November 23, 2005 

So many women, so little time.   

Judging from what I have seen on GH in the recent days it appears TPTB have heeded the call of many and are bringing us back to the bond that has always been Carly and Jason.  It makes sense since Carly was a large part of the reason why Jason and Robin broke up and now we have Robin back in Port Charles still carrying a torch.  Throw Sam into the mix and Jason may just have more women than even he can handle. 

Carly and Jason united many moons ago in what was supposed to be just a meaningless fling, a sexual outlet for Jason when Robin was too afraid to have a sexual relationship with him in a dingy apartment over Jake’s.  The fling became one of the strongest friendships and longest to ever grace daytime television.  Jason gave Carly what no one had ever given her in her entire life.  He loved her not just in spite of who she was but also because of it.  Jason had the ability to overlook her faults and focus solely on her good even when there was very little good to be found.  In turn Carly became Jason’s most loyal supporter and trusted him like she had no other, ever.  Carly and Jason was a love story that I always hoped we would get to explore, and so far the writers have always shied away from it.  Jason and Carly have never tried to change one another and have always been there for each other, in life and in soaps you don’t get that very often.  Carly and Jason have a knack for knowing just how to “fix” one another and Jason is the only person Carly has ever put first in life. 

(Transcripts taken from: 

Carly: Okay. I understand that now, I really do. You didn't want to hurt us, and... I know that if you hadn't come back... I don't know, Jase. I just get scared, man. And I- I do stupid things.


Jason: (smiles) Yeah, no kidding.


Carly: (laughs) But it's always for you. I mean, it's always for us, even now. Look at us. You left to protect Michael. And I married somebody else so I could be with you. Kind of makes sense, doesn't it? And except for Michael, you're the most important person in my whole life. You're the only one who's never lied to me. You're the only one who doesn't want to change me into something, anything. I can just be myself with you. (her hand gently touches the side of his face, and he leans into it and closes his eyes)


Jason: You know, when you showed up that night, it was raining. You were so scared. You needed me. You asked me to take care of Michael, and that's... That's when my life started. A life I thought I could never have. More than anything I could ever imagine. (pauses) It was all because of you. It's true, Carly, you are a lot of trouble. (she laughs) You make things more complicated than they are. But... You showed me new things. You gave me a year and a half that no one can take away. Nothing will change that.


Jason: I can't do it, Carly. I can't turn around and wonder if you're gonna be there. Here, at the warehouse, with no warning.


Carly: Aren't you ever glad to see me?


Jason: Yes. But, then I have to let you go again. Until you show up the next time. Then, I have to let you go all over again. I can't... I can't do it.


Carly: Well, we'll work something out. I can call before I come, I can send you smoke signals...


Jason: Carly. Don't come up with any more plans


Carly: I'd do anything to be with you.


(They're walking to the PH door.)


Carly: Jason? ... I love you. And- I know you hate it when I say that. I know it doesn't mean the same thing to you as it does to me. But I know that... I know that you love me too. And I'll always love you. (she shakes her head, starting to cry)


Jason: (places a hand her shoulder) Hey. Hey...


(Jason pulls her closer to him, cups her face in his hands, and brushes her hair behind her ears. He brushes her tears away with his thumbs, and they look into each other's eyes. He pulls her face close to his, and for a second, it looks as though they will kiss. After a second, they both catch themselves, and instead they wrap their arms around each other in a tight hug.)


Carly: (crying softly) Oh, God. I love you.


(They pull away, and she wipes the tears from her eyes.)


Carly: I'm sorry.


Jason kisses Carly’s hand after he replaces her lost wedding rings 

And who can forget the many times they came so close

Carly: "But you have been." she says softly. "A lot." She pauses and nods, and glances away. Her voice is regretful, "By me, more than anyone. And it never matters. I mean, you always... You always keep my secrets." A small smile curves her lips. "And it makes me feel sort of..." She glances away and shrugs a little, before her eyes return to him. "Valuable. To you."


Jason: "Valuable?" He looks almost a tad confused. He speaks in the barest of a whisper, "You need me to say that you're valuable?"


She shrugs and looks down.


He tilts his head and leans forward to catch her eyes. "Because you know you are."

Carly gazes at him for a moment, smiling softly. Then she leans back and sighs, touching her forehead.


She covers her face with her hands and leans forward again, her elbows on her knees.


He leans his head down to try to meet her eyes. "I know that I can count on you."


Carly lifts her head and his eyes stay locked onto hers.


Jason: "Even though you drive me crazy."


Carly: "I don't mean to drive you crazy,” she says, almost tearfully. Now there are tears on both her cheeks.

Jason: "Yes you do."


Carly shakes her head a little. "No."


Jason looks up from her lips to her eyes, then to her lips, her eyes, and her lips again. Then he leans forward and one of his hands goes to her neck. She leans forward a little as well, and their lips meet in a soft, tender kiss.


His other hand lifts to cup her cheek, his fingers tangle in her hair. One of her hands raises to touch his face, but instead finds his hand.


All the while, they kiss slowly, intimately, lips lingering on lips and savoring the feeling...


Robin was Jason’s first real love after the accident and subsequent brain damage.  For that matter years before as a young girl Robin had a major crush on Jason.  Robin was still in pain from losing Stone and dealing with her new HIV positive status and her and Jason just connected on a bridge.  Theirs was a relationship that was simple and just seemed to fall into place.  She understood that he was not the same kid he had been before the accident that instead he came out a new and changed man.  Robin had no expectations and made no demands upon Jason.  Robin taught Jason how to feel and how to care and how to just live.  No one will ever forget the scenes of Jason carrying a sobbing Robin off the stage at the Nurse’s Ball.  Unfortunately, when the shots rang out in her living room Robin could not handle the dangers of Jason life with Sonny and used her trump card to get Jason fired.  Robin left, Sonny left and Carly and Michael stepped in big time.  Robin did come back, but Jason’s life proved too much for her and when Robin spilled the beans about Michael’s true paternity there was no going back for Jason. 

(Transcripts taken from: 

Robin: I just came here to say goodbye. So much happened in this place. I just had to see it one last time before I let it go. Do you remember that night—

Jason: I remember everything, Robin. That was my life-- what I learned from Sonny, and loving you. Til Michael.

Robin: I didn't do it to take Michael away from you. You know that. You know me.

Jason: It's just like after the accident. When I woke up, you were the first person I ever saw. But I didn't know you. And I don't now. I came to say good-bye, too. You taught me that, just like you taught me to love. You gave me everything good I have inside. And now I have it to give to Michael. I will always owe you for that.

Robin: You gave me a lot, too.

Jason: And I never wanted you to go before. But I do now. It'll be much easier when you're in
Paris. And it'll be a lot easier if I never see your face again.



We’ll skip over Courtney because as far as I am concerned that was a silly little ploy to make AJ a villain and cement his hatred for Jason. 

This brings us to Sam.  This was an accidental relationship that developed out of circumstances which no one planned for, yet as I am writing this I am wondering to myself what exactly has Sam done for Jason?  There is the obvious; Sam has given Jason freedom.  Sam has allowed Jason to be who he wants to be and has passed no judgments nor has she tried in any way to change him so I guess we can say Sam has loved Jason unconditionally, but has Jason benefited from this relationship?  Sam almost gave Jason a baby, but guess what?  It would have been another baby that was not Jason’s.  Sure Sam has stood up for Jason, has gone to battle for Jason, has even tried at times to sacrifice herself for Jason so why do I not admire her loyalty the same way I admire Carly’s?  I cannot peg exactly what it is, maybe it is the fact that Sam came to town and went bed hopping from Jax to Sonny or maybe it is the way she keeps ingratiating herself in every aspect of Jason’s life, including his business.  For Jason and Sam it has been one thing after another on a non-stop basis.  Sam loses the baby, than she gets Bridget’s’ baby, then Michael gets kidnapped, than Sam gets kidnapped, now the train has crashed and Jason’s brain is about to explode.  Isn’t there a saying about relationships that are started in chaos? 


Sam was Sonny’s leftovers, what could even be construed as payback for Sonny taking Carly and Michael away so many years ago.  (I am so playing Devil’s advocate right now.)  On very rare occasions the pain that Jason felt once he lost Carly and more so Michael has been skirted around, but never fully addressed by all the players.  What better time to address it now when all of the players are right here in Port Charles?  Robin and Sonny played a huge part in destroying the threesome of Carly, Michael and Jason, who knows what might have been, had AJ stayed in the dark longer. 

Now we are back in present day and Jason’s memory is foggy at best.  All the players are in place, Robin, Carly and Sam.  It is clear that Robin still has feelings for Jason; we already know where Sam stands and the only relationship that has been a little murky these last few months in Jason and Carly.  Fast forward to a recast Carly and suddenly I am transported back to the roots, where Carly knows above all else she absolutely has to “save” Jason.   It reminded me of why I love to see these two people together and why I root for them.  Who doesn’t wish they could fall in love with their best friend? 

Even in my research I found the most poignant scenes and most memorable words exchanged between Jason and Carly.  Maybe it was the actors, maybe it was the chemistry or maybe it is just the little lost fairy tale and what was always meant to be. 


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