May 25, 2006  

One Life to Live is just my little engine that could.  It keeps trudging a long and I find myself cheering, “you can do it!” 

It was a blast from the past seeing Andrew Carpenter come and try and put Todd at peace.  What a great character that was.  I loved him.  Andrew though, should know just as well as the next one that Todd Manning will never be at peace, not even in death.  I am just keeping these fingers crossed that Todd is soap dead and not real dead and that he comes back looking like this:


Tess is really making strides to become a real caring and feeling person; my fear is that as they keep evolving Tess they are just going to turn her back into Jessica but with a different name.  Tess need to keep her “wild” going or else she just becomes an angry version of her former self.  Don’t get me wrong I am enjoying seeing Tess grow, just don’t want to see her lose her essence as she does it. 

Natalie and John are on an adventure with David Vickers.  The scenes are delicious.  David and John are definitely a matching pair and the scenes just glow.  Two powerhouse actors together at one time blow me away.  David is so good he even takes away some of the annoying that is Natalie.  This is another character that I hope doesn’t go anywhere.  There is so much that David Vickers still needs to do.


I wish I could say I have felt something while Kevin laments his loss of Duke, but even his heartbroken eulogy left me cold.  Maybe I don’t like the actor, but more so I think I just despise the character.  I don’t recall liking Kevin under any incarnation with any actor.  I agree with him.  It IS his fault that Duke is dead, he made a decision to save Kelly and now he’s mad at Kelly for it?  As much as I dislike Kelly she did not ask for any of this.  She didn’t ask for her fiancé to verbally abuse her or to save her life over his sons.  Kevin has brought this all upon himself.  If I were Kevin I’d drink too.


Blair is getting awfully snippy with Spencer.  She snapped at him a few times while at the hospital visiting Kelly.  I like that.  Spencer just stands there and tries to figure out what exactly he can say to make her love him again.  Talk about your daily obsession.   

That’s all I got for this week.  Hope Everyone has a happy and healthy memorial day weekend. 



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