August 3, 2006

Why would any man choose this…

When he has this waiting at home?

What is Lucky thinking?  Elizabeth looks adorable and playful in this little flowered chemise, whereas once again Maxie manages to look …cheap.

As a reader pointed out to me after my last column (thanks Cathy) where are the scars?  Maxie wears all these low cut outfits, yet there is no trace of her heart transplant surgery. 

I don’t say this to be catty or mean, I say this because it is just a fact.  Sam can make any outfit sexy.  It is not her fault, it just is.  Even in the business suit Alexis tried to cover her up in, Sam oozes sex appeal.   Maybe it’s the cleavage or perhaps because they are skin tight but either way…no wonder her mother’s husband is speechless.  

Speaking of Ric there is just something about the white sport coat and jeans the screams Miami Vice.


What diet did Robyn follow in Paris?  This little girl flashed some super abs in the changing room the other day.  I don’t think I have looked that good since 2000. 


Curly doesn’t serve Carly well.

I find that the curls make Carly look hard and aged.  After seeing Laura Wright in person I know for a fact this is not at all the case.  She is a young and vibrant woman and Carly needs to take some fashion cues from her portrayer Laura.  (Did that sentence get really strange or what?) 

They haven’t been finding the most flattering attire for Emily these days.  First off I think pink on anyone who is supposed to be over 25 just doesn’t work.  Maybe a splash here or there, but pink just is not the new black.  Next the shape of this top makes Emily appear hippy.  Is slims her tummy area but then makes her appear to widen as you go down.  Lastly the over size top portion and droopy sleeves make her shoulders appear wide and her boobs non - existent.   

Here we see her again, in the same week, in a dress of washed out coral, which does nothing for her.  The washed out dress makes her look like a washed out Emily…dull. 

Miami Vice must be the “in” thing because from this picture here, Nash should have been cast in that movie.  He would have made the perfect Don Johnson character. 


Here’s a man who loves to take his shirt off.  Thanks Rex for the awesome eye candy.  A topless man is something I don’t see enough of on my daytime screen. 


Cris has been wearing this shirt for days and everyday I try and figure out…is it dirty?  Is he sweaty?  Or is this actually a design?

This top on Blair is way too little girlish for me.  It is a top better suited on Claudia with her breathy little girl voice and often wide-eyed innocence (yeah right!)



What an adorable suit.  I swear I have seen it on the pages of Victoria’s Secret.  She may not really remind me of a high fashion model but she sure does look good frolicking on the Jersey Shore. 

That it for this week folks.  Have a great weekend and stay cool. 


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