January 2, 2005

Happy New Year!  Instead of the Fashion Police, this is more a "Where Has Dayna Been" explanation column, so if you don't care (and I don't blame you), you can skip this and read something that a certified soap viewer wrote.  Just click "back" - we have some awesome writers at EOS and they're all way more informed than myself at this point.  

 I have watched General Hospital for about twenty years.  When I was in school, I raced home to catch the show.  When I was in college, I recorded the show.  When I started working and got married, I convinced my husband that it was the thing to watch at 10pm on SoapNet each week night.  I've endured the past five Sonnycentric years, survived Jason and Courtney love, even braved Nikolas and Emily rot.  This past summer, I just lost it.  Whatever it was that kept me interested for decades had now eluded me.  I can't pinpoint what change made me stop caring.  I missed Lucky and Elizabeth's wedding.  I knew it was happening (of course I still read EOS!) but it apparently wasn't enough of a draw to make me seek out the remote control.  I missed the train wreck, Alexis having Rick's baby and the third Carly.  I wanted to care about Alexis and her baby but I just...didn't.  I hope I'm not being insulting to anyone who watched and loved every minute of the last six months...truly, I've been through some pretty lean times in Port Charles.  I just wonder if at some point in a story (and that's how I probably mistakenly, have always viewed the show; as a continuous story about the lives of people in Port Charles), a viewer just has to drop out in order to ever climb back in again.  I've caught a few of the last week's episodes and find myself with a familiar old feeling.  Enjoyment!  I am anxious to see what happens to Jason, now that I've spent so much time not rolling my eyes at his every stoic stare.  I want to see Robin and the newest incarnation of Carly (who is a little street, even) go at it, while Sam is the only one who's really going at it.  I do not want to see Sonny with Emily but I do admire that they are together and aren't mucking up any other scenes besides the ones they share.  I care a little bit again, and that's kind of exciting for me.  One of my New Year's Resolutions is to watch General Hospital again.  To immerse in the stories as much as I can and yes, to try my hand at writing this column once again.  Katrina is a remarkable bosslady - she's never once asked me what the hell I was doing with myself while I was apparently not writing a thing.  Eye On Soaps  is still the best place for soap commentary on the 'net and I hope to make myself much more a part of this fantastic family of writers in the months to come.   

While I haven't been watching General Hospital, I haven't been neglecting soapy entertainment altogether.  I avidly watch Desperate Housewives and Grey's Anatomy on Sunday nights.  One of these days, I'll get around to the Prime Time journal on both these shows.  If you haven't tuned in to Desperate Housewives, you're missing a really smart, quirky show.  And I know you are a group of smart and quirky readers, so I feel it's my civic duty to inform you of the wonders of this show that mixes the mysterious and macabre with sheer hilarity.  I just finished the first season (again) on DVD and I've been watching the second season so if anyone wants to discuss, please feel free to e-mail me.  Then, if you're looking for something *sigh*-a-licious, talk to me about Grey's Anatomy.  There are a lot of things about turning thirty that have surprised me (but you really don't want to get me started on the gray hair and frickin' bunion conversation, trust me), but I might be most surprised at my luuuurv for Patrick Dempsey.  Yeah.  The same guy who played in Can't Buy Me Love back when I was in middle school or so.  In middle school or so, my luuurv focused on guys who rocked...the Jon Bon Jovi's of the world.  I wasn't really into nerdy charm.  And as much as my mother might have tried, I was never convinced that charming nerdy guys grew up to be seriously hot brain surgeons.  But damn that Patrick Dempsey - he did exactly that!  Grey's Anatomy is the story of a group of hospital interns who are trying to make it as surgeons.  There's a lot of talent on the show, including the ascerbic Sandra Oh, who I loved, loved, loved when she played the secretary on HBO's Arliss.  But talent aside, there's Patrick Dempsey.  And he could Buy My Love with a nickel, I'm tellin' ya.  He's Dr. Derek Shepherd of the most fabulous hair ever seen on television.  He's the kind of doctor that would make you stutter if he walked into your hospital room.  If he said he was going to drill into your brain, you'd say, "My brain is yours to drill." Well, maybe only I would say that...but oh boy, he's divine.  He's even earned the nickname "Dr. McDreamy" on the show and while he's driving me a little crazy this season with his emotional tumult, I can still press mute and be wholly satisfied just watching him grace the  halls of the hospital.  So yeah, if you want to talk Grey's Anatomy, please e-mail me.  Just don't mind the slobber on the reply.  

I'll be back around soon to weigh in on fashion and mayhem in Port Charles.  Here's to a marvelous 2006 for all of us!   



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