July 18, 2006

There has just been way too much fashion faux pas over in Port Charles these days to ignore it any longer.  I know that you viewers must be cringing right along with me with the last two shirts that the wardrobe department has squeezed Carly into… 

Example number 1

I am not sure how old the powers that be have determined Carly to actually be and I am just not inclined to even try and figure it out, but as a mother of 2 and as a woman who looks to be past 36 (and I am being generous here) this shirt is extremely ill suited…not to mention just ugly.  It does nothing to flatter her stomach area; instead it just highlights it in an unflattering way.  As you can see in this picture it even looks as if (gasp!) she has a belly pooch.   

As if that wasn’t enough, they finally let her change and the put her in this…

Yet another unflattering style, making her look completely flat-chested and also far from appropriate for everyday wear.   

The wardrobe department deserves a smack and Laura Wright deserves a medal for actually wearing them. 

It would seem not only does Maxie dress like a tramp, but she is one too.  Maxie will do anything to keep on sticking her tongue down Lucky’s throat, which includes, whore dressing and pill pushing.

Here she is (left) in a shapeless, strapless green top which serves simply to draw attention to her chest area along with a super short denim skirt with frayed edges.  It’s hardly appropriate hospital gear, but great for a day of pill thievery. 

Later (right) she keeps the mini, but changes into a tighter trashy top with an odd scarf falling free in the front. 

Perhaps on someone else they wouldn’t look so trashy, but paired with her overly bleached hair and her trampy actions she wins the trailer park award this week. 

The only woman in Port Charles who wears less on a daily basis is of course Sam.

For Sam, the wardrobe department bought out the designers’ stock of white dresses.  Perhaps Sam is our new Virgin.  Ha!  The dresses may be white but they always include the “Fuck Me!” stilettos and plunging necklines, which is ironic because when wardrobe had a chance to really get Ms. McCall’s body out there, they opted for a full coverage tankini that I myself would love to get my hands on.


It took me a few days but I have decided I like Tracy’s fuller and bouncier ‘do.  It has been years in fact.  I never remember Tracy with anything but her straight, flat, shoulder length hair.  

Jason wins my vote for best accessory.

No one wears a sling quite as well as he does, even though it would be cool if he let people sign it. 

Skye just always glows.  She is one of the most beautiful women on screen.  Her look demands attention and pregnant, she is like a beacon of light.  Her hair is so healthy and her skin just radiant.  What a lucky woman.

Polka dots are no one’s friend but especially not Alexis’.  This shirt completely hides her very nice figure and washes her out. Not to mention her hair is looking a tad unhealthy.  She could use a good trim and a deep conditioning.


Elizabeth Webber is always impeccably dressed.  Either she is so blessed that everything just works on that petite frame or wardrobe just likes to dress her.  The color flatters her skin tone and the design accents her tiny waist.  I wish I had a little body like that. 

Here is proof that all you need is a lab coat to look respectable.  Our resident bad guy cleans up well, no?  Manny will be deeply missed by me.


Have a great week. 


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