May 16, 2006  

I’ve realized I watch both OLTL and GH for a very specific reason and I realized why each show has a special place in my days. 

GH just surges ahead.  It’s boom, bang, bam; very little gets dragged out and the Web is a GH world so there are few surprises and I am OK with that. 

OLTL tells stories at a pace slower than a blind arthritic mummy.  It’s been 7 whole episodes and still I have no clue who parented the Buchanan Bay Girl.  Hell, I don’t think the poor girl baby even has a name yet.  (Thankfully it isn’t Grape.) 

Michael and Marcie’s wedding has gone on for days and days.  From what I understand we’ve been trying to find out who killed Thomas Mc Bain for 3 years.   

In it’s own way it is very cool.  I love the slow build up, the secrets and all the surprises.  I never would have guessed young David Vickers killed Thomas Mc Bain, although I do already know with certainty that Claudia Reston will play a part in Baby Girl Buchanan’s paternity.  My gut just screams it.  I saw one episode with her in it and already, I despise her. 

After chugging along in Llanview the action in Port Charles is refreshing and fun.  Right now at this very moment GH is thriving with drama and just enough comedy to keep you smiling. 

I admit it.  The drunken fest between the GH staff left me cold.  It was forced and poorly acted on all counts.  The ladies had no connection to one another in any other way and it is impossible for me to believe that business at Jake’s is that non-existent.  Further I cannot see 5 girls all-lusting after the same cocky little doctor (who I want to rip off his shirt and jump on).  They could have all had their own individually man to fantasize about.   

I digress…I’m being positive. 

I love having Robert and Luke together, Holly can drown in her little bathtub.  Did anyone else notice that she no sooner had gotten out of that tub than she was placed back in it so the teens could find her that way? 

Some people seem to feel that Robert and Luke are being ridiculed and not being used to there full potential.  I completely disagree.  Love them, worship them or feel nothing at all the fact remains these men are what? 60? 

They can both still kick some bounty hunter ass, but really the idea of them running off, having silly little “adventures” and drooling after holiday is pure comedy and I think that is precisely the way all this is supposed to be taken.  These are two men with Superman complexes and who better to remind them than the children that are their very flesh and blood.  (Dillon really should be a Spencer and I so like him with LuLu way more that Georgie). 

While Sam is dying (again) what better way to spend some time than in the jungle with are beautifully aged heroes?  And much like Tony Geary I find Tristan Rogers plays it best when having some nice talented fresh meat to play against.  Tristan and Kim (McCullough) have history and these were the first scenes where someone who never watched Robin before would understand why this character is worthy of the fan base she has. 


The scenes of Robin and Patrick making out in that little bathtub and than forgetting to stop pretending and kept on kissing as Daddy watched were excellent.  I loved every moment of it.  The only thing better was Anna landing in her black ops helicopter, (the very one Dillon was just telling those bounty hunters about) hugging her child and kicking her ex.  Marvelous!

The comedy of Luke telling Dillon to stop manhandling his daughter when it was his daughter who initiated the manhandling was priceless.  LuLu is her father’s daughter and that point is driven home with every scene she is in. 

Back in the Q mansion Sky tries hopelessly to keep Georgie from making a huge mistake that could very well cost her marriage.  Here is where I say that girl is dumb as a box of rocks.  I do however commend her for realizing she should never have gotten married, but at this point I could only respect her if she were to fess up to her husband.  In my opinion Diego is still an awful character portrayed in an awful way is the biggest waste of space on my screen since Hannah or Angel Ellis. 

When will Alexis learn?  Simple blood does not a mother make.  When it comes to children this woman has positively no sense.  Having Kristina drove her insane, Molly, having no ties to Sonny, came off without a hitch, but Sam being Jason’s girl has completely knocked Alexis off her rocker again.  Her actions are inexplicable, once again.  And once again the audience is supposed to believe it is all being done in the name of love.  That ship has sailed and it seems my character of Alexis is never going to make a lick of sense ever again. 

I love Jason, I love Jason and Sonny, I positively despise Jason and Sam and these days I despise Sam as well.  I have no use for that character in any way what so ever.  I’d like to see Carly abuse her some more.  Sadly as well I have seen Jason fret over Sam so many times that the scenes have lost their intended oomph! 

Sonny and Emily my how I tried.  I’m done.  Banging, burgers, roses and maseratis…can you say mid life crisis?  This romance now reeks.  It has done too much damage and the truth is Sonny and Jason are soul mates.  Eventually Emily is going to get kicked to the curb and I hope it’s in the ribs and I hope it hurts.  The only think ickier at this point would to be to hook Sonny up with Robin or Liz.  It doesn’t work.  Maurice has nothing to work with, his scenes are lack luster and I think they are so bad that it is starting to interfere with his work with other actors.  Now Sonny wants to take the gang to Vegas.  Whoopee!  This story gets nuttier by the day.  If TPTB were ever going to give Sonny his tried and true mental breakdown here is no better time than now. 

Llanview, PA has been having it’s own brand of suspense and tragedy with back-to-back tornadoes.  Only thing is the fall out from this story is going to take months to resolve.   

There is no miracle hospital in Llanview and no surgeon as skilled as Patrick Drake.  Given that it will be Duke Buchanan who dies on the operating table I have to wonder…Did Spencer give all he could or did he play God? 

It’s a sad day when you can’t trust your own son to keep his paws off your ex-wife and ex-fiancé, but it is an even sadder day when you decide the life of this woman outweighs that of your own son.  I don’t care if she was your wife when he banged her, Kevin; Duke is still your son, your flesh and blood and you chose Kelly.  Need I remind you Kelly was not innocent in all of this and frankly after the way you spoke to her you deserved nothing less and I don’t even like Kelly.

Tess threw her baby out a window and Nash caught her.  Cool.  I have no idea if I could ever have done such a thing.  Tess is showing a new layer everyday and I was proud of her for helping Antonio even though I would have preferred he fried.  I am definitely not in need of any Antonio’s clouding my screen.  Tess and Nash continue to be the couple to root for.   

Funny, Natalie thinks her and John got back together, I would have sworn they got back together, but than once he prepared to leave for Bang – Cock I was really not sure anymore.  Can’t someone please make up his or her mind?  Slowly, slowly we trudge along… 

Could it really be?  Margaret and David are cute together.  What’s funny is these characters who become better characters when they become someone else.  What has it been?  10 years since Jason Quartermaine became Jason Morgan?  Would anyone want Jason Q back again?  I answer for you…hell no!  Jessica Buchanan was hated with the worst of them but Tess…we all love her.  Crazy Margaret was funny, but this new, normal Margaret…wow.  She could actually have a place in the world and the story potential is explosive. 

Both of these shows have so much to offer and I say watch them all if you can.


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