October 18, 2006

Here are just a few quick hits… 

One Life To Live 

Number one reason to love OLTL?  If you weren’t sure I have the answer…

The boys on OLTL absolutely love to be topless.  Seriously, there are none of these holier than though clauses that block nipple shots and they all love to strut there stuff…and don’t they just look damn hot doing it? 

Note to Antonio and Nash…anyone who has ever been drunk knows this like no other…black coffee and cold showers do not sober a person up.  Further this is no cure for a hangover besides sleep and a whole lot of water.  Had these any of these TV remedies worked I’d think you would find many more people partying on work nights. 

Lying and scheming is what lost Dorian Clint in the first place, so why she believes scheming is what will get him back is beyond me. 

Vincent seems confused as to why Layla won’t forgive him.  Setting up her sister’s boyfriend to get the crap knocked out of him really can’t be fixed with flowers. 

According to about.com here is a picture of our new Marty Saybrooke.

Her name is Christina Chambers (right).  A quick search told me she has had some small roles on shows such as Bones, Half & Half and CSI:Miami.  She is about 37 years old and reigns from Virginia. 

General Hospital 

Sonny of all people should know that you should always check and see who is in a room before blurting out your plans to stop there impending marriage. 

Just when I think Ric can’t go any lower … he does.  Using Elizabeth to further his own agenda is just, well despicable.  What did she ever do to him? 

Maxie wanted to sue the Quartermaines.  This girl breathes new life into the old Soap Opera vixen, only think is on her it just screams skank.  Even the polished up do and semi appropriate clothing did nothing to make her appear more demure. 

Patrick and Noah Drake have faded into oblivion.  Patrick is at least supposedly in Paris, but where could Noah be?  Anyone check Coleman’s place lately? 

Know what amazes me?  In a recent ABC:SID issue something like (and I am not being exact) 72% of polled readers still wanted to Sonny and Carly reunited.  All along we’ve been yelling at the writers to stop beating the dead horses…turns out the audience likes it.  Morbid folk! 


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