April 24, 2006  

Itís the break up of the true super couple.  Sonny and Jason are doomed as they prepare for the fight of their livesÖagainst one another.   

Jason kills to prove a point and Sonny puts a hit out on his life.  Who would have thought the king of loyalty would betray a friend.  I guess he only meant that people need to be loyal to HIM and worship at the alter that is Sonny Corinthos. 

The scenes between Jason and Carly were especially poignant.  I saw Jasonís pain and it was tangible.  Sonny gave Jason the life he has now, molded him into who he has become and it is that very thing that Jason has decided to take from him.  Jason truly feels as though he has no other choice, no other path to choose if he has any hopes of saving his sister.  Carlyís parting shot, to paraphrase, you have cleaned up all of my messes, when this is done I will clean up yours, could not have been more perfectly written or more perfectly delivered. 

Unfortunately for Jason, Sonny is ready to play dirty and he has been doing it much longer and minus the brain damage.  Emily may be a distraction but Jason has committed the worst sin of all.  Betrayal. 

Jasonís worry and anger would almost be justifiable if not for one very important fact, Jason married Sonnyís sister Courtney.  Jason has become many things, but I never thought a hypocrite would be one of them.  I suppose he becomes more like Sonny with each passing day.  The funny thing is I wrote that sentence long before Sonny said those exact words to Jason.  Maybe Iím channeling the GH writers. 

I must applaud the way Carly is being written because we all know that she needs to be on Jasonís side.  Anything else would just be wrong in more ways than I can count. 

Any affection I felt for Emily is now gone.  Her selfish behavior is appalling.  Yes no one likes to be told what he or she can and cannot do but to choose the superficial mobster over the brother that has been there for you every step of the way since you fell into the Q family is disgusting.  I get that right now the brooding mobster is way cool and sexy and in her young mind can totally be romanticized, but look at the big picture Em.  No good can or will come from this relationship and while it was fun to rebel for awhile your new man told you point blank that he was going to ďhandleĒ your brother and to that all you said was ďoh Sonny, go ahead, because I wonít give you up.Ē  Emily, you make me sick. 

Carly is just giving one good performance after the next.  I like her.  I like her with Jax, I like her with Jason, and I like her with Emily, just please keep her away from Sonny.  They have the character in a good place right now, with a life of her own and she should stay that way.  I will actually be sad if the rumor of Ingo leaving his role comes to fruition.   

Letís go back for one quick second to Wednesday as Maxie sits and nurses her hangover, what the hell was up with that girls hair?  I know she supposedly spent a long night drinking, but the scary thing is I bet she started the night with her hair like that.  She has the worst hair in all of daytime. 

What is up with those wings? 
(A maxie, with wings...
get it?)

Everyone wants to pay Liz and Luckyís bills, so why are these two always depressed and complaining?  Their bills wonít even put a dent in either Nikís or Jasonís money.  If I had people offering me money like that you can bet Iíd say yes.  Not to mention the whole idea of them not having health insurance is absurd.  Further, isnít it true that the morphine drip is limited even when it is self-administered?  I donít know any other hospital that would just set themselves up to create an addict like that. 

Welcome home John Ingle Ė you were badly missed! 

Thatís it for me folks.  Sorry I was incognito for so long, sadly real life tends to get in my way no matter how hard I try to ignore it at times. 


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