One Life to Live

Sept 18, 2006

Monday September 18
Spencer tries to slip away from John and Hugh

            We all know the guy is oily enough

Clint asks Bo to let Dorian out of jail

            Run Clint, just run

Dorian is grateful to Clint

            At this rate he may be her only friend in Llanview

Adriana turns her back on Dorian

            Can you blame the girl?

Adriana finds Rex unconscious on the floor of his loft

            And she wasn’t the one who hit him?

Todd overhears Vincent's plan for the fight

            Will he use this to try and get closer to Evangeline? 

Tuesday September 19 
John and Bo face off with Spencer at the docks

            Like the movie with John Travolta?  Ok John, you wear Spencer’s and Bo can wear yours and so forth and so on…

Spencer throws the gun into the water

            It only took him 25 years to come up with this novel idea

Evangeline, Layla and Roxy encourage Cristian before his fight

            Yay Cris! (what can you say to that?)

Vincent has second thoughts

            All ABC thugs are required to have a heart

Cristian is disoriented

            Because Evangeline still looks blind

Adriana vows she will never forgive Dorian.


Wednesday September 20
John is able to retrieve Spencer's gun from the water

            Well yes, it’s a bird, no a plane, no it’s Super McBain!!

Spencer is stunned to be arrested for murder

            Everyone and I mean everyone tried to warn him

Cristian holds his own against Abbott for a while

            Yay Cris!

Cristian learns he is being accused of throwing the fight

            They must have offered cookies

Antonio and Jessica celebrate.

            ::shudder::  Thanks for the FF alert!  

Thursday September 21
John looks to the future as he makes peace with his past

            I don’t believe him

John, David, Hugh and Blair each visit Spencer in jail

            Don’t jails have visiting hours in a designated area?

Kelly and Blair are doubtful of Dorian's claims of innocence

            Yeah I agree

Adriana wants Dorian to pay for what she did

            Which seems to be a constant thread…don’t piss off your offspring.  (take note Spencer and Kevin and Jess you may as well be warned – Brennen is not going to be happy with Antonio as Dad)

Kelly and Kevin meet

            I swore they already knew one another 

Friday September 22
John faces his demons and dreams of a future with Natalie

            Demons…Natalie…same difference

Reality crushes John's happiness

            It has a way of doing that

Cristian insists he did not throw the fight

            How could he?  With that bum hand he could hardly throw a punch!

Evangeline asks Todd for help

            Are we going to really get this triangle…probably not!

Blair and Todd confront Spencer and the next spoiler reads Spencer is shaken by the encounter

            J  Todd and Blair together again leaves me shaken too…in disgust!


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