March 30, 2006 

Did anyone else see the irony of Carly telling Jason ďsome questions you just donít ask?Ē  I think I fell off my chair.   

Looks to me like the GH writers are tripping themselves up.  They are seriously bordering on incest.  Sonny slept with a mother and daughter duo.  Alexis has slept with two brothers and has a child by each.  Bobby and Carly shared a man.  It is just getting really icky in Port Charles and now there are rumors that LuLu and Dillon may stumble upon an attraction and they are stepsiblings. 

I also must appeal to GH to stop making so many babies.  Now we have all these babies and no mothers and fathers.  Carly is so busy running around living her life she doesnít have time to be a Mom and I bet the writers are kicking themselves for saddling this woman with two kids.  Same goes for Sonny.  He has too may kids to father them all especially given the fact that he is just way too wrapped up in his latest episode of the world according to Sonny.  Jax will try really hard to be a Dad but given the fact that the baby isnít his and he is about to embark on the roller coaster ride that is Carly I figure his baby focus will be limited. 

I loved that Patrick made Robin apologize in front of Carly.  He may be the perfect match for her.  He doesnít play her game, and he is more than happy to make her play his.  I especially loved that when she hemmed and hawed about going to the Haunted Star party with him he just turned himself right around and asked someone else.  If only he had asked meÖ 

Sonny is so egotistical that he didnít even question the intelligence of lying to the face of the man who kills for him.  Granted Sonny believes Jason would never betray him but before Emily Sonny believed he would never betray Jason.  Plus Sonny is not factoring in the sister connection here.  Jason and Emily were always very close both pre and post accident.  Jasonís anger on screen is actually palpable.  To be honest I really did at first think that it was a little bit too much of a reaction until Jason explained it to Sam.  Jason said he has never asked Sonny for anything, ever.  When he found Carly and Sonny together it hurt, more than anyone knew, but he accepted it.  When he did finally ask Sonny for something not only did he not do it, he lied about it, right to his face.  I can get that. 


Like Sonny and Emily or not they are about to set in motion what can very well be one of the best stories ever told on General Hospital.  How to you break up the only real couple this show has ever seen, one with complicated emotions and attachments.  How can either of these men ever come out of this the same people they were before?  This is the kind if destruction that leaves scars, big and deep. 

They ruined the character of Alexis and now it seems to me they want her husband to follow right in her footsteps.  Ric is running around between Sonny and Jason and throwing a Sam in every once in awhile while Alexis is back and forth between Carly and Jax.  These two just canít seem to take no for an answer and whatís worse is they canít see the complete absurdity of their requests.  The simple line ďit is for KristinaĒ is being used to mask their idiocy and is supposed to make it all right.  It doesnít.  Did I miss the storyline where Kristina is in danger?  Have I missed the death threats?  What exactly is everyone so worried about? 

Emily is already a stairway eavesdropper.  Must be that stairway in greyrock.  Everyone learns to do it and quickly. 

And what was up with Sonnyís bright orange shirt?  That is always what I put on when my ranting brother rustles me out of bed. 

I was disappointed to see Ted King return so quickly.  Not at all because I donít like the actor (he is perfect for his role) but because I really just wanted to see how Jay Pickett played him.  I was always such a fan of his when he was on Port Charles. 

I had trouble squeezing in my GH watching this week but when I finally did, it was a fairly good week of episodes.  I for once am not at all disappointed.  (Well Ok there were a few things but Iíll save that for next week!)



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