August 15, 2006

Is Sam living the same life I am watching or is she acting from an alternate reality that only she knows about?  Not since Courtney have I been so disgusted by the actions of a character on General Hospital.  Her monologue after sleeping with Ric, well really it only rivaled herself when she slept with Sonny than Jax without a shower in between. 

How she could possibly spin this to make herself the victim is beyond me.  Not to mention all I hear from her mouth is Jason, Jason, Jason, ummm…hello?  What about the fact that you just did your mother’s husband on her living room floor?  To add insult to injury Alexis had to come home and fold the very blankets you writhed upon.   

Perhaps some of you are wondering why I don’t think it was as disgusting when Carly nailed her mother’s husband?  Let’s examine the facts, shall we?  Carly never claimed to be innocent.  She came to town with one goal in mind and that was to destroy her mother.  She maliciously and manipulatively orchestrated the fall of Bobbie’s marriage and she never once was very sorry for her actions.   

Sam on the other hand, well to be perfectly frank, I don’t really have a clue what her motivations were.  I further cannot fathom why she would walk out on Ric with the parting shot of “you’re dead.”  Is she so delusional that she believes Jason is going to hate Ric and say poor dear Sam, I’m sorry you rolled about on that rug like the slut you are?  If the powers that be are trying to make Sam likeable and her actions forgivable, they sure lost me.  

Now how does she play this up to Alexis?  Is she going to claim rape?  Plead temporary insanity?  Blackout Sexitis? 

Not that Ric is any less responsible for all that has occurred and in part I have to wonder if he slept with Sam to piss of Jason and Sonny or if it was just because he is a weak man. 

We know Alexis is neurotic, that her methods aren’t always sensible (for one who was once such a logical woman), but really in all of this what did Alexis really do to deserve such a slap in the face?  Her husband had sex with her daughter and oh, by the way…she’s dying from cancer.  Really sucks to be Alexis right now. 

Don’t get me wrong, I am loving this complete soapy drama, but I am just grooving on the Sam distaste and felt like sharing my feelings.  My dislike of Sam has just been growing and growing and I have to say…I wouldn’t be sad to see her go. 

Let us take a brief moment, bow our heads and once more visualize Jason with his shirt off.  Whew!  I am pretty sure hundreds of thousand of viewers got sweaty palms (among other things) when that T-shirt finally came off.



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