June 26, 2006

I did it again…another GH marathon…I watched 6 episodes in record time.   

I found myself fast-forwarding a whole lot of material because the fact is I have no interest in anything that is going on right now. 

What I Did Watch

I watched Carly and Jax.  I found the scenes between them extremely touching.  Their final scene when they both whispered “I Love You” actually made me tear up.  I understood Carly’s fears and I understood Jax’s motivation for leaving.  I am glad Jax will be back and I hope we get to see this couple work towards a repair.  I think that this is the first time in a very long time that I have enjoyed either character.  Since we know Carly will self-destruct there will be some damage to repair and it could prove to be a very interesting dynamic.


Any scene with Dr. Patrick Drake in it.  Don’t underestimate the power of a good-looking face. 

Carly and Robin snarking at one another.  For some odd reason, even though they spout the same thing over, I still enjoy the cattiness of it all.   

Luke and Sonny re-connect on the Haunted Star.  Yep – I watched that scene and I swear I heard Luke flat out tell Sonny to kill Jason.  The whole conversation left me more that slightly bewildered and I started to understand why Sonny is in a perpetual state of confusion.  Also, I have to wonder…since Jason stole everything how is Sonny still acting like he has a bottomless pit of money? 

Sonny threatens Nikolas with a broken champagne bottle.  This scene was funny to me even though it was supposed to be serious.  I chuckled when Nik actually dared call Sonny insane.  I wish Emily could have heard how inane her excuses sounded as she attempted to persuade Nik not to call the police. 

                        Nik:  “Stop making excuses for him”

                        Em: “I’m not making excuses…I’m explaining…”

Isn’t that pretty much the same thing?

What I Didn't Watch 

Any scene that had Sam in it.  I have had it.  I cannot watch her beg Jason to take her back not even one more time.  I cannot hear her blame Alexis for everything that is wrong with her life ever again.  I cannot listen to her bemoan her sad sorry life to anyone that stands still long enough anymore.  My advice to you Sam?  Pick yourself up and GET A LIFE! 

Ric pulls out all the stops in order to aid Sonny in his downward spiral.  If Sonny was losing it before by the time Ric is done with him he’s not only going to see Lily, he is going to think he IS Lily.  I am completely disgusted by the actions of the character of Ric.  The way in which he is feeding Sonny alcohol and encouraging Sonny’s delusions is unforgivable.  For the life of me I cannot imagine how the powers that be will explain away the once again horrific actions of Ric Lansing and make him an upstanding citizen.  I believe we are seeing Ric’s true colors and I don’t believe he was ever really a good man.  I think it has all been nothing more than a cleverly acted script while Ric waited for the opportunity to finally make Sonny pay.

Guess what Sonny?  You’re nuts!  Ha Ha!

Girls gone wild part 3 was a wash for me.  I done and I’m tired of these girls grouping together and drinking Tequila.  The only plus to these scenes is that we get to see Coleman.  We already know that Dr. Kelly is a backstabbing little bitch not to mention a ho when she went ahead and offered up her supply closet services to Patrick Drake.  All I could say to that is “ewww.”  With this group of “friends” who needs any enemies?

I’m good in a closet too, ya know!

Some Random Comments

There were some things I actually watched but just don’t like where they are going with the stories.  Maxie is just such a useless caricature of a person as she continues her quest to ensure Lucky is not only an addict but an adulterer as well.   

I did enjoy the scene between Alcazar and Alexis when she brought him in for questioning.  He nailed her but good as he pointed out what a twisted town it was that the DA is indeed a murderer.  How quickly the PC citizens forgot about that.   

Jason’s life is spiraling out of control and I was hit with the truth when he pointed the gun at Alcazar and reminded him “I have nothing to lose, can you say the same?”

Jason has very slowly lost everything and in the end he didn’t even get what he set out to achieve.  Everything that Jason said would happen is coming to fruition.  If his career as head mobster ends perhaps he should try his hand at fortune telling. 

It was nice seeing Bobbie and Lesley at Baby John little party at Kelly’s.   

Elizabeth makes the fastest and the thickest brownies ever.  I really wanted some. 


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