July 10, 2006

Monday July 3 had to be one of the most amazing episodes of General Hospital that I have  viewed in ages.  The last 90 seconds conveyed hourís worth of emotions all by itself. 

My heart broke with LuLuís.  I can remember being 16 and having my heart broken.  I can remember believing I was so madly in love that I wouldnít be able to live through the pain of it all.  To add insult to injury Lesley Lu also has to deal with so many other factors.  She lost her virginity to a married man, a man who is her stepbrother and a man that she blatantly lied to in order to get him to sleep with her.  LuLu really canít sink any lower at this point in time and it is all going to blow up in her face in a very real and painful way.  Her behavior was reprehensible and the powers that be have certainly played up her likeness to the original Carly.   


Julie Berman deserves an Emmy just for these scenes alone, as she finally allows herself (as LuLu) to feel the full impact of what she has done. 

The question is where does she go from here? 

Which ties to Georgie and another very poignant scene.  Georgie had to find out about Dillonís infidelity by overhearing a very tender telephone message that at first she believes is meant for her.  Georgieís face slowly lit up and than crumpled as she heard the truth and turned and walked away without ever letting Dillon know she was there. 


I am sad that something that was once so innocent and pure is now so wrecked.  It was destroyed by a lie and destroyed by Dillonís inability to trust in his wife.   

I bled for Sonny Ė whose scenes were no less poignant even through my fast-forwarding of the actual dialog.  That man can do a lot with an expression; I didnít even need to hear what he was saying.   


His performances are consistent even with the lousy characters he has had to play against.  I look forward to more scenes between him and Jason and the restoration of that friendship.  These are two men who just work better with one another than without.  

I was further disgusted by Carlyís willingness to sex Sonny up.  This woman is never above taking advantage of a situation.  What she imagined she could possibly gain is beyond me, especially moments after making out with Patrick Drake.


Felt the tenderness between Anna and Robert. 

The writers have written well and have so far honored the history of these two returned favorites.  A new viewer would be able to feel the connection and an old viewer could only sit back and let the sentiment wash over them. 

The idea of Robin and Patrick both head over heels in love with one another would be laughable except they doth protest wayyyyyy too much. 

Seems these two have developed a real fondness for one another.  The idea of Patrick as a real honest to goodness commitment phobe almost (I stress almost) makes his cocky ways bearable.  For me really it is just his handsome face because some days I just want to jump through my screen and kick his over confident, shallow ass. 

Like I said in the beginning this was a stellar, stand-alone episode and one that made me remember why it is I am so addicted to this soap. 

Usually I am the song queen but this time I am stumpedÖthe voice singing the end song on this episode reminded me of Adrienne Leon, anyone out there have any information on what the song was and who was singing? 

Have a great week. 


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