February 28, 2007

Time is always just flying by on me these days. It seems before I know it, ages have passed since I last wrote and let me tell you I sure have something to say.


I am so very proud of Carly, the only thing that would have made me prouder is if she hadnít slept with Sonny before she calmly explained to him all the very good reasons they could not be together. My favorite and the one closest to my heart was when she told him she doesnít LIKE who SHE becomes when she is with him. Not only does she not like that Carly, many viewers feel the same way.


I canít believe Alan is really gone, but I am glad he was allowed to say good-bye to almost everyone. Funny, but I sort of get why the writers didnít allow Jason to make it to Alan on time. One reason of course is so Steve could have those amazing, emotional scenes he plays so well, but the other I think was to show Jason just how skewed his priorities sometimes become. It was also a very poignant lesson for Jason to learn now that he is expecting a son of his own.


Iím glad Lucky and Liz are making their way back to one another. I only wish they were basing it on the truth. I find it hard to buy into the purity that is Elizabeth Webber when she has had so much time and so many opportunities to tell Lucky the truth. Perhaps right before she told him she wanted to be with him would have been a great time..


LuLuís suitors have proved to be some much needed comic relief, but the conversation I couldnít take my eyes or ears off of was the one she had with Scott Baldwin. There is some bug and juicy story there and we are so lucky to have Julie Berman, Kin Shriner and Tony Geary there to play it out. Throw in a splash of Jane Elliot and it is on!


Now I must speculateÖI have read no prior columns at this time so if I repeat what has already been said, I apologize. I have a dream. I have such a story brewing in my mind that I almost wish I could write it. Maxieís newest conquest and bad boy on the road to redemption is named Cooper BARRETT, as in Julia and Brenda BARRETT. For me I couldnít buy any story that attempts to make that grown man Brendaís son, by what I would buy into is that he is a Quartermaine heir. Thatís right, I think he should be written as Ned and Juliaís son. How neat would that be? We could get our Ned back! Edward needs a new heir. The timing is just so damn perfect. So TPTB if you hear meÖletís rock and roll!


Some people are most likely pretty angry at Skye for keeping Lorenzoís secrets, but not me. I sort of for the first time in years found her actions to be true to character. Skye was never supposed to be some moral minded goody two shoes. Skye was a drunk and a screw up and a schemer. Sure, people on soaps change, but why when she is so much more interesting this way?


The break up of Georgie and Dillon was absolutely perfect. It was bittersweet and mature and it was the perfect end to a storyline that was over. Is it just me?


Iím not a mother but after a near death experience would you just run right to your kids and squeeze them for all they were worth? If I were Liz I would have demanded Audrey bring me my Son. Carly and Sonny bathed, sexed one another up and had a good night sleep before their kids were delivered by Bobbie.


Iím a little behind on the goings on in Llanview but I fully intend to jump into some commentary ASAP!


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