One Life To Live


I hope everyone had as marvelous a holiday as I have had so far.  I am so thankful for my family and for the real friends in my life.  This was one of the best Christmas seasons ever.  I only wish I could do more for more people.  I learned some things from a friend this holiday season and although I always thought I was a generous person it is something I still need to work on.  There is a very big world out there and sometimes I just have to remember that. 

I am also thankful to everyone who has ever read any of my columns and to anyone who has ever taken the time to drop me online.  I appreciate it so much that even one person thinks I may have an opinion worth reading.  Thank you and happy holidays!

 If I am wrong on this I would be amazed and will really have to eat these printed words, but maybe it was just a set up by the writers.  Page confesses to David that she gave up her young son at the very same moment Hugh Hughes is confiding in Evangeline that he was adopted.  Was it meant to foreshadow what will come next or was it intentional misguidance?  Nash is still out there and it is still rumored that Nash will be tied to the Llanview community.  This scenario still keeps both Paige and Spencer dispensable because it would still leave Nash connected all over the place.  First and foremost David comes to mind as I can already see these two in wonderful scenes together. 

I know that Blair has apparently been cast as a dim wit these past few years but really.  Spencer is so obviously working her that she would have to be blind, deaf and dead not to catch on.  Blair used to at least be a schemer now she is just the girl who gets schemed on. 

I did not watch OLTL for a very long time so imagine my eerie feelings watching Cris and Jess (last I watched they were young lovers and Antonio was way older) not be a couple.  Take it further and they are at Antonio’s house who is Cris’ older brother and Jessica’s boyfriend.  As if that is not a total mindfuck Natalie calls on the phone and Nat is Jessica’s sister and Cris’ wife.  Did everyone get that? 

I’d buy into Natalie just wanting to be alone if she wasn’t always in John’s face or kissing Christian.  I am starting to see how she could annoy people. 

I want to see more of Clint.  He has been so good that I swear I forgot he was a recast.   

If I hear either Jessica or Antonio utter the words “<insert either name here> and I are going to raise this baby together” I am climbing into my TV and bitch slapping the both of them.  I was so glad when Nash finally set Jessica straight.  Not that I am gung ho for another custody battle on screen, but I sure don’t want Antonio given another life to ignore, rule and ruin. 

Speaking of Jamie I haven’t seen that pesky Layla around much.  Joy! 

Todd’s dreams about Margaret were positively fantastic.  The make up was amazing, the acting superb and that doll…I want one for my room.


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