March 20, 2006 

It pains me to type this.  My fingers are cramping up and almost refusing to respond but it has to be said – this last week on General Hospital I have really enjoyed Carly.  The way in which she relentlessly tortured Max was priceless.  Everything from her flirting, her dancing, and her threat to claim that they had been having a secret affair for years was downright funny.  Did I find it a little bit too much?  Yes I did, but this is Laura Wright’s Carly and she is making it her own.

I like Carly with Jax.  I like watching them learn to trust one another again.  I like watching them just be friends.  I actually liked Carly and Jax during their first incarnation as partners, but then it just got blown apart so that Carly could go back to Sonny. 

Yet here we are again, with a new actress and the chemistry is just there.  Being together makes Carly and Jax different.  These two have nothing to lose, they have hated each other for years and years, they know the worst about one another so what a surprise it is when they find qualities in each other that are actually likeable.  While Carly and Jax are discovering these things about one another so am I as part of the audience.  I’m seeing Jax as slightly vulnerable and injured instead of just a dense asshole.  I’m seeing Carly as strong and loyal instead of just as Corinthos sheep.  Carly is a character that they could do so much with as long as they let her move away from Sonny.  It is way past time that she learns who she is and exactly what is means to be a Spencer.

I cheered for Skye when she walked away from Luke, tears streaming down her face while he realized she was just not in love with him.  I didn’t expect it to be honest.  I expected more along the lines of I love you but I can’t be with you.  Somewhere along the line though, while neither Luke nor I were looking, Sky got over Luke.  I was sad because they were fun together, but oddly I was happy because Sky deserved so much better.  (Not sure that better comes in the package of Lorenzo Alcazar, but such is life in Port Charles.  There aren’t too many good guys.) 

Why did Diego have to come back?  Try as I might I can’t get invested in this character.  I just really don’t care.  Since he has been on screen he has stalked (yes I still say it is stalking when you get out of jail and end up in the Q’s back yard) Georgie all over town.  He has done nothing but make things difficult for Lorenzo, carrying on about doing it “on his own.”  Well great for you kiddo except now you have bought more crazy men at your doorstep and have no idea what you have invited in. 

I said it before but I have to say it again.  I hate the character of Sam.  She just won’t stop screeching and whining.  Ok yes, she was 100 percent right to laugh in Ric’s face when he approached her about convincing Jason to kill Manny.  But all this arguing back and forth with Alexis is old and tired.  I am not a supporter of hardly any of the actions made by Alexis since she slept with Sonny, but still.  Not everything that has ever happened to Sam is Alexis’ fault.  I mean damn, Sam stubs her toe in the morning you better believe Alexis will be blamed later that afternoon.  Now she is going to get a GED, a BA and become a lawyer in record time.  Helena save us all, please kidnap her. 

How many names does Alexis get?  Natasha Cassadine (was it Cassadine?), Alexis Davidovich, Alexis Davis.  Wouldn’t she have been Natasha at 16?  Oh and I did the math…with Sam being born in 1981 (or was in 1980?) well anyway – that makes her 25 and Alexis 41 and it means that Sam is the same age as Emily and they both slept with Sonny! 

I was dying laughing at Sonny when he realized he slept with his daughter’s half sister.  As he verbalized all that nastiness to Jason I just grinned.  The writers have made this a very sick man.  What was the line? 

Sonny:  I feel like a guest on the Jerry Springer Show

Jason: Huh?

Sonny: Never mind 

Why does Nicholas so strongly believe that he has any rights to Courtney’s child?  As of now he doesn’t know that Baby John is really his.  He and Courtney were never married, for that matter only an episode before she died they were estranged and she had left him.  He has no legal ties to this baby, yet he seems to feel entitled, maybe that is what it means to be a Prince.  With each passing day it appears Nicholas becomes more and more a Cassadine.   

I want you guys to know I watched 7 episodes in two days.  I had gotten so far behind.  Everyone should go out and buy a TiVo. 

Hope everyone had a fun and safe St. Patrick’s Day!


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