Comments through December 1, 2005




Rex just needs a hug.  Come on, Bo give the boy a hug.  He’s like a cute little panting puppy just searching for a home.  Thank goodness he found his master in Bo and follows him everywhere or Bo really could have been in super trouble when he got shot.  Loyal Rex was there to get Bo help and I’m figuring the prognosis for recover is good.


Big bad John McBain.  There are no cops like that here in NY, at least not that I have ever met.  He’s young, built, sensitive and tough as nails.  Unarmed this man was able to beat up two Statesville inmates who probably had been taught to fight for the kill since birth.  Since then, these are men that most likely got shuffled through a brutal system but they were no match for Johnny.  No wonder Vangie and Nattie were fighting over this dude.


I can't really blame Michael for coming down on Hugh because honestly it looked to me like he was putting the moves on Evangeline.  This was not the first time either, Hugh has been doing some serious flirting,, yet I wonder…This is Michael’s business, why?


The scenes between Matthew and Rex were especially touching.  His parents are both in critical condition and his immediate family is way too involved in all their individual dramas to give Matthew any thought.  I am impressed with any child actor that can make the tears fall at will. 





Didn't we all see the possibility of an Emily and Sonny hook up many months ago?  We did not need all of Port Charles to accuse Emily of falling for Sonny in order to see what was playing out right in front of our faces.  I won't pretend to know what is in store for this pairing, it can go either way depending upon just what the writers want to do with Carly, but I do on record as saying we, the viewers, are not stupid.


Jason and Robin kissing was H.O.T.  Robin fan, Job (Rason, Jabin - or whatever we call them) fan or completely indifferent the electricity was undeniable.  The ironic part is right before Robin left I felt that their chemistry had dissipated, that the relationship had run its course.  What I have to remember is that it is 8 years later and both Steve (Burton) and Kim (McCullough) have grown as people, characters and actors. 


I am not sure anymore if I like Jasam, it seems for months now their whole relationship has revolved around one tragedy after another and the relation for me hasn't grown or changed.  For that matter I am not even sure if I like Sam or just like the actress that plays her.  It is becoming difficult for me to see Sam any differently than people see Carly.  Sam has absolutely no life without Jason.  Sam wakes up to serve Jason and do nothing else.  Not sleep or shower or take care of herself.  She probably has not even peed in days. 


It seemed perfectly reasonable to me that Sonny would offer to kill Jason if surgery left him a vegetable.  That must show how bad GH has warped my brain.


I am reserving comment on Carly until she gets out of the nuthouse.  I am trying to stay positive and view it form all areas and angles.  She does come off as a pro, someone who is no stranger to a Soap canvas and is not at all afraid of the caliber of actors she is being tossed in the ring with, but at this time I am afraid it may be coming off my screen as arrogance


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