April 4, 2006

Imagine that you are with us sitting around the living room, open bar, kids asleep, all the food you can hold, good company, good friends and good talk.  The EOS staff (most of 'em, anyway), are gathered around, talking smack about the Emmy nominations and letting their guards down.

It could have been like that.  Sadly, real life intervened and time and distance and opportunity robbed us of that setting. 

Instead, we wrote our answers and sent them sailing around the country from email address to email address.

Here's how it all went down:

NOMINEES: Maurice Benard (GH), Anthony Geary (GH), Thorsten Kaye (AMC, Robert Newman (GL) and Ron Raines (GL) 


Letís start with which actors I donít think should win the Outstanding Lead Actor award:
Maurice Benard: Been there done that.  The character of Sonny has become too predictable.  We know the routine: fall in love; thinks the girl will get hurt because of him; becomes depressed; breaks up with the girl; wants her back; fights his feelings; gets her back; Carly comes along or else heís given up to the Feds.  Then thereís his Ďbusinessí, which is more of the same again: ďIím going to kill (fill in the blank)!Ē ďHe has to pay!Ē Etc. This is certainly not Maurice Benardís fault. Heís staying true to his character and doing it quite well, actually.  The problem is the writing.  There hasnít been anything original for Sonny. Itís the same thing day after day after day.  Youíd think there would have been some emotion from his sisters passing, but nope. A few tears and heís done. Back to Emily.  Back to business.  Sonny needs a change. Carly has been given a new lease on life with her new found independence.  Why not give Sonny something new besides enemies and girl friends? Maybe then weíd see something different from Maurice Benard, more depth to Sonny.

Robert Newman: Who? I only watch ABC.  I cannot speak for any of the other network actors.

Ron Raines: See above.

Tony Geary: Okay, I know Iím going to upset a lot of people here, but I think Iíve missed the boat on this one.  Maybe if I got to see the scenes heís submitted Iíd be less critical but honestly, I have not personally seen any Emmy acting as of late.  Again, the writers have taken the Ďif it ainít broken, donít fix ití, easy way out with Luke.  He wants money for something so he schemes to get it; he gets in trouble or accused of murder and takes off to prove himself guilty; he falls for some woman but sheís not Laura and as much as he really wants to love her, he canít because Laura is his one true love; he tries to have a relationship with his kids but other priorities get in the way.  Same stories, different day.  Anthony Geary is an incredible actor.  If he were given quality Luke material than most certainly he should be a shoe in, but what heís been given to work with this past year hasnít been the most outstanding writing.

Thorsten Kaye: Iíd say heís about the closest as any to getting the Emmy.  His character is much younger than the other two ABC nominees with respect to time on the show, so heís got less of the more of the same than the others.  Unfortunately, heís still fairly monotonous.  Loves a woman; does something bad; hurts the woman; loses the woman; pines away for the woman.  The difference with this character for me is two-fold:  Heís new, so itís new to me and heís got good chemistry with the other actors. (Yes, so does Tony Geary).  Thorsten Kaye forces people to act along with him.  Heís dramatic, intense and hard.  It works for him.  Do I like the character? Not particularly.  I used to. I used to think he was like my husband; strong willed with a take no prisoners attitude. Fortunately my husband has never hidden a not really dead person from his or her loved ones! What Iíve noticed in Thorsten Kayeís acting is his ability to say one thing, but show something entirely opposite with his body language and facial expressions.  Maybe the others could do this too, if given the opportunity.  Thorsten Kaye has had that chance and personally, heís my pick.

Who do I think will win?  Tony Geary, of course.


I don't have too much of an opinion about this category.  What's another accolade for Anthony Geary?  He's delightful as Luke, but takes so many vacations, it's practically insulting to the other actors to award him for all the work he does in a year.  Goodness knows Maurice Benard hasn't done anything Emmy worthy this year.  He's been phoning it in since Brenda left the last time.  I used to think he was a gifted actor, but anymore it's almost evident that even he thinks he's doing ridiculous things as Sonny.  I laughed especially hard when I read that he'd been assured that Sonny would sire no more children.  I'm not familiar with the actors from Guiding Light so I'll give the Emmy to Thorsten Kaye.  His accent is enough.  Rrowl.  For not having too much of an opinion, I had a lot to say, didn't I? 


Who should win? Thorsten Kaye.  Not just for finally portraying a character I can stomach, either. He brought Zach to the screen as a complete character. I do not mean that viewers knew everything about Zach but that Mr. Kaye was perfectly comfortable in Zachís skin.  I find his portrayal engaging and complex.

Who will win? Ron Raines. I do not watch GL but some actor from GL usually wins something so why not him?


My sincere hope is to see Anthony Geary win.  He had good material this year (wasnít it this year he had to decide whether or not to pull the plug on Lucky?) and he never, ever fails to deliver.  Heís worked comedy.  Heís worked drama.  Heís aced it all.  Of course, the chances are a slim to none that anyone other than Maurice Benard will be the one holding the gold.


I am completely and unashamedly skewed to any and all actors that call Port Charles their home.  That being said, I have a problem with both of the GH Lead Actor nominees this year. I am going to approach this alphabetically, so please do not flood my mailbox with Sonnylove letters.  In fact, get ready to feel the KellyBhateÖbecause this gal feels that Maurice Benard and the character of Sonny have not been providing loyal viewers with the consistently high caliber dramatic performances that we have come to expect from a Daytime Emmy winner.  Itís as simple as that.

Sonny was brought on much like Lucas Lorenzo Spencer, in that he was supposed to be a minor character that was necessary to flesh out a certain storyline.  When Sonnyís chemistry (like that of Luke before him) turned out to be combustible with darn near every single character on the canvas, well thatís when the stories began to center around him.  It has been that way for quite some time now (some would say Ďforeverí) and while it is true that he dominates our screens in terms of total airtime and the number of storylines heís involved in, it should in reality come down to quality over quantity. 

While it is true that the actors play what they are given, Maurice has, in my opinion, stopped evolving as a character.  What we see now on our screens is just another version of what has come before.  Now we have Sonny torn and conflicted over loving Emily, pushing her away because of his fear that the violence surrounding his life will ultimately spill over and harm her.  Excuse me, but didnít he have the exact same concerns with every single female he has ever been involved with?   Karen, Brenda, Carly, Hannah, Angel and hell, even Reese warranted this push/pull paranoia.  Yes, Lily died a horrible death but Sonny has gotten no further away from it than if it had happened just last month instead of ten years ago.  I just donít feel it with Sonny anymore.  It has gotten old, and unlike wine and cheese, it has not improved with age.

If Maurice does get a chance to play out what could be one of the most pivotal stories on GH in the last several years, that of the severing of his relationship with Jason and one or both of them leaving the mob, well that is something I could really get behind.  It would be territory that has not been fully explored thus far.  It could provide Maurice with a chance to grow the character as he experiences the loss of the only true friend he has ever had.  Now that would be Emmy worthy.

With Anthony Geary, who I positively love, I think the overall problem with him winning the Emmy this year is just plain lack of airtime.  If there was ever an Emmy given out for Best Part-Time Lead Actor, then heís your man.  The fact that he has the uncanny ability to walk into a room and have people riveted by what may or may not come out of his mouth is testament to the genius of this actor.  However, we could all end up old and gray and waiting for our check on the third of every month while he is off enjoying one of his extended European vacations.  Letís face facts, the man has clauses in his contract that give him something like 26 weeks off per year!  Where do I sign up?!

I certainly do not fault him for the time he wrangles away from GH and ABC because he deserves it.  He is in an enviable position, but that does sort of take him out of the running for Lead Actor in my book.  His scenes with Lucky in the hospital were of the highest caliber.  Knowing that he rewrote much of the dialog himself made watching all the sweeter.  Now we are exploring something that has not been fully plumbed in the 20+ years he has been playing Luke: his relationship with his daughter.  Julie Marie Berman is a treat to watch and it is evident that TPTB have chosen well in supplying Tony Geary with someone who has as strong a personality as he himself does.  The fact that she makes Luke nervous and uncomfortable is glorious and gives him the chance to not be in supreme control. His consternation with Lulu knocks him right out of his element and lands him smack in the middle of Reality Teen 101.  It puts him in situations heís not only unfamiliar with, but visibly uncomfortable with.  And I love it.

Having said all that, is it really any surprise that I think that one of them will, in fact, win?  I didnít think so.  But I really, really thought it would be the year of The Jason.


SHOULD WIN: This is a solid category for ABC Daytime, and it's hard to choose between the three ABC nominees. However, since Tony Geary never fails to light up the screen when he's on, I'm going with Geary. Plus, anyone who can call Jane Elliot "Spanky Buns" and not get eviscerated is a winner in my book!

WILL WIN: Anthony Geary


My God.  Can there be no other?  Whether it was as Patrick, Ian or Zach, Thorsten Kaye is a winner.  I think he might actually take it this time as well.  Surely the world is ready to cleanse its palate by now.  Truly. 


I cannot speak for the other networks since I only watch ABC, but as nearly as I can tell, Maurice Benard is the only actor ABC writes for any more.  In fact, I think AMC and OLTL writers also write for Maurice Benard.  Therefore, I think he will get the award.  Iíd like to see Thorsten Kaye win 


 Who do you want to win the Emmy and why?  ---  Anthony Geary (GH)

Tony's scenes with Greg V. last summer, when he thought Lucky was a goner, and he was going to pull the plug, were awesome in that sort of intense, quietly emotional genre that Geary does so well in.  The short scenes he shared with Brad, Jackie, and nu-Lucas when Tony was dying, were so wonderfully heartbreaking because it was completely obvious that not only was Luke losing a friend and ex-brother-in-law, but Geary was losing a friend and comrade, in Brad.  When Luke takes pot shots at the Cassadines, tries to bilk someone for money or favors, or brings plague-infested primates to Port Chuck, I enjoy every minute.  If  Luke was pulling the lint out of his belly button, reciting his ABC's backwards while trying to walk a straight line, or patting his head while rubbing his stomach, I'd still love it.  The pure and simple fact is:  Luke, on my TV screen, is ALWAYS an enjoyable time.  ALWAYS.  That being said, do I think Geary had much Emmy-worthy material over the last year?  Mmm...not so much, no.  But unlike the other nominees, Geary makes the most of what he is given to work with and runs with it, turning every small scene into something that delights, entertains, and makes us want more.  The quality of Tony's work, in an avenue that is overwhelmingly youth-oriented and where the word "vet" means less and less every single day, is no small achievement.   Go Tony! 

But---If I had to choose just ONE actor who was given the finger by the Emmy noms this year, it would be TSJ (Todd, OLTL).  This last year, he has done phenomenally great work!  Especially opposite Tari Signor (Mad Margaret).  He has taken Todd further, as a character, than Howarth ever did in the role. 

Who do you think will win the Emmy and why? --- Maurice Bernard (GH) 

Within the last year, Mo has had so many Emmy-winning scripts gift-wrapped and hand-delivered, just for Sonny.  I think he'll win.  Not so much that I think he deserves it, but more because Sonny, in small doses, is an exciting, complex character, when the writing is there for him, and it has been there this past year. 

NOMINEES:  Bobbie Eakes (AMC), Beth Ehlers (GL), Susan Flannery (B&B), Kelly Monaco (GH) and Kim Zimmer (GL)


I canít comment on any of the actors from the other soaps so my opinion is totally biased toward ABC.  Obviously! And hereís where the problem lies.  I just donít see either actor having those one or two scenes that dictate pulling them Emmy from their arse.  Honestly, I canít remember when Sam lost the baby. Was it this year?  If so, then those scenes would beat out anything I saw Bobbie Eakes perform this year.  Kelly Monaco is not a bad actress in the least.  Actually, sheís pretty good.  The problem with Sam is the ďSonny/Jason GroupieĒ thing.  She had no chemistry with Ingo.  Her chemistry with Maurice Benard was minimal at best.  But stick her with Steve Burton, Rick Hearst and practically anyone else on that show and she shines. 

Then weíve got Bobbie Eakes and her character.  Nothing personal, but ďMamaĒ just doesnít work for me.  She had no chemistry with any of the men the writers paired her with.  Thereís a bit with David Canary but theyíve started to border annoying rather than funny lately.  The scenes where her grandchild was lost, and then lost again and even before that, had died, werenít anything to write home about.  Not that Bobbie Eakes canít act, but Iíve not scene her character have anything that would really require any acting.  Even I can come bouncing into a room in a too tight dress with my biggity hair all done up, speaking in a terrible southern accent.  Hell, I do that just about every day when I wake up!

I guess of the two, Iíd have to say Kelly Monaco.  

Who do I think will win?   Susan Flannery.  I think sheís almost always nominated and has won at least once, so Iím thinking sheíll take it again. 


Eh, Kelly Monaco I guess.  Bobbie Eakes rather annoys me with her way over the top Krystal and while Sam doesn't do much besides annoy me too, at least Kel had Dancing With the Stars this year.  A moment in the sun is allowed. 


I agonized the most over this question.  Why? Simple, I do not think any of the actresses I have seen should win.  I havenít seen Beth Ehlersí or Susan Flanneryís work. Kim Zimmer is the reason I do not watch GL. I like Kelly Monaco. She will win some year soon but not this year. In addition, if she wins this year I fear there will be an ďact offĒ between her and the other nominees.

For a while there I was appreciating what Bobbie Eakes was doing with a truly despicable character. Somewhere during the second half of last year I realized how uninteresting Krystal had become.  Yes, some of it was the writing. It is possible, however, for an actor to say basically the same lines every day and make them sound fresh. Just ask OLTLís very under used Catherine Hickland.  She has said, ďItís all Noraís faultĒ countless number of times. For a few months that is really all she said. Yet each time it sounded fresh. Each time the delivery was nuanced. Ms Eakes has not shown us anything new about Krystal in quite a long time.

Well, Kate, who do you think should win? Any of the lead actresses on ATWT.  They all had a stellar year last year. I was pretty surprised than none of them were nominated.  Next year I expect at least one of them to be on this list. 


I will be extremely disappointed if Bobbie Eakes or Kelly Monaco wins.  Iím just not seeing it in either one of them.  I think sentiment will prevail and Susan Flannery will win again.   


Again, I am faced with listing all the reasons why Kelly Monaco probably will not win in this category.  I hate this.  As far as having storyline galore to choose from, itís a no-brainer.  But I just do not think this is the right category for her to be in.  I look at the powerhouse nominees in this category and wonder if her name was somehow dropped into the wrong hat.  Kelly can cry like nobodyís business and I think her ability to be streetwise and tough and an absolute basket case at one and the same time is commendable.  I have cried with her over the unfairness of her situations and melted with her while sheís busy loving Jason.  She is evolving from a somewhat unpopular transplant from the cancelled Port Charles Ė popular on Port Charles, not so much on GH Ė into a lovely multi-dimensional heroine.  But I just donít think sheís got the chops to run with the big dogs yet. 

Why couldnít she have been categorized as Best Supporting?  Even Outstanding Younger Actress, though I donít know the age cutoff for that category.  Surely she could have slammed past all comers in either of those groupings.  I think Nancy Lee Grahn would have been a more solid choice in this category.  I thought she should have won last year and I canít really say that sheís had a killer storyline like last yearís stem cell drama and babynapping this go around.  Wait, was that last year?  Anyhow, I know that the character has been taking some hard knocks lately for losing her edge and turning from a truly independent, though somewhat neurotic legal eagle into a card carrying harpy, but sheís due.  Sheís more than due.  Maybe next year she can pick up the check for the Leading Ladies Luncheon.  Hereís hoping. 


SHOULD WIN: This is tough, but for different reasons than the Best Actor category. I'm not fond of KWAK, but there's no denying that Bobbie Eakes is good at what she does. I would have been behind Kelly 100% if she'd been nominated in this category last year, but wasn't knocked out by the material she had to work with this time around. I don't know the other actresses other than the clips I've seen from previous Emmy shows and what I've read (infrequently) in the magazines.  (BTW, I fully expect to see Laura Wright on this list next year.) Therefore, I will cast my vote here for Monaco, because, hey, I'm ABC's bitch!

WILL WIN: Susan Flannery's gracious speeches have always impressed me, so I'll go with her. This award will be yours one day, Kelly, but not this year. 


I am quite certain Susan Flannery will win, only because the Emmy Awards enjoy torturing Susan Lucci and will want to say her name again, then correct it.  Since sheís not even nominated this year (or last year, if memory serves), it would be even more of an impact. 


I think Bobbie Eakes will take it.  Kelly Monaco has played very little but hysterics this year and an Emmy Award winner should have a range of acting displayed rather than a box.  (Google her name and you will see plenty of Kelly Monacoís box) 


Who do you want to win the Emmy and why? --- Kelly Monaco (GH)  

Why is Eakes even on this list?  I enjoy her on AMC, I truly do, but as far as I can recollect, the most emotionally intensive scenes that Krystal's had the past year have been fretting, hemming, and hawing about Babe's love life.  Monaco...meh.  She's certainly fussed, ranted, raved, and cried rivers the last year---in particular, the last few months.  But certainly nothing that warrants an "outstanding" nod.  But I think KM has potential and a win would cement her stay at GH. 

Who do you think will win the Emmy and why? --- Kim Zimmer (GL) 

From what I've heard through the grapevine of Kim Zimmer's work, I'm betting on her to take the Emmy.  

NOMINEES: Tyler Christopher (GH), Jordan Clarke (GL), Trent Dawson (ATWT), Grayson McCouch (ATWT) and Greg Rikaart (Y&R) 


Well, the answer to this one is rather obvious, since I donít know any of the other actors except Tyler Christopher. Tyler Christopher is really a great actor, sans the snot issue.  How does he do that anyway?  I canít even blow the stuff out of my nose let alone have it drip spontaneously!  Heck, if I could, Iíd have a field day! Iíd save thousands on sinus congestion medicine!  With Nikolas thereís been a range of emotions; up, down, up, down.  His relationship with Emily got annoying and the immediate love affair with Courtney wasnít anything great but I really believe Tyler Christopher can act.  Boy, it all seems to boil down to the writing for me, doesnít it? 


Tyler Christopher got on my nerves as Nikolas Cassadine this year and had really bad hair for a good part of it.  He's looking much better now and I think he seems more rational since Courtney died.  He's good at bringing out the snot when the scene calls for it.  Cue: snot!  I'll give it to him although, if I didn't, I'd give it to Greg Rikaart just for having a normal name like Greg.  Grayson, Trent and Jordan all sound really made-up. 


The amazing Agnes Nixon once said about soaps, ďMake them laugh. Make them cry. Make them wait.Ē The can be said about my choice in this category. Trent Dawson can make me laugh. Trent Dawson can make me cry.  ATWT made us wait forever for Mr. Dawson to have enough screen time to prove he can do anything. Portrayed by a lesser actor, Henry Coleman could come off as totally camp.  Even when Henry is in drag, Mr. Dawson never lets him be a caricature.  Mr. Dawson has chemistry with everyone in Oakdale.  He is easily one of the best actors in daytime. 

Who will win? Tyler Christopher. Why?  When it comes to acting awards, brooding trumps comic timing. 


I donít know anyone other than Tyler Christopher and I really do not feel that he delivered Emmy-worthy material.  He was good, but I donít feel he was particularly outstanding.   


I wanted Rick Hearst in this category.  He got robbed last year.  It was a crime, a lowdown dirty shame that he didnít win.  If TIIC keep writing him the way they have been for the last couple of months, itís over.  What happened to bringing on his father to explore why he was so freakiní twisted that he kidnapped Carly and drugged his own wife?  A few months ago he shot a rival mob guy and now heís getting the crap kicked out of him by Jason?  WTF?  We are not dealing with just shrinkage here folks, theyíve cut his weebles off !!   

And every single time I do manage to get a glimpse of cuteness, cleverness and sublime sexuality Ė it seems I have to then pay for it by not seeing him on my screen for a week or more at a time.  Worse, they then proceed to dumb him down so he doesnít stand out like a talking head from the other guys on the show.  Rick as Ric is charming and smooth, witty and sexy.  Are the writers worried that the other guys canít compete?  No wonder his jeans and his curls suddenly disappeared Ė sheesh. 

Oh, and as to who will win?  Tyler snots pretty good and I cannot stand to hear another of Greg Rikaartís whack job tangential speeches.  Just canít do it.  Go Tyler! 


SHOULD WIN: The only ABC nominee is Christopher, so I'll support him, though I don't understand why Rick Hearst isn't on the list. Did he submit for leading actor?

WILL WIN: Tyler Christopher, and he'll remember to thank Natalia. 


I think Grayson McCouch will take it.  Heís like buttah


Is there a category for Outstanding Snot Wiping?  If so, TC is our man.  If not, I have no opinion on this category. 


Who do you want to win the Emmy and why? --- Any one of those CBS guys. 

Color me confused.  Christopher has spent the entire last year doing two distinct things:  Rubbing snot all over his face, and giving horny eyes to anything in Port Charles' with boobs.  Some of those snot-inducing scenes were pretty darn good, don't get me wrong, but I certainly don't think any single one of them was so heart-wrenchingly good that it deserved an Emmy nom, much less an Emmy win.  A glaring omission from the list?  Greg Vaughn.  In the last year, the guy has really made the role his own - a feat that Jacob Young never quite accomplished.  In particular, Vaughn's scenes opposite Geary have been phenomenal, IMO.  

Who do you think will win the Emmy and why? --- Any one of the CBS noms.   

I am totally unfamiliar with their work, but I just can't see Tyler taking the win on this. 

NOMINEES: Tracey E. Bergman (Y&R), Crystal Chappell (GL), Jennifer Ferrin (ATWT), Renee Goldsberry (OLTL) and Gina Tognoni (GL) 


Wow.  This one I can actually almost comment on with two actors. (Are you wondering about that?)  Renee Goldsberry is a great actress but personally, Iíve seen no chemistry between her character and John McBain.  Maybe Iím missing it but I just donít see it.  I also donít see the chemistry between Evangeline and Todd.  Again, itís a woman falling for the bad guy whoís really the good guy in this case but is really, truly the bad guy.  Iíd rather see Evangeline toughen up and take the bitch personality sheís got hidden beneath the saint and let her rule for a bit.  Think Jess and Tess.  Jess wasnít that exciting and I didnít think much of Bree Williamson.  But then Tess came along and wow! What a difference!  I love the character and I think Bree Williamson is fantastic.  This is what I think could happen with Renee Goldsberry, if she were given the story.  See, I told you I could almost comment on two actors.   

Who do I think will get the Emmy? Iíve seen Gina Tognoni and Crystal Chappell, both previously on OLTL and of those two Iíd go with Gina Tognoni.  Of course both of them were on several years ago so their acting styles could have changed or improved drastically but from what I remember, Iíd say, if given a meaty story, Gina gets it hands down.   


Um, Robin Christopher.   


Who should win? It is difficult to choose between Jennifer Ferrin who did a great job in a well-written story and Renee Goldsberry who made her character interesting in spite of bad writing. That said, I am going with Ms. Goldsberry. 

Who will win? Gina Tognoni.  I havenít seen her on GL but I miss her when I watch OLTL. She was a beginner actor at the time; I imagine she has gotten better with experience. 

(Next year I expect Kate Collins to be among the nominees in this category. I also expect her to win.) 


Although I do not dislike Renee Goldsberry (or Evangeline) by any means, I do not feel she has been given material this year to warrant the award.  Gina Tognoni has always been good, but I have not seen her Guiding Light performances.  I do miss her considerably.  I guess that means I do not have an opinion in this category. 


Pfffft Ė who cares.   


SHOULD WIN: The only one I'm familiar with is Renee Goldsberry, via ABC interstitials and commercials for OLTL, and she appears to be a good actress and a lovely person. She was also doing the Broadway double-duty thing for a little while with "The Color Purple," so she gets extra points for that, and my vote.

WILL WIN: Renee Goldsberry 


I have to go with my girl, Renee Goldsberry.  She really delivered in the scenes she was given and got to kiss on Michael Easton.  Just to be able to make words after that, well, thatís dedication and talent. 


Renee Goldsberry is great as Evangeline, but even though she has been involved in two front burner stories (Natalieís abduction and Toddís murder trial), she was really only there to prop up everyone else in the scene.  While that might be the definition of an ďoutstanding supporting actress,Ē I would like to see the category changed to ďbest armrestĒ to more aptly reflect the true purpose of the part.  I am going to hope that Crystal Chappell wins because she had good hair and I always had affection for Maggie being written off of OLTL as ďgoing to clown school.Ē  I think thatís just something she told Max to make him go away and then she went into the witness protection program and moved to Springfield to live with the Simpsons on GL.   


Who do you want to win the Emmy and why? --- Renee Goldsberry (OLTL) 

I started out 2005 hating the character of Evangeline, right from the tip of her smug little head to the ends of her stuck-up, manicured toenails.  The character was a one-note know-it-all...WAS, being the operative word here, folks.  Within the last year, we have seen not just Evangeline's strengths, but her vulnerabilities.  We've seen her admit her faults and wrongdoings without sacrificing her pride in herself and her accomplishments.  Goldsberry has REALLY dug her nails deep into the character of Evangeline, and evolved her into such a multi-faceted and fascinating character, and I sure hope she wins. 

Who do you think will win the Emmy and why? --- Renee Goldsberry 

Based off of the quality of work she turned in this last year, I think she'll take the win. 

  Scott Clifton (GH), Michael Graziadei (Y&R), Bryton McClure (Y&R), Tom Pelphrey (GL), and Jesse Soffer (ATWT)/Mandy Bruno (Y&R), Camryn Grimes (Y&R), Christel Khalil (Y&R), Jennifer Landon (ATWT) and Levin Rambin (AMC) 


Can I pick these separately? An actor and an actress?  If so, then itís obvious.  Scott Clifton and Levin Rambin.  DUH!  

If I have to pick just one of those, then this is a hard one for me. I love Scott Clifton.  Heís bright and funny and sincere and flirtatious and I enjoy his acting tremendously.  But Iíve long ago finished high school and my boyfriend at the time is long married to another woman so I really donít need to relive the emotion, the drama and the angst of teenage love.  Besides, I have a fourteen year old, remember?  I donít need Scott Clifton to act it all out for me.   

Levin Rambin on the other hand is not even remotely similar to my daughter.  Her portrayal of an autistic young lady amazes me.  I realize when she first came on the show many, many people were upset.   No one felt a person could be autistic and still be able to communicate with people on the level she does.  I personally know that to be untrue.  My neighbor has a wonderful little boy who is autistic.  Heís in kindergarten with other children who are not suffering from any disability.  He plays with kids on a regular basis and every so often he has a rough spot or perhaps something is off and he canít quite get it.  For this reason, I believe Levinís portrayal is accurate and simply outstanding.  Lilly, to me, is an autistic child.  Unfortunately the writers are giving her stories that are a bit out of context for Lilly.  She may be a Ďwomaní but emotionally sheís far from that.  With that being said, Levin, only a teenager herself, definitely deserves the Emmy.  Sheís not only successfully playing an autistic girl, but one who is older than she is and dealing with things Levin (hopefully) hasnít even begun to.   

Who do I think will win Outstanding Younger Actor and Actress?  If not one of ours, I have no clue. I canít even tell you who any of those kids are! 


Scott Clifton!  Scott Clifton!  Yeah Yeah Yeah.   


Who should win Younger Actor? No question about it, Jesse Soffer. His portrayal of Will Munson hits the right note in every scene.  

Who will win? Jesse Soffer.

Who should win Younger Actress?  While it would be nice to hear Jennifer talk about her father in her acceptance speech, I will go with Levin.  Ms. Rambinís portrayal of Lily more than made up for the writerís inaccuracies about autism.  

Who will win?  Jennifer Landon is the sentimental favorite. I think she will win.  (She is a good actress but I still think this should be Levinís year.) 


No contest.  Scott Clifton. 


I want Scott Ė to win that is.  I am not so sure this is his year.  I think he should have taken it last year when he was all new and shiny.  Now the shtick is getting a little thin in the skin and I would really like to see him develop into more of an all-around kind of guy.  I love him, I do Ė right down to the bat guano on his hair, but I want to see more drama and angst from him.  Love him with Luke, but with Georgie as his missus, well Iím getting a leettle bit bored.  Of course now that they are married, the drama, the thrills, the peril should amp up about a billion percent because we canít have anyone young, married AND happy.  Am I right?  Stay tuned because he will be up there sooner rather than later with that gold plated pointy thing in his hand.  Canít wait to hear this boyís speech Ė I think Ďexistentialí is his middle name! 


SHOULD WIN (ACTOR): It wasn't one of his best years, but you KNOW that Scotty's my boy!

WILL WIN (ACTOR): Scott Clifton

SHOULD WIN (ACTRESS): Oh, Levin Rambin does such an excellent job that it's hard to imagine she's playing OLDER than she actually is, which I believe is about 16. She's it. (I'd add Chrishell Stause to the list next year.)

WILL WIN (ACTRESS): Levin Rambin 


There has been a LOT of buzz about Tom Pelphrey, so he might take it, but I will have to cheer for Scott Clifton.  Heís gawgeous and a major ton of talent. 


Isnít Mandy Bruno the niece of the Michael Brunoís ex-husband?  Or was it his husbandís wifeís adopted daughter?  I was thinking I read that somewhere.  I could be wrong.  I have to give props to my best girl, Levin Rambin, and believe she will take home the statue.  She doesnít need powerful material to be Uncle Sageís little award winner. 


Who do you want to win the Emmy and why? --- Scott Clifton (GH) and Levin Rambin (AMC) 

I could quite possibly be biased.  Even if I had a comparison between these two and the other CBS noms, I think i would STILL choose Scott and Levin.  Scott's portrayal of Dillon reminds me much of Geary's portrayal of Luke:  it's honest emotion that seems to come from their performances.  Clifton's interactions with other characters and situations always seem to be so natural and off the cuff, and it's truly a joy to watch him onscreen.  To be fair, though, I think Levin has turned in more Emmy-worthy scenes than Scott.  She has really turned in some great performances this last year, portraying such a complex character! 

Who do you think will win the Emmy and why? --- Tom Pelphrey (GL) and Levin Rambin (AMC) 

I think Pelphrey, having had a wider selection of intensely dramatic scenes to put on his Emmy reel, will edge out Scott and win the Emmy.  Levin deserves the Younger Actress award, hands down.   



Well, crap. I donít like any of the choices.  Anyone have a coin?  I would have rather seen AMC in this category instead of GH.  No, I donít like ďNew BeginningsĒ (did you know Erica Kane has a new show?) and Iím not a fan of Josh or Greg Madden but I liked other aspects of the show from time to time. More so that is, than General Hospital.   I like Babe and her fights to gain access to her son.  I like Di.  I like Kendallís pregnancy.  But honestly, having not seen any of the other shows, I really canít compare.  I just honestly donít think GH deserves this award.  What did they do this year that was possibly unique and worthy-worthy? Letís seeÖSonny and Carly broke up.  Sonny got arrested.  Jason didnít take off his shirt.  Carly freaked out.  Sonny showed angst and trepidation.  Carly used another man to get back at Sonny.  Shots were fired.  Sonny came out looking squeaky clean.  Oh, and I think there were a few other characters tossed in every so often.   

Taking a solid guess, Iím going with Y&R.  Itís always done well in the ratings and if my memory serves me right, the show has won this title a few times.   

Maybe we should have an ďEmmy PoolĒ. Kind of like a football pool. All of the EOS staff and readers could throw in, letís say, $5 each and whoever is closest on all calls gets it!   Iím in! 


GH is showing noticeable improvement but should definitely NOT be rewarded for the last year in Port Charles.  My gosh.  Sonny is sleeping with Emily, people.   


Who should win? Despite the chocolate milk-drinking stalker, ATWT should win. ATWTís baby switch story line was heart wrenching, poignant and human.  ATWT is an old-fashioned soap. There is definitely nothing wrong with that, in fact, there is quite a lot that is right with that. 

Who will win? GH. Why? Two words: train wreck. Emmy voters seem to go for the big explosion stories and this year probably will not be an exception. 


I think ATWT will take it.  That show just doesnít slow down from what Iíve heard. 


They all have drama Babycakes Ė but only GH has the fires, the train wrecks, the cave-ins, the monkey virus and the best dang musically driven clink-boom montages on daytime television today.  Weíve also got Luke, Robert Scorpio, Dr. Noah and his hottie begotten son Patrick, The Jason, Ric, Sam, Tracy, Liz and Lucky, The Qís and of courseÖSonny.  ĎNuff said. 


SHOULD WIN: How did CBS get all these nominations? They're not hosting the Daytime Emmys this year! And that's a good thing -- I was appalled at that CBS-centric award they added to the show last year (so appalled, in fact, that I've erased it from my memory, but it was Internet-related). GH is the only nominee that I watch; therefore, I think it should win. Except for the Allegra story, the "if a Reese died in a forest, would anybody notice or attend her funeral" debacle, and three Carlys in one year, GH was pretty good. And it started to bring back legacy characters last year, with Robin and Noah, so even though Robin irritates me like nails on a blackboard, I was very pleased with that.



I have to stay in my own ballpark and hope (and believe) that GH will win.


GL has a LOT of nominations this year.  I think it might win.


Who do you want to win the Emmy and why? --- GL - CBS 

Writing for an ABC soap site, running an ABC soap group, and only watching ABC soaps (with an occasional DAYS episode in there every now and then), I sincerely wish I could say that I want GH to win the Emmy.  But I don't.  I enjoy some of the writing they've done in recent months, and do think it's a vast improvement, even from a year ago.  But GH, IMHO, just doesn't DESERVE an Emmy for anything they've written.  Whereas, from all accounts, scribes over at Guiding Light have resurrected the show by using vets and penning some of the best storylines GL has seen in years. 

On another note, I'm probably in the minority, but I definitely think that OLTL should have been nominated.  The writing has turned around completely from the last year, the cast is practically flawless, and the storylines were eye- and attention-grabbing. 

Who do you think will win the Emmy and why? --- GH - ABC 

Experience has taught me that almost every single time that I feel that GH shouldn't win an Emmy, they end up pulling one of those golden statuettes out of their collective ass.  

I would like to extend a personal thanks to Kate Brown for editing our comments and compiling them into the roundtable format.  Thanks, Kate.