One Life to Live Spoiler Commentary

For the Week of October 16-20, 2006

Evangeline jumps to the wrong conclusion when she sees Christian and Nash fighting

Could there be a right conclusion?  Seems pretty clear..once again – Cris is kicking someone’s ass 

Jessica does not know how Nash will fit into her and Antonio's lives

I have a VERY good idea… 

Asa questions Spencer about Emma's photo

Do you think this reflect her good side? 

David confronts Spencer

What more is there to even say? 

Blair's scheme succeeds

She is like the Energizer Bunny…She keeps going and going and going   

Spencer admits that he is Asa's son

He can admit it but I am sure this family will make him PROVE it 

Spencer will not sign over power of attorney to David

David should be thankful for small blessings 

Clint is sensitive to Natalie's feelings

Father/Daughter moments are always sweet 

Rex witnesses a meeting between Vincent and Ted

Ted is hot 

Natalie advises Vincent

Be nosy, be vigilant, and just keep talking AT people until you get your way 

Paige and Bo try to repair their relationship

We’re still on this? 

When Natalie visits Spencer in jail he plays mind games with her

Not really a tough thing to do 

Spencer is confident as his hearing begins

One can never call this man insecure 

Blair tries to make things work between her and Todd

Clearly she has difficulty understanding the word NO 

Michael and Marcie finalize Tommy's adoption

Too bad their days together are numbered, but this is OLTL and since stories progress soooo slowly they may actually have half a lifetime 

Dorian dismisses David's doubts about Clint

Silly woman.  I’m sorry but did you not see him half named in your kitchen?  You’re thinking of Clint why exactly???? 

David backs up Spencer's claim

Blair likes sex! 

Bo, Clint and Kevin vow to uncover the truth

It’s true…Buchanan’s and Cramer’s still don’t mix. 

Nora suffers a physical setback

Where’s R.J.? 

Spencer is ordered to stand trial

Somehow I see this man either being found innocent or dead 

Adriana sets her scheme against Dorian in motion

I’m, on the edge of my seat…NOT! 

Rex gets a lead in his investigation of Todd's baby

And he is closer than anyone thinks. 

Adriana is committed to revenge against Dorian

When good girls TRY to go bad 

Bo and Kevin wonder if Spencer is telling the truth about being Asa's son

Since he has been honest about everything else and all 

Todd wants answers from Spencer

Were I Todd I would want much more than answers 

Nash accepts Antonio's offer to be a groomsman


Claudia takes a drink

Maybe this will enhance her personality 

Rex has promising news

::shrug:  what could it be?  Heck I’m just glad he loves to go topless.


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