October 3, 2006

If you haven’t been watching One Life to Live, you should be.  This past week has been drama at its best; it has been everything that a soap opera is supposed to be.  

Characters you love to hate and characters you have long loved came together in these last few episodes and not one performance has been less than stellar. 

Let’s start with the demise of John McBain.  We all knew there was a strong possibility that this character was going to make an exit and if you read the net and the mags you knew a car crash was planned, but the scenes which were about to unfold could not have been imagined. 

It all started with a visit from Thomas McBain’s old partner who presented John with the long lost Christmas present.  John in turn went to brother Michael where he passed the child size policeman’s cap onto the newly fostered Tommy.  John and Michael had a touching talk and as you watched you actually saw John get lighter.  He also divulged his plans to make Natalie his wife.  He than set off to visit his father’s grave. 

As he was diving we saw the blinding headlights and than we were transferred to the grave site and to a heart warming conversation between John and his Dad.  More peace was found by John. 

John began driving again and the glaring lights once again flash in front of his eyes and at the same time we got to watch his life flash in front of his eyes.  What a perfect montage, what a dramatic touch.  It made me tingle. 

Now we watch the fallout and how each character is being affected by this loss and the affects are so real, so true to life. 

Natalie wrapping herself in Johns leather jacket, Bo urging Jessica to give her the space she needs.  John and Marcie grieving as a couple, Marcie for once knowing just how to shut up and listen and remembering the new life in their home as well. 

Meanwhile in other parts of Llanview David and Dorian said their very mature goodbyes and closed yet another chapter in their often tumultuous yet bittersweet relationship.  David Vickers will be so very missed, I’m hoping this is just a see you later and not a tried and true farewell.   

Nash is reeling out of control and because of Claudia’s part I am not loving the way it is going but rumors and spoilers give me hope that this will only be a temporary alliance. 

One Life to Live adheres to all the “old school” rules of daytime TV.  We have passion and romance, tears and turmoil and everything always runs its course.  This is the drama to watch.


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