May 10, 2006  

I wanted to write a General Hospital column.  Problem is I am only up to the episode on Friday, April 28th.  This makes me very much behind the times.  I do however have a few random comments. 

At this moment I am feeling the Carly love all over the place.  This is a wonderful reincarnation of Carly.  Last I saw she had just proposed to Jax and I never even remember reading that in any spoilers.   

More than her relationship with Jax, which is good, I am in awe of her new vision on Sonny.  On Thursday Carly said every single word to Sonny that I scream at him on a daily basis.  What an epiphany!  (How’s that for word usage girls?) 

For the first time ever Carly saw Sonny for what he really is.  A power hungry, sad, selfish little man.  Carly stood there and looked him dead in the eye and told him everything he had, everything he has, and everything he was Jason gave to him and the scary part is – it’s true. 

What really struck me is that as Laura Wright thundered and shone as Carly on my screen I watched Maurice Benard shrink.  It was odd.  In what should have been some really powerful scenes of Sonny defending himself, explaining himself, or at least trying to justify himself there was only a weak attempt at justification and a mediocre performance. 

Do pain pills, such as the one’s Lucky is abusing really make a person act drunk like that?  I thought the just made you sit there and stare – not play wastebasketball.   

I really am enjoying seeing the teen get involved with the “older” crowd.  Watching Robert get hit on the head 3 different times was funny and watching him try to escape was even better.  I have so much respect for Jane (Elliot), Tristan (Rogers) and Tony (Geary) for not being afraid or resentful about being paired up with the younger generation.  In these scenes both Scott (Clifton) and Julie (Berman) absolutely shine.  The writing had been superb from Dillon calling Robert the “super spy” to Robin wondering just how many times her father had been concussed in one day.  I look forward to catching up my watching that’s for sure. 


Inadvertently it appears I am taking a hiatus from OLTL.  As much as I enjoy this show I am not invested and when it comes to picking and choosing, well GH wins every time.  I got really behind on watching and I ended up deleting a whole week of episodes.  I am hoping to just get some time to sit down and do some watching in FF so that I can catch up.  Once all my prime time shows end I will be able to watch more regularly.   

I have no clue when I became such a TV addict. 



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