One Life to Live


March 14, 2006 

You know what I just noticed?  John McBain has an incredibly sexy voice.  Be nice to have a telephone conversation with that man.  Were I Natalie Iíd pick John hands down.   

Iím thinking a romance between Todd and Evangeline could be very interesting.  Evangeline sees Todd for who and what he is yet she still believes in him.  Here she is, going against everything she believes in, to hide Todd and cover his tracks all because she believes he is an innocent man.   

It is about time Vicki caught a clue and approached Nash even if it was only because Dr. Jamison said she should.  Through this whole storyline of Jessicaís DID I have found Vickiís behavior completely strange.  Vicki of all people should know better as she has already lived through this more than once. 

Hereís a quote that really did me in: 

Cris to Nat:  So what was with that kiss last night?

Nat:  Nothing Ė God!  Itís not like you were the only person I kissed last night. 


How does that just slip out unintentionally?  Iím beginning to think this chick is a little short on the brains.   

I want to know what Hughís story is.  He came on canvas as an ambitious ADA, but a fairly harmless sort.  He pretty much has been operating on the peripheral of most storylines until he got emerged in Toddís trial.  I can understand why he would feel the way he does about Todd, since he believes Todd is guilty of killing his unborn child.  I got curious when he became a gun-toting one-man show on the hunt for Todd Manning.  His need to capture Todd seems to go beyond that of just an ADA wanting the guilty locked up; it almost seems personal.  I have to wonder if we are going to learn a lot more about Hugh Hughes in the coming months.  

Nash is smashing glasses, Tess is smashing mirrors, donít these two know they are better off together?  I like these two together.  I like Tess.  I actually didnít see much of Jessica when I came back to OLTL so I canít really compare the two, I just know that I like Tess and the little I saw of Jessica she was with Antonio and he can bring anyone down. 

The passion and sexual tension between Rex and Adriana is actually tangible.  I love that he is trying to be the ďgood boyĒ for her and all she really wants is him to be bad.  Plus I have a thing for the bad boy myself so I can totally see where Adriana is coming from. 

Bo needs to get a set!  Paige is just keeping all these secrets and giving up nothing and Bo is just taking it.  Get a clue and start investigation.  How hard can it be to draw the lines together?  Todd is telling anyone who will listen and those who wonít that he is being set up and that Spencer is involved.  Spencer is Paigeís ex-husband.  Spencer is terrorizing Buchananís everywhere.  Everything that happens somehow Spencer is there, integrating himself in everyoneís lives.  Take a leap Bo! 

Maybe it is just me, but I donít care for Michael and Marcie.  The whole impossible proposal was just absurd.  Were I Michael I would have taken the hint from the Universe.  Now they canít seem to agree on anything they want for this wedding.  All I can say is Ö Boorrinng! 

Miscellaneous Television Conversation 

Why does television insist on pitting so many shows against one another?  This season I have really loved Supernatural.  It is an awesome hour of entertainment with gorgeous eye candy.  All of a sudden they decide to move the show to Thursday.  How does that even begin to make sense?  Putting this show on at 9 PM now pits it against CSI and The OC.  How can anyone be expected to choose? 

Now that Las Vegas has been moved to Friday nights I wonder how long it can survive there.  Makes you wonder if it crashes and burns could there actually be a Vanessa Marcil return to GH?


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