February 7, 2006

The following spoiler is totally the fabrication of KellyB, a frustrated GH writer wannabe.  It is not the product of extensive research, biochemical warfare, sleeping with ABC interns or even very much hard thought.  Screw em’ if they can’t take a joke.

K – I got enough questions about my “conspiracy theory” that Karen and I discussed last week to make me think that maybe, just maybe, I’m not totally buggin’ on this issue.  I thought about not even putting it out there.  I’m not a spoiler chick, cuz hell, we’ve got two fabulous peeps at EOS that handle that and handle it well.  But I just couldn’t let go of this suspicion I have.  It’s simple really – if the two biggest theories surrounding Sam’s paternity are that she’s either Robert Scorpio’s daughter or a Cassadine, and Alexis’ daughter… why couldn’t she be both?

If you really think about it, it isn’t even all that far-fetched – at least not the way the GH writers do their thang.  Back in the early 80’s when Robert and Luke were running around that island  - who’s to say that Mr. Scorpio didn’t stumble upon a very young, naive, unloved and unwanted Natasha?  We already know that Alexis’ mother had been personally eliminated by Helena.  It’s also been stated that Helena felt that Natasha’s presence had been thrust upon her as Mikkos’ ill-begotten offspring and to say she was despised is probably putting it mildly.  If things got out of hand, even once… why couldn’t Sam be the product?  Robert wouldn’t have known about the pregnancy and Alexis would have been desperate to keep her secret so that Helena wouldn’t have any further reason to hate her or eliminate the child.  Sam would, by rights be a Cassadine heir.  Another one of Mikkos’ grandchildren, just like Nikolas.  Alexis had a midwife on the island help deliver Sam and then gave her money to take care of the child.  Then the midwife did the easy thing and sold her to another family (The McCalls) for more green.  Sam is brought up by a mother who doesn’t care about her, probably because she’s not her biochild to begin with.  Dad teaches Sam the grifter schtick and also the salvage biz.  Throw in a Dead Man’s hand and a doubleheader with Jax and Sonny and we’ve got ourselves a new hoochie in town.  Cassahoochie – now wouldn’t that be faboo?

Hey -it could happen.

Random Randomness

Loved the scenes with Luke and Bubbles the Chimp.  Jason and Bubbles were also really sweet.  The always say never work with kids or animals… I guess these two must’ve missed the memo.  Again, please.

Hope all those Skylo fans got their fill… with Robin Christopher hatching another egg come July, those skin on skin scenes are going to dry up faster than you can say ‘EPT’.  Should be interesting to see how the writers handle this pregnancy… maybe this will get Skye/Robin the storyline she’s been deserving for so long – hmmm, timing is everything, huh?  Her Momma didn’t raise no dummy! 

If it’s a girl, will they name it “Sue”? 

I crack myself up. 



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