Sept 11, 2006

Monday~September 11th

Carly defends her relationship with Jax to Sonny

…and you know Jax hasn’t broken any glassware…


Carly thinks Alexis should know the truth about Ric

Must be Robin Syndrome…


Sam threatens Ric

With what?  Jason knows, Sonny knows, Alexis know…what does she have to threaten with?  I’ll hit you with my boobs…


Maxie warns Lucky that she will tell Elizabeth what is going on

Too bad Maxie because Liz has an even better secret!


Colleen takes action

Bath time is at 8 PM. 


Dillon and Lulu do not see eye to eye

They must have her in flats this day.


Tuesday~September 12th

Carly tells Sam that she is on her side

I will never understand why


Sonny puts Ric in his place

But he just won’t stay there


Jax tells Carly that he trusts her

He would be the first


Dillon lashes out at Lulu

Isn’t it LuLu’s hormones that are supposed to be out of whack?


Nikolas and Emily get Alfred to the hospital

Who thinks he’s faking…


Alexis urges Emily to reunite with Nikolas

So many lives to manipulate…so little time


Elizabeth refuses to fight

Good thing too what with all the staircases and freezing waters.  Not good for a pregnant lady.


Wednesday~September 13th

Sonny warns Ric to keep his distance from Sam

Why does he care exactly?


Alexis wants Sam to try to get along with Ric

And again I must ask why? 


Ric considers joining forces with Alcazar

May the force be with you…and also with you…


Nikolas believes that Sam is withholding information about Ric

I’d bet money on that one


Sonny ruins Carly's intimate dinner with Jax

Seems about right


Thursday~September 14th

Alexis says her good-byes before an extreme medical procedure

You know anyone who says good bye this many times and makes so many arrangements and asks so much of all those around her…is definitely going to live.


Sonny does not intend to keep his word to Alexis

Pretty much figured on that


Elizabeth learns that Jason and Sam have reconciled

So out of the goodness of her heart she keeps her pregnancy a secret…doesn’t anyone ever learn?


Lulu sticks with her decision

At least she finally was allowed to make something


Sonny is in denial about Jax and Carly

Sonny, Jax and Brenda with blonde hair…hmmm is this why we have been seeing such an improved Carly???


Friday~September 15th

Luke supports Lulu

Some things it is never too late for…I love this connection


Tracy and Edward discuss Dillon and Georgie's situation

Georgie?  Where did that come from?

Dillon apologizes to Lulu

I’m sorry…did you like my hair better sticking straight up?


Nikolas confronts Lucky and Maxie

Please call her a skank for me too.


Elizabeth makes a wrenching decision

I hope it is to force Lucky into rehab.


Carly urges Sonny to put Kristina's needs before his

Please do not tell me she of all people is taking Alexis’ side on this


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