General Hospital 


February 23, 2006 

Spoilers canít be trusted Ö 

After the spoilers I was reading in regard to the great Carly and Jason caper the short-lived scenes and confessions of love left me completely dissatisfied.  I was expecting so much more from a delirious Carly.  It struck me strange when Jason told Carly he could only love her the way he does because he is not in love with her and therefore she canít break his heart.  This makes sense in a way but I believe the truth of the matter is Jason canít allow himself to be in love with Carly because she is the only person that could really break his heart. 

The Brief Farewell Ö 

It left me sad that only 3 people were there to bid farewell to Dr. Tony Jones.  It took forever for his nieces Maxie and Georgie to learn the news and as of yet no one has mentioned contacting his brother Frisco.   

In sickness and in therapy Ö 

This virus is better than therapy any day of the week.  Everyone all around the hospital is confronting sins and releasing past issues.   

Ric is in the chapel conversing with his dead mother while Alexis inadvertently slips out a secret.  While Ric is ranting at an imaginary Adele, Alexis blurts out that she had no choice but to give up her baby.  (And which baby would that be, Alexis?) 

Tracy found her heart and instead of doing right by herself she made a deal with God instead of a deal with the devil.  It worked in her favor so never fear sheís back at her old tricks planning on getting an annulment for Georgie and Dillonís nuptials. 

Luke played hero over and over and cemented a new and strong bond with daughter Lesley Lu.   

Sam on the other hand has flat out lost it and I am sickened.  The ways in which she has ranted at Alexis these past few (I think it has dragged into months now) has been nothing short of absurd but I felt she really crossed a line when she had the audacity to ask Alexis to give up her dose of the antidote to save Samís brother Danny.  I am so tired of hearing Sam wail about how she saved Kristina when in fact (and this may sound cold) but really there isnít a comparison.  Samís baby was already gone; not allowing the stem cell transplant would have been selfish.  Alexis has two girls that need her, Sam of all people know what it is like to grow up without a mother and she would ask Alexis to do that to Kristina and Molly?  Than she sits there and wonders why Alexis is so selfish that she chose to live?  Iím sorry but did I miss the scene where Sam was anointed into sainthood and became this all deserving soul?  More and more Sam is just looking like a raging lunatic as she runs about the hospital, falling down and screaming at everyone.  Itís no wonder to me why Jason would rather go off with Carly. 

 Now that I think about this has Sam ever been stable?  Her scenes are overwrought with drama to the point I often have to lower my TV.  She came to Port Charles, did a little bed hopping, fell for the guy who held her at gunpoint, than moved onto his hit man.  Since she has gotten obsessed with babies, runs around with guns, danced on a yacht in a really bad wig and yells at people a lot.  She doesnít learn that the best way to stay safe is to stop stalking your crazy stalker and she never stays in a hospital bed.  I could be on to something here. 

Can she please be gone alreadyÖ?

I am amazed that for the last 4 days I have watched Courtney die, seen her dead body, had everyone visit her dead body and have watched the ripple effect knowing that there is still more to come.  Meanwhile Tony Jones got 4 minutes, 3 guests and I wasnít even treated to 20 some odd years of flashbacks.  What a shame. 

I feel cheap Ö 

Emily and Sonny showed us that you can never be too tired for sex.  As someone who actually likes this relationship I found it kind of cheap.  Iíve often heard that people tend to have sex after dealing with sickness, death and loss and that I can understand, but these two did the deed and were up and dressed in record time.  No after hours glow; just a casual remark from Sonny that if he didnít have so many kids they wouldíve spent the night together.  Ummm, Ok.


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