Sept 11, 2006

What to say about the soaps? Hmmmmm…

I have been watching every single day. It has become a habit of sorts. Come home, each one or the other and watch the other one the next morning while I get dressed. It works out nicely and I didn’t get behind, something I can’t afford to do during the fall what with all the prime time TV I have to squeeze in as well.

So every day I watch and every day I say well that was pretty good and move on and forget all about it. I seem to have become completely indifferent. The stories are there, the acting is there and to hear all the buzz GH is better than it has been in ages, but for me it evokes nothing.

Over in Llanview I am being suffocated by Antonio and his great declarations of love and his impending marriage proposal to the newly integrated Jessica. How they integrated her so easily when to this day Vicki is still not fully integrated is beyond me and I think the writers may have to do a tad more research on this condition. Her integration after all this build up was flat out boring.

I love that Spencer is finally behind bars, but I am tired of this story and I hate that they have just used Hugh to try and add some oomph to this dying story. Son must now prosecute father…oh yay! Can we get a DNA test first?

Rex saved Adrianna…didn’t see that one coming. Dorian is in trouble…never would have guessed. Clint is going to be PISSED!

Todd is mad at Blair, Starr is mad at Blair, Spencer is going to be furious with Blair…nothing new here.

Chris and Evangeline…snore!

Life in Llanview is sort of mirroring my own life, it just keeps trudging along, day after day…

On GH I detest Sam, they can never again make this a likeable character for me, much like Ric. I do not ever want to see her with Jason and I have no vested interest in this character.

I like Jax and Carly but I fear that if I take the time to form an attachment to this couple or even to the new improved character of Carly they were going to wrench her away from me and place her squarely back in the arms of Sonny. This would naturally once again cause Carly to become vulnerable, dependent and predictable all over again.

I am enjoying LuLu’s turmoil and her exchanges with Luke. I feel her reactions, thought and feeling are extremely on pint and very close to real life. These are the question any teen should be asking herself and I applaud both the actress and the writers for playing this one close to home. I have also been very moved by Clifton’s (Scott) performance as he has really made me think about a father’s rights. He has moved me to consider another side that I have never really much considered in my life. Obviously though – this train of thought does not belong being explored here – in this forum.

I am afraid I do not understand any of Alexis’ motivations. Knowing what she knows I can’t fathom why she would want Ric to father both her children. How Ric is the preferred candidate over Sonny is beyond me. Yes the powers that be often gloss over what and who Sonny truly is, they often make him out to be the misunderstood hero, but for me I feel like they have tried to erase exactly what Ric is. Ric is a manipulative, obsessed, egomaniacal, adultering, freak. Ric has not changed, reformed or addressed his issues with Sonny. All that this man was when he kidnapped Carly and chained her to a wall, when he drugged his pregnant wife Elizabeth and cheated on her with Faith, when he gaslighted Sonny is still precisely what he is.

I know they bought back Robert Scorpio and Anna Devane…but I don’t see them anywhere. What happened to their story?

I’m surprised Alice hasn’t chimed in on LuLu’s situation but she as well is no where to be found.

I hate to say it but I am just not impressed.


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