February 15, 2006 

The Great SecretÖ 

Niki Smith practically kidnaps Jessica and forces Tess out by telling lies about Nash and Jessica.  Than they hit the road.  I can understand Niki wanting a partner in her crimes but at the same time I donít really get what is in it for Niki to take Tess.  Tess is reluctant, but for the alter that is supposed to be a class A schemer she sure let Niki pull the wool over her eyes and fast.   

Tess and Niki become stranded in a deserted cabin in a snowstorm after they crash the car.  Niki keeps up a constant stream of chatter and the two alters and the two engage in conversation.  As Niki is quick to point out it was Tess who originally demanded to talk to Niki. 

It has been very interesting watching these two people interact and speak about Jessica and Vicki like they are two entirely different people and to them, they really are.  Maybe it was because of the way Erika Slezak can act but I actually sort of understood her when she was trying to explain to Tess that she was not meant to be a mother.  It was never her ďjobĒ to have a kid.  Her only job was to protect Vicky and look out for number 1.  In itís twisted way it made sense, which in my opinion adds depths to this complicated story. 

I further believe that Bree Williamson is doing an excellent job.  She brings sensitivity and a vulnerability to Tess that makes her more real.  One can understand why Nash is in love with her and to be honest I wish that Jessica would integrate into Tess and not the other way around.   

What is the great big secret that Tess is keeping from everyone and wants no one to know?  What could it possible be that is worse than being raped in a bar at 5 years old because my mind canít really come up with anything.  Niki seems sure that is what it is and as Niki pointed out can Tessí secret be worse than being abused by your own father? 

What we know so far is that Jessica was so traumatized that she needed to create Tess for strength.  We know it was Niki that placed Jessica in harms way and we know that Tess blames Niki and only Niki.  As Tess says it was Niki who let a little girl fall into a hellhole.  It isnít much to go on. 

One telling remark was made by Niki though when she pointed out that alters are created to deal with sexual abuse so I am thinking it may be safe to assume that sexual abuse will some way play a part in this big secret.  Was the poor girl shared or sold?   

Than there is the question of who abused her and how big a role will Nash and or his family ties or Claudia Restonís family tie into this.  Could they some way be perpetrators, witnesses?  What would that mean for Tess and Nash? 

What will happen to Viki when the reveal is made and will she turn to Clint for solace or set free another alter?

We were promised a shocker and I for one am patiently waiting and enjoying every moment. 

Please not againÖ 

I am all for love triangles of every kind but please do not force me to watch another triangle that involves Evangeline and Natalie.  I cannot take it.  I do not want to see these two sniping at one another anymore over a man.  Evangeline has better things to do and Nat has other people to snipe at.   

Crazy has a nameÖ 

Psychos are in abundance in Llanview.  Spencer Truman is nothing short of a true sociopath as he plots and ponders and Margaret is back on the canvas.  Now that the baby is here and Margaret is thinking clearly (for her) it will be nice when she realizes how badly Spencer is playing her and it will be fun to watch her try and exact her vengeance.

My vote says that baby is not Toddís at all and it will get really interesting if the baby turns out to be Spencerís and it is going to be awesome when Blair finds out the truth.  I like anything that shows Blair how unbelievably stupid she is.  Once Todd is free from jail and he finds out the love of his life cheated, letís just say I canít imagine this will go over well. 

I read in the recent Soaps In Depth that we may find Todd pursuing a new love in the near future and I must say Ė that it something to look forward to.


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