One Life to Live

October 10, 2006

I have a question…what’s up with Vincent?  I am guessing they have a desire to keep this character and that is why they are giving a conscience because his recent behavior has sure left me saying, huh? 

What is leaving me most puzzled is his apparent innate desire to befriend Natalie.  Of all the woman in Llanview why does he seem so intent on Natalie?  It actually started months ago when Vincent sent Ted over to help Natalie study for her Forensic exam.  Since John’s recent demise we have caught Vincent peeping from the shadows as well as outright imposing himself into her private grief.

And here is proof of what is soon to come… 


Than we have guilty Vincent confessing his recent sins to a comatose Hugh (who I have to wonder if it really is Hugh underneath all those bandages) in which I found a very odd turn of events.  He further told Page that Hugh was his “brother” which is strange considering these two had not crossed paths in how long? 

I am really glad Starr has a friend.  Langston really came through while Starr was in the hospital and proved she was more than just some girl with silly hair.   

It is nice to see them smiling, since Starr has certainly not had the easiest life and being the daughter of Todd Manning she never will.  OLTL has a talent for capturing young actors that really grow into their own before our very eyes. 

It was a heartfelt and touching service that was held for John McBain.  With a sendoff like that one really should have the decency to stay dead (kidding). 

Everyone was appropriately morose.  I also enjoyed that they celebrated the Irish heritage. 

Nash and Claudia sleeping together sickened me, but Jessica popping Claudia one filled me with joy. 


That was just so unexpected and it served well to remind me that I will eventually get my Jessica and Nash together. 

Claudia has to be one of the most poorly developed characters among the shows I watch (Ok well besides crazy Colleen on GH).  She has placed herself firmly back in the very situation that once before caused her to have a complete and total breakdown.  Truth be told when we first met Claudia she was still completely certifiable.  How exactly she got released, was than portrayed as the advice go-to girl id completely beyond me.  Yet, Claudia was given a few weeks of sanity.  Claudia and Blair could be interchangeable. 

These are my recent insights. 

Until next week…Hopefully 

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