August 22, 2006

Is it just me or does Evangeline still seem blind?  It is making me crazy that her eyes just never seem focused anymore.  It was like she had to pretend to play blind and forgot to stop it.  Really creeping me out. 

Did her scenes with Cristian on Tuesday make any sense?  She tells him to wait she isn’t ready, he says he’ll take her home and faster than I can blink she changed her mind and was ready again. 

Must be if you hang out with Blair long enough you become dumb too.  How Spencer is not onto this woman is beyond me.  Why everything with her is such a production is another thing that escapes me.  If I wanted my boyfriend’s keys I certainly wouldn’t have to sneak them away from him.  I’d simply say I had to run to the car and grab the keys, something anything that would make a hell of a lot of more sense than Blair  …shaking my head here… we just have to move on. 

Vicki is really into this whole forgiveness thing this past week.  Kevin needs to forgive Kelly and Todd needs to forgive Blair (and I say why?) and her and Clint had a lovely little tete a tete in regard to Dorian.  Too bad not a damn person is listening. 

Lindsay is insane.  I didn’t watch when she had a major storyline so I don’t know too much about the girl, but any woman who intentionally kisses her daughter’s best friend's husband has to have a few screws loose.  Wouldn’t the effect have been much better had she grabbed, say Nash or maybe John McBain?   I further felt for Nora big time when she found Nora and RJ at the fountain, launched into a full fledged rant and then was allowed to wheel Nora away and take her home.  Huh?  No way I’d go anywhere with that Looney Tune. 

The Gala served no real purpose except for allowing the stars to dress up all purty (and finding pics for a fashion column is near impossible) and to have Todd stand on a table and toast the happy new couple.  I don’t know if anyone noticed but he kept choking and I wondered if that was scripted or if the poor guy really needed a drink. 

Starr’s plot to fake her memory loss is coming across more like a spoiled brat stamping her feet because she can’t get what she wants more than it seems like a misdirected teen trying desperately to make her parents happy.  Listen to your little friend Langston, you don’t have it so bad. 

I can’t believe August is near over and summer is coming to an end.  I have to say I am excited for fall and warm sweaters and comfy clothes.   

To quote a very cool pig….”that’s all folks!” (how do you type a stutter?) 


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