on pins and needles for H.I.V. tests for the next 12 months.  Than I though which is worse…having that or having the writers ignore the fact that Liz, LuLu, Carly, Max, Emily, Nikolas and probably a few more on episodes I missed have at some point had their bare hands covered in Robin’s contaminated blood.  This is way more serious than any game of Russian roulette as we all know…all it takes is a hangnail. 

Then there was Sam.  Yes I know, my hatred of her is of no secret to anyone that has ever read my words but give me a break.  Hostages.  Blood.  Threats.  Yet there Sam sat speaking to the priest with the face of her worst tormentor and on she went about her poor self and how perhaps, maybe she was actually glad she wasn’t pregnant like Elizabeth.  Yes, please…let us all take a moment and think about Sam. 

There are now words to describe how I feel about the hypocrisy that is Skye.  As a matter of fact my vehement dislike burns so fiercely that the mere thought of it causes the letters on my keyboard to smoke. 

Next of course Sonny confesses his love to Carly.  Well….Duh!  No one saw that one coming.  Need I say more? 

The whole Saga is tired.  I’ve been in the hotel, I’ve been to a fire, I’ve been in a train wreck and no matter what the background scenery the play is still the same.  Not only have the players not changed there actions have not been altered even one little bit. 

I mean, what if we switched it up a bit?  Why not?  What if instead of Jason going in, guns blazing, to save the day…Mac actually did something.   

How about instead of Carly being strong and brave and witty…she fell apart? 

What if Nikolas didn’t play the role of protector? 

What if someone besides Sam saved the frikkin day?

I don’t know and I don’t suppose I’ll ever get to find out. 

Now I know I just ranted on about GH when I was supposed to be watching One Life to Live this week, but I just couldn’t seem to stop myself. 

Surprising as it may be I DID also watch OLTL and I am quite happy to report it just keeps on trudging along. 

That’s the beauty of a show like OLTL, it tends to be consistent.  Sure there were some changes, like I finally watched Spencer get killed but for the most part everyone is much how I left them.   

Nash is still hot, Antonio still not. 

Natalie is flat out insane and John is just a pain in the ass. 

The recast of Marty Saybrook is to me one of the worst I have ever seen. 

Rex is still trying to do the wrong thing for all the right reasons and still believes it will all work out.  I think I love him. 

Starr and Cole steal the show. 

Vicki and Clint are having a date…that is just the cutest thing ever.  Erika Slezak rocks and Jerry Ver Dorn is the BEST recast ever! 

Evangeline still looks blind.  I just want to give the girl a stick … or hit her with it. 

I think that’s all I’ve got.   

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